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If you don't apply foundation before going out, you're making a mistake. Foundation, if applied well, can make your skin look soft, smooth, flawless and simply spectacular. 

Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone. 

Do you have a sponge for applying foundation If not, get one. It ensures an even application. 

Mix a little moisturiser in your foundation. Most skins are dehydrated even though we may not realise it. In any case, moisturiser adds a sheen to the foundation. 

Mix an equal amount of foundation and moisturiser in the palm of your hand, and wipe it over your face. 

Blend it with a damp sponge and finish off with a dusting of compact powder. And voila! You won't be able to tear your eyes away from the mirror.

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Feedback on article
Name: pam
City:   dubai
Comments:   i have an oily skin so i use a matte foundation and also apply orange pulp become a party giving me a veletish look
Name: akiva
City:   grenville
Comments:   i add my foundation with cream and applied it on my face and a got a great complexion.thanks for this wonderful information and i look much better than without it.
Name: leni
City:   dubai
Comments:   which is the best cream to be applied with a foundation.also do let me know which cream will give a good complexion.thank you.
Name: Bhanu
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Pl. let me know which cream will be good for my complexion, i.e., little darker with normal to oily skin type. pl. provide me the best cream for daily use and to become fair please
Name: Reema Gupta
City:   Pune
Comments:   Pl. let me know which cream will be good for my complexion, i.e., little darker with normal to oily skin type. pl. provide me the best cream for daily use and to become fair please.
Name: nini
City:   karachi
Comments:   skin success cream and soaps are very very goog for complexion..use it twci a day. or.. nevia fairness cream and lotions are also very good. Aqua color foundation or TV sticks r the only foundation that will give u a professional and flawless look.before foundation apply yellow base powder (in small quantity) after 3 minutes apply your night use honey stick by BODY SHOP.creams made of coca butter are also good ,specialy in winter. d
Name: neha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   where can i fine orange pulpwhich company product is this
Name: raji
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   my skin is normal which cream suit me.using any cream pimple start coming
Name: sonu
City:   new jersy
Comments:   i have lots of hard hairs on my chin. after my second baby they are growing more.can you help me please,& give me an effective solutions
Name: Katajia
City:   St. Davids, Grenada
Comments:   my skin type is called a combination skin, my cheeks are dry. Around the nose and forehead area, is oily, I also have a two tone colouring on my face could you recommend a natural source bleaching agent to even the skin tone on my face. Thank you
Name: aiwee
City:   dxb
Comments:   i have got a dry skin and i m fair...which cream should i apply to remove white heads on my nose and to remove the dryness..thanx
Name: Annishka
City:   Sydney
Comments:   I have very very white skin and burn instantly in the sunlight even in winter it is very sad as i love the ocean....I think for those with a beautiful brown skin ,you are lucky.... to have pale skin it means NO SUN it also means NO FUN ,,,I ,have to wash at night wear long sleeves and carry an umbrella...isn't it ironic... I have very white skin and buy self tanning Ilotions ! I am a beautician and for those who wish to be light stay out of the sun ,also wear a sunscreen,use a mask daily of thick yogurt,lemon,grated cucumber with some of the juice squeezed out a little honey and thickened with a little oatmeal,leave 2 hors,rinse off and tone with crushed Hybiscus flowers in a small amount of water. then apply fresh cream from milk mixed with lemon.Evey day this should be done. If you want exact measuements contact me.
Name: Sunil
City:   Ludhiana
Comments:   Can you please give me tips on how to remove dryness from my face specially besides the nose. Should I use some bleach or apply cold creame on my face.
Name: Preeti
City:   New zEALAND
Comments:   HEY JUST WANTED TO SAY...NOTHING BEATS A GLOWING HEALTH COMPLEXION IF U HAVE A CHEERY AND HAPYLIFE. stress wil dul out your face so the cheapest way to a healthy glow and good complexion is staying away from junk food and living a stress free life!!!
Name: need to know
City:   USA
Comments:   hi Annishka i need to know how to get lightening results fast..... my mail is
Name: Sindhu
City:   B'lore
Comments:   I have written to your website regarding my query but I did'nt get any reply.Iwant someont to reply me on email .My question was should I use Dove or Clean&Clear face wash or Neutrogena to clean my face.My skin is fresh and clean in the morning but in the evening it becomes oily and sweaty.I want to look fresh throughout the day.So please give me a solution.I am 20 years old.
Name: Fathima
City:   Trivandrum
Comments:   I am 20 yrs old.Plzz let me know which cream will be good for my complexion to become fairer ie my skin is little darker with normal to little oily skin type.plzz provide me the best skin for daily use. And also let me know the best cream to be applied with the foundation.
Name: Nazrin
City:   Ernakulam
Comments:   I am having little dark skin so i like to know which shade of foundaton will suit me. Also tell me the best scrub sutable for me.plzzz also let me know the best packs for making my skin fairer.
Name: veena RajuKumar
City:   dubai
Comments:   Hi Annishka, My names veena and I leave and work in Dubai.I have got a combination skin with a wheat complextion.I would like to know more about lightening skin.Also about the best brands that would be suitable for my dry and dull body skin.I also have very dry and cracked lips.
Name: salina
City:   uk
Comments:   b happy wot u hav .changen ur self wo.ny work god has created how he wanted 2
Name: deepika
City:   delhi
Comments:   Please suggest me which cream will be better for my dry skin or how remove my under eye dark circles.
Name: saryu
City:   local
Comments:   hi Annishka iam glad to read ur tip its a good n useful tip. plz let me know ur email id. well i wnna know how to get very very fair n clear skin in a short time. thanks
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   I want to know whether I can use fair and love cream and then apply suncreen and then powder. I want this information at the earliest as I am going out of station shortly. Thanks
Name: savitha
City:   bangalore
Comments:   My skin is normal & T zone is oily presently I am using lakme moisturiser. My complexion is wheatish but I want to look fair can u guide me how can I become fair Plz guide me as early as possible.
Name: ritika
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi thr.. i am wheatish n have a combination skin.. i get black heads on my t zone... wat do i do abt it.. and i hv a lot of pimple scars left.. hv tried doin a lot of things but they r jus too stubbornn when i apply a foundation my face looks cakey...wat can i mix with the foundation so tht it doesnt like its a cakey mess... plzz help... yr advises hv helped a lot...
Name: annishka
City:   Sydney.
Comments:   A warm hello to people who are looking to have fair skin.I am of Northern european heritage and have unfortunately ,very very white skin..WE use self tanning lotions to appear to be "having a healthy tan " I see so many women who want to be white ...first of all living in Australia I can never go outside until late afternoon ,then must wear protective clothing and loads of the strongest sun protection cream...apart from using strong ,dangerous chemical bleaches there is not a lot one can do to eliminate the natural melanin or colour in the skin. I believe that all skin colours of this world are beautiful. The colour in the skin is the natural protection from harmful rays of the sun,so to stop the melanin or pigment forming STAY OUT OF THE SUN where possible. Every morning wash the face gently with a clean face cloth one for each day.... use a good quality non oily cleanser... leave on the face for a few minutes to sink in and use the warm ,steaming coth on your face for a little while to open the pores,then gently wipe off the cleanser ,do 3 times ,,morning and night..lay down with a comfortably warm wet towel over your face until it cools then gently wipe off the moisture again...follow with the mask of yoghut I mentioned earlier..substitute buttermilk for yoghurt if liked leave on as long as possible.. finish with a rinse of 1 tab, of strawberry yoghurt in a lage glass of cool water... blot dry and put a drop or 2 of sweet almond oil on skin near eyes being careful not to let any in the this twice a day and once or twice add cornmeal to a little yoghurt to exfoliate the dead skincells ...hope this helps.Daily masks,natural from sun use of limes,lemons . cucumbers are all slightly bleaching but take a longer time...dangerous chemicals are not the way to go...there are plenty on the market ..perhaps the one I know best is SK11 range also all asian websites for bleaching have a wide choice ... to be beautiful one must have a beautiful character and soul regardless of external transient so called beauty . MY daughter in law is Indian.dark skinned and exoctically beautiful.
Name: annishka
City:   Australia
Comments:   Hi answer to your many things affect the you think,what you eat,sleepe.t.c the best way to a beautiful skin is hydration..drink at least 6 glasses of pure water a raw food diet of greens vegetables ,all salad vegetables, raw fruits,nuts...the so called super foods are blue berries,broccoli ,salmon.onions,spinach and so forth ..there are many books on this in particular The Perricone Promise is excellent...exfoliate your whole body daily for a week or so with cornmeal and yoguht massage in gently and warm shower off...then alternate with warm and cold showers to wake up the skin...breathe deeply smile and reax. best wishes Annishka
Name: manoj
City:   delhi
Comments:   my complextion is going to be black through sun light, wht can i do for fair and scrub removed skin.
Name: manoj
City:   delhi
Comments:   my skin going to be black through sun light , wht i have to do for fair and scrub removed skin
Name: Humera
City:   Toronto
Comments:   aaah!!! My problems are the exact opposite. My skin is too pale! I have green eyes and black hair so it suitsts me but a tan would be amazing. gorgeous. top trying to make skin whiter, i am so jealous of all the amazin tans i see.
Name: Zaheera
City:   South Africa
Comments:   I have been reading the home remedies to lighten skin, etc. Can one use lemon juice bought from a retail store or should one use "pure" juice from a lemon
Name: Maria
City:   London
Comments:   i agree - skin looks gorgous when foundation and moisturiser are applied.
Name: joel
City:   new jersey
Comments:   Fair and lovely is very good for skin in four weeks you get total fairness.
Name: joel
City:   new jersey
Name: r a
City:   chicago IL
Comments:   hello i wanted to kno how to make (the netmeg paste for the eyes plz reply i always ask but no one ever answers thank u
Name: anit
City:   usa
Comments:   i have dark skin aroud the lips,chin and under the daughter is 17 and she has a stretch mark on her tummy.what to do
Name: Baishakhi mukherjee
City:   canada in toronto
Comments:   I have some strech mark in my thigh.Can you tell me how i improve it. thanks. baishakhi.
Name: Rani
City:   Toronto
Comments:   Hi, My skin is two toned. My cheeks are light and my forhead and the skin aroud my lips is darker. How can I tone my skin one colour. And I would love to have lighter skin. Do you have any remedies for that Thanks
Name: Sadiyya
City:   Durban
Comments:   i am of asian decent, im fair skined, but however my skin tone is very uneven,also i dnt like using makeup.Could you please tell me what product/cream/foundation i can use to give me a flawless,natural,beautiful skin tone
Name: farhana
City:   bangladesh
Comments:   mine is a pimple prone to make my skin kin clear of this ugly stuff
Name: sahra
Comments:   whats cold cream
Name: tina
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   thanks for ur advise for a good complexion, its really worth trying.
Name: anu
City:   Banglore
Comments:   Hi I wanted to know hot to get fair skin & charming .please let me know which cream will be god for my complexion .
Name: Anu
City:   california
Comments:   this site is very nice and useful.the combination of foundation and cream works well
Name: kala
City:   chennai
Comments:   the best homemade bleach is mic equal amount of lemon juice and honey and keep for 10 minutes and wash it with water
Name: Greg
City:   London
Comments:   Hello. nice site! aromatherapy aromatherapy uk aromatherapy spa aromatherapy oil aromatherapy kit
Name: papa
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   Hi my skin is dark with oily please suggest me a best cream to become fair or atleast to get shiny skin.
Name: Talat
City:   Maneshra
Comments:   Hi my skin is dark and dry. please suggest me a best cream to become fair or atleast to get shiny skin.
Name: layaa
City:   london
Comments:   Hi . can you tell me good parlours in visakhapatnam.or hyderabad which gives training in hairdressing..thanks
Name: aparna
City:   pune
Comments:   please let me know where can i get neutrogena products in pune.

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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello susmita,
the skin tone is got to the person by birth so its depend on melanine present in skin, so you cant change the tone like from black tone in fair tone, its may be you can do some light tone. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumita,
why you have negative view about dark tone, but i must tell you the black tone is the most sexiest tone inn other body tone, so its not negative part in body, you should maintain it. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumita,
every person have different skin tone and that is good , some person have black tone and some have fair skin tone, so its suits on every person, and as per country atmosphere the tone of skin matter. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
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the black tone also look good, but you just maintain the skin texture, not tone, like take precaution about skin brightening, and maintain your body figure too. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumita,
your friend case use skin lightning cream which is available in day cream as well as as night cream also, so it will be useful for her, it helps to keep skin moisturize too ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumitha,
suggest your friend some good home remedies like apply lemon juice on face, also she can try besan atta on skin, also she have to apply cucumber juice on face, and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumita,
i suggest you that you give her rupamruth cream to her, it will help to remove acne, and help to make bright tone, so it will good for her, and its ayurvedic product so no side effects. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
hello sumitha,
you should visit the skin specialist, or take consultation from clinic like KAYA clinic, or meet to TVACHA clinic for any skin treatment it will be helpful for you, and also effective to you. ...
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RE:My friend has dark complexion. Which cream do I su
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as per my suggestion you must visit the skin specialist, and this will be effective to you, and also you should try home remedies to get brighter skin tone, its will be helpful for you. ...
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