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'I have a fair complexion but my skin is very oily. I have blackheads on my nose because of my oily skin. Please suggest a home remedy for removing the blackheads.'
- Arathi, Mumbai

Blackheads are caused by pores blocked with oil. We tend to believe that the black appearance is due to dirt, but in fact, it is simply oil or sebum which has turned black due to the oxidizing effect.

While it is easy to clean the surface of our face, making sure that our pores are clean takes a little more work than just a perfunctory splash of water.

Removal strips

Blackhead removal strips are readily available at all major departmental stores. All you need to do is to wet the strip, place the strip on your nose, which is where blackheads are very likely to form, leave it on till it dries completely, and peel it off.


You could also try removing blackheads yourself, but make sure you are gentle, or you may cause scarring. Steam your face for around ten minutes with a steamer, or by placing your face over a vessel of boiling water if you do not have a steamer. Form a tent with your towel over your head and around the bowl, to trap the steam. This opens and softens pores, and makes the blackheads easier to remove. Then take a wad of cotton in both hands, and use the cotton to gently squeeze out the blackheads.


Make sure the blackheads don't reappear by exfoliate your skin with a face scrub, to get rid of dead skin so they do not block pores. Use it on your nose, or wherever you have blackheads. Scrub the area gently. Do not be too harsh as you may cause further damage.

While you need exfoliate your face only twice a week, many women have reported that their blackheads on their nose have totally disappeared after they started using a face scrub on their nose on a daily basis.

Homemade face scrub

You could purchase a face scrub from the market, or make one at home. Beat up the white of an egg, and add a tablespoon of salt. Apply to your face with your fingertips, massaging gently. Wait for it to dry, and wash off with warm water.

You could also make a scrub by adding salt to a lemon and honey mixture. After scrubbing your face, apply a little yogurt to soothe your complexion and balance the pH level.


  • These are temporary remedies, and blackheads will keep re-appearing unless you target the source. Make sure you keep your skin clean, by cleansing, toning and moisturizing it twice a day.
  • Do not apply make up if your face is sweating. Always clean your face before applying make-up.
  • Make sure you wash off all traces of makeup before turning in for the night. Never, ever go to bed with make-up still on, as it contributes to blocking pores, and will lead to pimples and blackheads.
  • Avoid using oil-based make-up if you have oily skin and are prone to developing blackheads.
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Feedback on article
Name: sapna
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Really practical solutions were given in the article
Name: honey
City:   Pasadena
Comments:   what is a face scrub Please clarify
Name: sami
City:   banglore
Comments:   beautifull but i dont have them
Name: stelle
City:   Singapore
Comments:   did all just doesnt work:(
Name: anisha
City:   mauritius
Comments:   i've tried all herbal treatments for my stubborn blackheads and uses a moisturiser everyday but to no avail. please gelp
Name: Kate
City:   Brisbane
Comments:   Try a mixing sugar, honey and a little lemon juice... Mix into a grainy paste and wash your face with it, concentrating on problem areas... I have had excellent results with this technique, it moisturising and a fabulous exfolliater
Name: babbers
City:   Wasilla Alaska
Comments:   i have black heads all over my nose. thank you fo for puting that article out. i have like a millon black heads on ym nose
Name: ja
City:   that one place
Comments:   um............ i have blackheads and redness all over my face and dark circles under my eyes i would really like for someone to help me.
Name: maria
City:   chennai
Comments:   really good articles on ur website, i am a working women and find these very useful and quick..hats off to the editorial team!
Name: n/a
City:   n/a
Comments:   tina you are very sick and need counseling
Name: Shabana
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Hi Good article. I have blackheads on my nose only not on whole face.Please suggest me something to be free from these blackheads . It looks very odd. Bye
Name: nithyu
City:   bombay
Comments:   i have black heads undermy arms and in cud i remove it
Name: asma malik
City:   lahore
Comments:   i like ur tips to remove black heads it is effective
Name: Tia
City:   meh-
Comments:   -Just wash your face daily... twice. I have oily skin- it worx to get rid of this stuff
Name: Prem
City:   MUMBAI
Comments:   good artivle... could u suggest what is face scrub and how cani find my skin type oily or blackheads are due to oily skins
Name: GuyDancer
City:   Montgomery, Tx
Comments:   I dance and I get blackheads all over my chin and i get one or two pimples on the side of my lips and it gets really annoying is there any quick remedies for this or something i can do or get for them. Thank You! ~GuyDancer~
Name: GuyDancer
City:   Montgomery, Tx
Comments:   I wash my face 5 Times a day too!
Name: Kat
City:   Brighton UK
Comments:   Maybe washing your face 5 times a day is too much- over washing stresses your skin causing it to go overdrive on producing oil which leads to blackheads. If you just wash your face twice a d ay for a while perhaps your skin problems will clear up a bit
Name: klee
City:   s wales
Comments:   i tried all but all failed none of it worked!
Name: Monty Brownlee
City:   Tacoma, WA
Comments:   Mention is made of eggs, sugar, honey and lemon juice, but no one has broke down what portions of each should be in the mixture itself.
Name: homan
City:   tehran
Comments:   I want to say about Homemade scrubs that make your skin glow. 1- For Normal Skin - oat flour plus a little Basil (tulsi), sandalwood (chandan) powder and rose (gulab) petals. Mix to a paste with water, milk or comfrey tea 2- For Oily Skin - barley flour with rice bran, Indian gooseberry (amla), corriander (dhania), neem, sandalwood and lavender powder. Mix these with diluted lemon or aloe vera juice. thank
Name: jasmine mosley
City:   charlotte nc
Comments:   my skin is not that bad but by me reading these articles i will try them and hope they work. and congraulations to the 2005 senior class
Name: Kristie
City:   boise
Comments:   I have tried many products on my face but nothing seemed to work until i bought proactiv, now my face looks better than it ever has!!!
Name: charlotte
City:   wrexham
Comments:   The more i fiddle with my skin like putting stuff like that on bthen it goas worse wat shal i do help
Name: Lisa
City:   west Linn
Comments:   I think that some of the ideas are practical, but what about if your face has acne scars What do you do to get rid of them
Name: vannu
City:   inkster,michigan
Comments:   hi gals, from few months ,i am noticing tiny hair on my nose.i don't know exactly whether they are blackheads or not.cud u plz help me by giving a homemade remedy
Name: jane
City:   essex
Comments:   if nothing works just cover it up with make-up even blokes can get make-up now. clean your skin wen u wake up and wen u go to bed but at end of day just live with it its not like you can see them if you put make-up on properly and dont wear make-up unless u r actually going out of house.
Name: Rashel Lizama
City:   Wichita Falls, Texas
Comments:   try this For Blemihes apply tooth paste to area leave on over night. For blackheads try oatmeal and honey massage for 5-7 min And rinse with warm water. actually that part of boilir ng water and putting your face over it and covered from your head with a towel over the pot of boiled water is good and it does work but cleanse instead of that scrub cause your face is already sensitive. the mask here will just alter and damage your skin.
Name: Leone
City:   New York
Comments:   This is a little gross, but it actually works. Add six ounces of urine in a jar with one tablespoon of white vinegar and a pinch of salt. Cover the jar let it sit for twenty four hours. Take a cotton ball and pat on the solution. Do this until the freckles have faded enough for you. Yuck!
Name: 100%Texan
City:   TEXAS!!!
Comments:   I tried these remedies, and they worked. Its nice to know that alot of passed down remedies are available...To all the people who write disgusting stuff, and you think its offensive. You are idiots.Stop and grow up. People like you are whats wrong with this world..Hate needs to stop..
Name: steph
City:   uk
Comments:   u hav sum gd tips but how do u no that this is gna work for every1
Name: kitty
City:   reunion
Comments:   that's indeed a good article am sure this will help but shall we do the the same treatment for whiteheads
Name: tom roberts
City:   perth
Comments:   yeah my face was really bad and it still is after trying this crap..i get no girls..sigh
Name: tom roberts
City:   perth, western australia
Comments:   and still no girls.... sigh again
Name: samar rizvi
City:   oman
Comments:   this article is really nice and good.
Name: armi
City:   munich
Comments:   Thank you for the information.
Name: Jack Bauer
City:   24
Comments:   okay i gave this remedy 2 tony and the others i think its workin, anyway take care pimple faced people ahhh how u dream 2 b pimple free mwahahaha
Name: Tony
City:   Westminister
Comments:   the best thing 4 acne is cum, im being serious i started applying it 2 my face a week ago and everythings gone, so girls if any of u need sum cum on your face call me 08453770002
Name: Danielle
City:   Swansea
Comments:   I get blackheads around my lips. I don't know why because I don't wear lipstick and i use an exfoliator every day. It really aggrivates me because if they turn into pimples, they get big and they hurt really bad if i try to squeeze them. How can i prevent them and why do i get them Please email me a/s/a/p...thank you!
Name: odette
City:   london
Comments:   can i have some free blackhead remover strips
Name: lovely
City:   Nassau
Comments:   well i read the article and would try some of the redemies to see if they really work. i think they are nturally and will really help.
Name: lovely
City:   Nassau
Comments:   well i read the article and would try some of the redemies to see if they really work. i think they are natural and will really help.
Name: Govind
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Ponds Removal strips was good for thiz. I think they stopd it's production. Now some strips r available in markets they all r duplicate[even in the name of ponds]. Use Vitamin 'C and 'E' itz helpfl to reduce the blackheads.
Name: dont agree
City:   newcaslte
Comments:   i have had blackheads on my nose for about a year and have easily tried over 30 differnet blackhead treatment products from 'clean and clear','garnier' neutregena' and natural remedies and not one has worked removing them yourself may move the blackness of the pores but leaves a 'large hole' pore which i cannot get rid of. blackhead strips are good for small blackheads that are not deep inside the skin
Name: monica
City:   chicago
Comments:   i went to this beauty shop and got a facial. they used a honey+sugar+lemon juice mixture to clear the blackheads from around my nose. it worked really well!
Name: meena
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have a bad blackhead problem sometimes they go but then i really break out and my spots leave scars, how do i get rid of these scars in 3 weeks i have a wedding soon!!
Name: harsharankaur
City:   new delhi
Comments:   The answers are incomplete. As per the site there should be more of information provided. These answers are easily available. We should know what else we can do beyond this . I think each and every girl know about Steaming, Blackhead Remover strips and others product available in the market. But here we should know about the natural and safe products which can help us to look younger than our age. Freinds let me tell you my funda , eat lot of curd if you can , because curd improves digestion and enhances your complexion. if you have a tendency of fat or obese . Eat skimmed milk curd. i hope you will like my suggestion . please revert on my email as mentioned above.
Name:  ANNI
City:   pakistan
Comments:   i think u people apply some human wastes on ur pimples and also eat some of it gurannntly ur pimples will vanished try it manhhooso
Name: jjj
City:   jjj
Comments:   HAHAHA "Anni"

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