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  COLOR BLIND - II - by Editor
Here's a point of view contributed by Jai Reddy, an IndiaParenting reader. What do you feel Hop on and join the debate.

I was going through the comments of the article Is Your Daughter Dark , and I must say that I came across a lot of Indian bashing, some of which seemed to be a result of the frustration many darker skinned people must feel due to the attitude of most Indians towards dark skins.


It is important to understand the mindset. Why do many Indians perceive fair skin as beautiful The Indian race is the most diversified when it comes to skin colour. You will find all skin colours here, from almost black to as light as any white person. On an average, Kashmiris and Punjabis tend to be light skinned, while South Indians often tend to have darker skin. Of course, you will find those with light and dark skin in every community. Perhaps because there are more Indians with dark skin, light skin is seen as rarer and more beautiful Similarly, most Indians have black or brown eyes, so if an Indian has coloured eyes, he or she is immediately thought of as having beautiful eyes.

Personal choice

I personally like good, clear, healthy skin whether it is dark or light makes little difference, but I don't think those who like lighter skin should be criticized. It's a personal choice. Just like someone may prefer straight hair to curls, or long hair to short. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


What I do agree is wrong is when parents get all involved and make their children feel inferior because their skin is dark. I want to say this to mothers who feel that their daughter needs light skin to get herself a good husband. You're causing more harm to your daughter than you realise, and you're WAY off the mark!


Classified ads are not an accurate indicator for the entire Indian mindset. They speak for a certain type of person, and personally, I would never find my daughter a partner through classified ads. I would rather she find someone on her own. And your daughter too will find someone on her own if, instead of focusing on her skin colour, you focus on developing her personality and confidence.

Sweeping Statements

Also, if it unfair to say that a person is ugly because he is dark, how fair is it to say that people with dark skins are better looking, or have better features, than those with light skins Look at Aishwarya Rai. She is light skinned, and has great features. There may be more beautiful dark women in India, but it is unfair to generalise and say that fair women are ugly! Why can't we see beauty irrespective of colour

A person can be beautiful whether she is dark, light, short, tall, has curly or straight hair. Some prefer straight hair, while others love curls and dimples. Similarly, some girls don't like men who are too muscular, while others love bulk on a man. Some men get turned on by women with short hair, while some women like men with long hair. It's all okay, and it's all a matter of personal choice. To all those who say whites prefer to be dark, so Indians are clueless because they prefer light skin, are you trying to say that we should imitate the white and also like dark skin because that is what they like If so, isn't that a contradiction in terms Make your own choice, and don't be influenced by what others say.

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Feedback on article
Name: anonymous
City:   San Francisco
Comments:   I agree with your basic premise, but from what you said in the last paragraph, it seems that you have misinterpreted the other article. The author never said that we should imitate Westerner's, she merely pointed out that Westerner's believe darker skin is beautiful, as a confidence booster for those with dark skin. As Indian, we are more familiar with the preconcieved notion that light skin is beautiful, and not as well aquainted with the rest of the world's fascination with darker skin. It was just said to make people more aware of the opposite perspective.
Name: humsafar
City:   Canada
Comments:   I agree with anonymous from San Francisco You have totaly misinterpreted the other article the whole point was giving different views of taste in ones mind. Westerner's perceive dark as beauty while easterner's perceive fairness as beauty. Besides the point everyone is always likeing what they do not have. In the end paragraph i feel that you are showing your own inferiority and not caring a penny about what you said in any of the above paragraphs.
Name: zaheda
City:   mumbai
Comments:   what natural things to use to make my skin fairer
Name: Jai Reddy
City:   New York
Comments:   I just want to say that my article is directed to the comments posted by some readers, and not towards the articles themselves, which are very perceptive and well written. Some readers have come forward and commented very strongly on how dark skin is better than strong skin, and how Indians are 'stupid' because they want to look fair. My article is directed towards these readers and their comments, and it is just my point of veiw and an observation I have made.
Name: Cara
City:   Los Angeles
Comments:   You Indians are so behind. Why would you criticize dark skin You all are dark skinned compared to white people. It's just plain stupid. Value the individual not the color of their skin which they can't control.
Name: Ciara
City:   London
Name: Shim
City:   London
Comments:   Do fairer skinned indians have easier journeys to opportunities within indian society If so, how does this compare with the rest of the world and are indians proud of this (Im a British Kenyan with indian hertiage)
Name: k amir
City:   lahore
Comments:   i think most indians are dark and short which makes them ugly people. i think arabs and persians are most beautiful people with fair skin and they also tall.
Name: Shim
City:   London
Comments:   I was looking for an intelligent answer, but if these attitudes and values commonly exist in those regions then I think I was too optimistic over the rate of progress. So how does the attitudes compare to the rest of the world..I let you work it out
Name: Dr. kalia
City:   Ropar
Comments:   I study anthropology. Forget all what foreigners tell you they have political motives. Many Punjabis are very very dark, while most Coorgis and Brahmins etc., of South India very white. Even other castes. See Aiswarya Rai from South very light and Devgan from Punjab who is dark. No Darvidian Race exists and this North South divide is political. Most Indians in every corner of India are Aryans. There are some other races in the Bushes etc., in every region of India of Australoid stock. The colour variability in India like other parts is due to climate. Many workers of Punjab had to take a lot of warm climate for thousands of years and thus are dark. though their features are purely Aryan. The Rajputs, Jats Brahmins, Lavanas, Sainis, Ramgargiyas etc., of Punjab are in general on the lighter side as most of them did not work for long in the open. Sardar Boota Singh etc., are very dark, though Aryans as their ancestors toiled all day in the open. In general Indians a part of ancient civilization have no superiority or inferiority complex. Please do not go by foreigners or some naive or corrupt journalists in India.
Name: nisha
City:   gujarat
Comments:   everyone here is really stupid. All races are beuatiful and ugly. Get over it. Stop listening to the media shut it out. Find your own path and own way of thinking instead of imitating some ignorant fool. Lighter skin is no more attractive than dark. If we had been played for the last hundreds of years that dark features were better.. most of you would want some kind of african or south indian partner. ignorance. meh
Name: Bobby Gill
City:   Toronto
Comments:   this is so stupid. India is the second largest country in the world with over 1.2 BILLION people so obviously not everyone looks the same or has the same features...India has soo many different religions, cultures, languages that it can be divided into like 50 different countries. I am Punjabi and being light or dark skin is not an issue in the community and no one really cares! My grandpa is dark skin and has blue eyes while my grandma is fair skin and has brown eyes! My point is that skin colour does not matter and its the culture and religion that unites us, not ones skin colour! Some of the comments are so stupid and make no sense at all! Everyone is just making up thier own bs and theories when it comes to skin colours in India!
Name: Mia
City:   New Orleans
Comments:   I just have to say that the media in general influences our standard of beauty as sad as that is. Iam african american and I have a siter who has fair skin while I have dark skin. Some boys prefer her because she´s lighter and some prefer me because Iam darker and I think that is just sad
Name: vikram singh
City:   ferozpur{punjab}
Comments:   I think that north indian are most beautifull.they are very daring also.Iam punjabi hindu and my hight is 6 feet and color is also fair.I agree that arab womens are fair but most of arab men are dark and weak.while in india we are capable of playing 50 kilo wieght with one hand.
Name: khawaja amir
City:   new orleans
Comments:   i think all indians have some similarties with weather its north or south but pakistanies in majority look more like middle eastern and good looking. even common indian know this for fact. of course arabs are very beatiful people they are fair with unique color and fine aquiline features and tall too.
Name: priya
City:   hongkong
Comments:   iam a dark indian girl settled in hongkong after marriage. me being dark have faced a lot of problem.some chinese people see dark people as if they have come from some planet which is really the beginning it was difficult for me to find a job here because i was dark.even when u attend the interview they see u like a crime being done oh my god at that time i feel to be in fire and really felt nothing to be worth. but due to my talents i got job in an intetnational consern but somt of my chinese friends ho discouraged me had no words to wish me.i even remember some people telling that first impression is the best , with a dark skin like me what first impression can i make???? i really feel sorry for those who ill treat dark skinned people it is the worst sin they are ever doing to hurt a feeling of a person like me.i think being born dark in this work is the worst sin ever done.
Name: JAJA
City:   rHzaOSdbhAPmazPkfQK
Name: Keith
City:   Miami
Comments:   I think it´s also a matter of where a person is brought up, upbringing could have something to do with it, but I also believe it´s also what the individual is exposed to. Where I live it´s the opposite tanned skin is considered beautiful. As a lightskinned Hispanic (light as in...more fair, but leaning towards olive), I´ve been told I could use a tan. Haha, anyway... Truth be told, I don´t understand why anyone would be too tanned or too white, let alone even begin to ridicule anyone for not having their desired skin tone. I´m sad to say people haven´t really evolved since 1963, as even now there are still a lot of people that can´t accept the fact that people come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. I also don´t think anything in society will evolve until we learn to accept people for who they are, rather than what they look like. In my personal and "religious" (if it could be called that) belief, everyone is a part of nature, and thus, beautiful in their own way.
Name: cath
City:   singapore
Comments:   Hi. Its normal for the rarer types to be more liked. Its just human nature. Cause this is the same case in my Philippines where the fairer skin is usually perceived as more beautiful. Its something we also got acquainted with whent he Spanish colonized us for 300 years.
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Name: Maaya
City:   YnLlKmROmajSkE
Comments:   Sure, race does not determine one´s icmone, that is true, and yes the article is directed at white middle class society, that much is obvious. But indirectly race does determine how well one does even today. When people of a certain race start in a lesser neighborhood with lesser education and lesser support, they have a hard time doing better than what´s expected of them. (And because of that a place like D.C. is going to have a hard time improving their education system.) Then those same people really do become a product of their environment and do badly in school, get bad jobs for low pay, and in turn have a difficult time helping their own children do better than they did when they can hardly help themselves, and so the cycle continues. When the average white person earns about $95,000 more than the average black man, you can´t tell me that race does not, in some way effect their icmone.
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City:   QFcqaqYnAlu
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