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Be kind to your nails 

A diet rich in calcium would assure strong and healthy nails. But if your nails are basically soft, buy any good nail strengthener that is available in the market and apply it on your nails. But do take care of the cuticles while doing so, as we do not want them to harden too.  

The cuticles protect the nails and require attention too. Do not damage them by pushing them back constantly. If at all they are in bad shape, gently apply oil or a good cuticle cream to heal the rough edges. 

It would be a good idea to keep your nails fairly short to avoid breakage or any other sort of damage. Be especially careful when trying to open tin cans or bottle tops, as your nails are obviously quite delicate and meant for better things. 

Ridged or flaky nails may be the result of washing your hands in hard water or the use of a particular detergent. It would be a good idea to use a cream polish remover in such cases or better still, give your nails a breather and do not apply polish for awhile. 

A ready reckoner for a manicure 

1. Never ever use metal implements for a manicure. 
2. Start by removing the old varnish with a good nail polish remover. 
3. Take an emery board and use the rough surface to shape the nails. But do it gently and carefully so as not to file down the sides too steeply. Use the other side to smoothen out the ragged edges. Always remember to hold the emery board at a slight angle to the surface of the nail to prevent flaking and file in one direction only from each side to the centre. 
4. Now put your fingertips in a soapy solution and scrub gently. But do not soak them. Make sure that you dry them thoroughly after they feel smooth. Also be careful not to damage fingernails when wet. 
5. It is now time to use a cuticle cream or lotion which should be applied gently around the cuticle. You can do this with the help of an ear bud or a cotton wool tipped orange stick. Apply the cream gently, as this is the most delicate portion of the nail. 
6. Now clean the nails once again with a good nail polish remover. 
7. Then apply a base coat and give it time to dry completely. 
8. Next you can apply a good varnish of your choice. To do this, take out the brush from the nail polish bottle and make an outline of a half-moon on your nail. Then spread the colour in deft broad strokes from the beginning of the half-moon to the tip of the nail. Use the same method for all the nails. Remember that practice will make you perfect. 
9. Remove a thin hairline of colour with the help of your thumbnail, from the edges to prevent chipping.  
10. After the polish is completely dry, you can apply a topcoat for added gloss and protection. 
11. Lastly, use a good hand cream or a hand and body lotion to massage your hands right from the tips of your fingers to your wrists, as you would smooth on a pair of gloves. Wipe off any excess cream. 
12. Enjoy your brand new pair of hands. 

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Feedback on article
Name: rachelle
City:   Sydney
Comments:   plz help me and tell me some things i can put on my nails to prevent them from chipping thanks!!!!**
Name: Katie
City:   Canada
Comments:   My nails are flaky or its rather their chipping how can I make it stop from chipping or Flaky without spending alot of money..Thank-you
Name: amina
City:   delhi
Comments:   i'm 21,my hands are too rough as they are aged,i cant move my hands in any occasion,plz help me
Name: katie
City:   woodbury
Comments:   my nail are so short and i cant stop biteing them.How can get rid of this bed habbit
Name: melanie
City:   washington
Comments:   oh my golly gosh, my nails have like so many hang nalis its like so horrid. i need like help and like fast! PLEZE! uh huh
Name: tony
City:   tennessee
Comments:   oh man like oh my gosh like my girl friend is like so ubsessed with her nales and its so annoying make her shut up!!
Name: Bockliey
City:   Tennessee
Comments:   I think my boyfriend tony is like a little to mad at me for absessing over my nails!ah huh
Name: Jahnavi Singh
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   nice...if anymore tips please tell me about it
Name: Kimberly
City:   Houston,Tx.
Comments:   Hi, I'm 12 years old & and use to bite my nails. Fourtuntly I've grown out of the habit, but I'm afriad that my nails aren't growing back properly. The white tip of my nails isn't growing back evenly, and I'm not sure if it ever will. Please give me your best advice. P.S.:I've enjoyed reading this fine artical!:)
Name: K.M. Thyagarajab
City:   Chennai, At present Dubai
Comments:   4 of my big finger nails in both hand and leg went totally bad having battered condition. If it possible for me to recover from this state to a normal state I would be really happy. Can you pl. suggest me what kind medical care can I take for and also pl. give my some references for me consult a doctor in Dubai-UAE or Chennai-INDIA
Name: Aisha
City:   NewYork
Comments:   K.M Thyagarajab...I think consulting a doctor is the best thing to do . you might have a problem that can only be treated with medicine.
Name: b s
City:   Pune
Comments:   Please suggest some gud brand for cuticle remover
Name: Khuzaimah Batan
City:   London
Comments:   is dey netin dat can b made at home 4 makin me nails lk beta widat butin netin Home made remedies i mean
Name: Khuzaimah Batan
City:   oh i've moved 2 preston
Comments:   4got 2 add ur article was gud n helpful
Name: Jai
City:   Chicago
Comments:   Sally Hansen makes really good products. I like their "Problem Cuticle Remover". It's lovely. =-) For weak, brittle, or splitting nails I like their "Get Thick" and "Diamond Strength". But... (and I said this in the other topic) the best thing for great nails is a great diet. You are what you eat. We need protien for strong healthy nails. Also picking up a good multi-vitamin or one that says "hair, nail, and skin" would be a good idea. Usually when we have problems with our nails and even our hair... it has something to do with what we're not getting in our diets (or other existing health conditions) in addition to the way we treate them. For soft hands... check out Mary Kay... I was given a nice manicure kit. It has the hand wash, exfoliating scrub, lotion, and cream. I fell in love with it. For those that may not be interested in that... try vaseline and sugar or a coarse salt to exfoliate your hands. (Or even a regular body polish or exfoliating facial cleanser) Wash them, pat dry, and apply a very good hand cream. (Make sure it's a good one too.) I like using "Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion". I also like shea butter or vaseline at night. Pick up a pair of thin cotton gloves to sleep in at night (after applying a good cream), and you WILL feel the difference. I do the same thing with my feet. =-) As well... putting vaseline, shea butter, or cocoa butter on your feet before you put them in the soaker. I suppose the heat helps them absord the moisture. Another idea for those that don't mind putting in the work is parafin wax, but that's one to be careful with if you're doing it yourself at home. But when you exfoliate ladies PLEASE make sure that you use a good moisturize afterwards. If you don't.... you could end up with your skin being drier than it was before you started. I don't know about you... but I've gotten a couple of cheap pedicures where my feet felt worse than they did when I walked in the place. Even when you're using a body polish make sure you use a good lotion/cream. (If you've never tried body polish... lol.. you should!)Anyways... try using milk to soak your hands and feet as well. (You can just use powdered milk if you'd like.)Have fun ladies! =-) *~Peace and Blessings~*
Name: elicia
City:   bangkok
Comments:   hi im 9 years and i have really ugly hands and fingers but i have nice nails but my fingers are ugly so it makes my nails look ugly so please tell me wut too do!!!...
Name: elicia
City:   bangkok
Comments:   hey guys i looked my fashon book it says that u should wash your nails every day with worm water and clean them and do not put nail polish even if u have really ugly nails and when ur don cleaning them u put lotion and do it every day then it says u will have nicer nails then your friends and family so u should try it...many peopel say that i don't know anything or how to make ur nails nice but i do know alot about fashon and it is the most thing i was intrested since i was born.....
Name: fae
City:   bangkok
Comments:   hi im 16 and i my bf dose not like me having long nails but in my school long nails are fashon and my friend likes me having long nails.....plezz tell me wut 2 do!.......
Name: Kristin
City:   chicago
Comments:   I have nice nails and feet but can't figure out what type of nail polish to put on them. please teel me what to do thank you. : - )
City:   FL MIAMI
Name: tammy
City:   newburgh
Comments:   i heard that one can use heavy cream (like heavy milk cream) to use and care for nails, is this true and if so which cream is it
Name: minty haria
City:   mumbai
Comments:   its really nice. i just need 1 help please give me the name and address of dermatologist in mumbai for nail specialist
Name: Kelly
City:   Miami
Comments:   Guess what you guys I have a way to rid ur nails of hang nails. 1) Mix a quarter size amount of honey and some sugar in your hand 2) Rub your hands together (it feels nasty but it is worth it!) 3) Rinse with warm water 4) Apply a TINY BIT (just a small dot size) of your favorite hand lotion 5) HARK! (lol) SATIN HANDS! **I personally think it works better than the Mary Kay satin hands! AND! its a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER!** 6) When your done that, try the process again and put it ONLY on your nails and cuticals 7) When your done that, push your cuticals back 8) In about a week of doing this, your hangnails so a magic trick and disappear!!!!
Name: Haleemah
City:   Blackburn
Comments:   i can't stop biting my nails what shall i do they never grow i hate my nails help me plz
Name: Sammy
City:   Roy
Comments:   ok i have been biting my nails for forever and i found a solution.. put vanilla (the kind u cook with) on your nails!!! it keeps you from biting them becasue it tastes disguisting!! the good thing is it doesnt stink!!
Name: jessica
City:   virginia
Comments:   I keep bitting my nails and every time they grow out I bit them and I don't know how to stop please help me!...thank you
City:   bolingbrook
Name: regan
City:   chennai
Comments:   i need a girl friend
Name: Dwayne
City:   Pembroke Pines
Comments:   I have a questions. On my left thumb when I was a kid. I cut myself and ever since then I have had a hang nail that grows on the side of my thumb nail. I want to find a way to permanently stop the hang nail from growing is there a way to do this
Name: sanjeevan
City:   chennai
Comments:   Personal traits:- hi my name is sanjeevan doing my 3rd yr of engg. college staying in chennai my hobbies : computer chat friends football tv rome around eat sleep..... i am a serious kind of person but still love to laugh and make others to laugh too i have a nice supporting family and set of friends with me i like to be true to my friends and i expect the same About my Expectation:- i would like to have a girl friend who can be for me live for me care for me and share my joy i would like to have a long term relation ship with her as long as i live i would like to have a girl who is very sweet soft caring jovial a bit serious understandable and a little adjustable and not need to be that much cute and i even promise to be the same for her i wish to have a true friend and never bothered about the cast or religion and i believe that my family too accepts the same if u trust me then give me ur hand lets start a new life
Name: Faisal Rehman
City:   Sialkot
Comments:   Surgical Dental & Manicure instruments Dear Sir,Wishing
Name: su
City:   coimbatore
Comments:   ive got bad nails but a good heart...i need a bf
Name: aka
City:   india
Comments:   i bite my nails sooo much wen i'm bored eny tips to help me stop biteing them???
Name: vaishnavi
City:   london
Comments:   i want my nails to look good i want to do french manicure to it but i cant do could you give me tips how to do french manicure. and what materials do i need. pls help me
Name: Imran Arshad
City:   Sialkot
Comments:   We are Manufacturer and exporters of Surgical Dental Mnaicure & Veterinary instruments.We use high quality Material.
Name: christine mak
City:   amman
Comments:   do u know where i can find sally hansen products in dubai
Name: k-teen
City:   warrington
Comments:   My nails wont stop chipping and evn when i try to mosturize them they still dry and chip and like over lap it wont stop im trying to take care of my nails but it wont work
Name: tuli
City:   kolkata
Comments:   my nail are brittle .actually i have a tendency to bite my nails.but now i feel very ashamed to keep out them.plz give me a remedy
Name: sehar
City:   karachi
Comments:   hi i m 21 my nail is very sweet
Name: Jamil Nawaz
City:   Sialkot
Comments:   We P.H.Industries are makers of TABLE Quality Hand Instruments for Beauty Care, Pedicure and Petís Instruments & Implants Also Manicure Kits.
Name: RAJA
City:   MUSCAT
Name: Nina
City:   Chicago
Comments:   If anyone could help, I'd be very grateful. I have hard, tough skin beneath the nail on my middle finger, due to the way I write. Because of this, the area is sort of 'lumpy' and does not look good. I was wondering if this hardened area could be treated effectively with a good manicure. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
Name: sillytulip
City:   okc....home of the hornets!!!!
Comments:   can anyone tell me how can i manicure my nails at home....
Name: usha
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   can anyone tell me how can i manicure my nails at home....
Name: clytulip
City:   okc
Comments:   for sure does anyone have any tips..........
Name: Faria
City:   hyderabad
Comments:   ummm i just dont know how to file my nails :S ...can anyone please help me on that...i´d be thankful! pls!!
Name: david
City:   cardiff
Comments:   I was always biting my nails when I was a little boy but after lots of nagging I stopped. I started about 6 months ago just after my 15th and have already bit them down to about 2mm. My parents dont bother me anymore. I always use one hand to hold the finger I am biting on so I can bite harder. I was told I spent on hour on one nail once. I seem to go into a trance when Im having a biting session. I like my little nails.
Name: bethi
City:   dhaka bangladesh
Comments:   i have hard cutical arround my nails, how can i get rid from this problem
Name: lahari
City:   bombay
Comments:   i have a problem with my unwantedhair on my face&upperlip and iam tired of threding iwant permanent solution can u please tell me about laser treatment and i wnat know how much its going to it expensive
City:   chennai

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