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Would you ever slap your child to discipline him?
Do you think a joint family setting is better for children?
At what age should parents introduce computers to their children?
At what age should parents introduce Sex Education to their children?
When should parents introduce BOOKS to their children?
Would you prefer that your first child is a BOY?
Is it important for children to be fluent in their MOTHER TONGUE?
If you were out shopping, what GIFT would you buy for your child?
How often should parents engage their children in prayers/puja? 
Do you think that minor arguments in front of children have a negative impact? 
Would you find out your Baby's Sex while still pregnant? 
Would you consider a Caesarean for a "favourable horoscope"? 
Would you raise your daughter differently from your son?
At what age should children start working?
Would you send your child to a boarding school?
How often do you take a holiday with your kids?
Do working mothers make better moms?
Does your child understand the meaning of Diwali?
Do you inculcate secular values in your kids?
Are new resolutions a healthy habit?
Does the Republic Day signify anything in your child's life?
Do your children use swear words?
Do you encourage your children to play Holi?
Do you holiday outstation during school vacations??
Do your children take summer classes?
Do you feel you are not spending enough time with your child?
Do you and your spouse till 'date'?
Do you read stories aloud to your children?
Do you believe abortion is wrong?
Are you (is your wife) a working woman?
Your marraige was:
Do your children know enough about their culture?
What are your vacation plans this summer?
Do you feel your children spend enough time outdoors?
Do you drink more than 8 glasses of water a day?
Do you exercise regularly?
Did you have pre-marital sex?
After marraige have you ever been attracted to another person?
Would you disown your child if he/she married against your wishes?
Do you think your children are honest with you?
Do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day?
Do you enjoy watching saas-bahu serials?
Do you fast?
Are your children too aggressive?
Does giving birth hamper sex life?
Do your children use foul language in your presence?
Did your husband encourage you to breastfeed?
Do you find your marraige sexually satisfying?
Have you ever been tempted to have an extra-marital affair?
Do you keep your house neat and tidy?
Do you follow the Indian political situation?
How do you react to unsolicited parenting advice?
Have you ever tried meditation?
Do you think your children arespoilt?
Would you like your husband to help you in the kitchen?
Would you shun an unwed mother?
Should abortion be banned?
Should we tell every thing to our parents?
Should live-together be given recognition ie.leagalised?
Should there be a strict policy of having two kids & penalty if more than two?
Do you feel you started your family too early?
Do you think a wife should also work to support herself financially besides her husband?
A single child is a lonely child?
Should a father bond with the child from infancy?
Is quality time, a myth?
Do you think gay marriages are wrong?
Can your child play a musical instrument?
Given a choice, would you marry the same person?
Do you get along with your mother-in-law?
How often do your kids drink juice?
Have you made a will?
Does your child like toread?
You give your baby a pacifier to stop him/her from crying:
My child is: Overweight, Underweight or Within the normal range
Would you mind if your wife drank alcohol?
Does your home need a makeover?
Do you smoke?
Do you support a woman's right to abortion?
You drink fresh fruit juice:
Do you do yoga?
Does your child know self defence?
Can your child swim?
Should children carry a mobile phone to school?
Does your child know what the Tsunami is?
Does your child have a fitness regimen also or do you only ensure that he eats well?
Do you approve of your teenager celebrating Valentine's Day?
What was the hardest adjustment you had to make after marriage?
Does your child take private tutions?
How many children do you have?
Do you throw away old, useless items at home?
Have you enrolled your child in a hobby class this summer?
Do you have a dog?
Did you make any weekend trips these past few months?
Does your child behave well in public?
How did you spend the summer?
How organised are you?
Would you say your husband is a good father?
Does TV stop your kids from getting enough exercise?
Did you get stretch marks from your pregnancy?
Does skin colour matter to you?
How often do you floss?
What clothing do you/does your wife wear most regularly?
Do you have high cholesterol?
Did you use a painkiller during labour?
Do you have a balanced diet everyday?
How did you give birth?
Do you have a family pet?
Do your children share a bedroom?
Do you believe maids are:
Are you/your spouse members of a kitty party?
Do you and your spouse fight
How many children do you have/plan to have?
Would you ever adopt a child?
Are you a working mother?
Are you in a kitty party?
Is your spouse verbally abusive?
Would you ever adopt a child?
How long did you breastfeed your baby?
Do you have high cholesterol?
Have you used an event manager for your child's parties?
What are your children's plans for the summer holidays?
What do your children play the most in holidays?
Which is the most important for your child to grow?
What do your children like best about monsoon?
What is the first thing on your shopping list for a new school term?
What do you miss most from your life before kids?
Which is the most important thing for a happy life?
What is the stress buster that works best for you?
How often do you take holidays with your kids?
What is the best way to select your child's name?
Does your child throw tantrums if she does not get what she wants?
What do you like most about festivals?
What would you do if you caught your teen smoking?
Do you approve of sending children for tuitions?
How often do all members of your family have dinner together?
Do you think cartoons encourage violence?
Which do you think is the best mode of transport to send your child to school?
Would you hire a male servant to care for your child?
At what age should you talk to your child about sex?
Where does your baby sleep?
Does your child talk back to you?
Should we celebrate HOLI in an eco-friendly way only?
Does a successful future depend upon the grades in school?
Is it important to go out of town during summer vacations?
Do Men Gossip?
Is drinking eight glasses of water everyday necessary?
Is number 13 unlucky?
Do men cheat more than women?
Can a boy and a girl be just friends?
Do you think that women are mentally stronger then men?
Can a friend be a good husband?
Can mother-in-law and daughter-in-law be friends?
Is adoption better than giving birth to a second child?
Is it correct to force children for joining hobby classes during vacations?
Should women be career conscious?
Is having a single child a good option?
Is 18yrs the right age for getting married for girls?
Would you prefer that your first child is a girl?
Is it incorrect to marry a girl who is older?
Do reality shows harm child's life? Why?
Is it correct to judge the character of a person based on physical appearance?
Would you prefer ayurvedic remedies over other medicines?
Which is preferably a successful marriage, love or arrange?   By - Priya Dutt
Is it ok for working parents to have one child with respect to the child?
Is it correct on part of men to force their wives to work like other working women?
Is it correct on part of husband to compare his unemployed wife with working woman?
At what age should children be allowed to access internet?
How is your relationship with your mother-in-law?
Who is responsible for suicides committed by students?
Are tuitions really necessary for small children?
Will you allow your child to pursue an alternative career?
Would you prefer Stadium or TV to watch cricket match
Is it necessary to enroll the child for hobby classes during vacations?
Are you comfortable with online shopping?
Is it ok to shout at child in public to control misbehavior?
Would you prefer buying real gold jewellery online?
Do you think it is important to store baby's cord blood?
Do you think that naming baby according to zodiac sign can make any difference?
Is it worth going for newborn screening for preventing health disorders?
What can motivate children to do well in studies?
What can help to lose weight quickly post pregnancy?
For how long is it necessary to breastfeed babies?
Is it ok to fast during pregnancy?
Which option will you choose if you are infertile?
Is it correct to send child to boarding school for disciplining him?
Is it safe to go on crash dieting for weight loss?
Do women prefer baby boys over baby girls?
How often do you allow your kids to have junk food?
Why do men cheat women?
Can TV programmes help to reduce stress?
Would you name your baby after a celebrity?
Are vegetarians healthier than non-vegetarians?
Do women cheat more than men?
Will you allow your child to chat online?
Should widows remarry for child's better future?
What will you do to control child's misbehavior in public?
Do you save money for your child's future?
What is the common cause of infertility?
Is it ok to punish child on getting bad marks?
Is it correct to keep expectations from children?
Do you force your child to study?
Does your child take part in outdoor sports?
Did your child start speaking late?
Does your child drinks milk daily?
Does your child argue with you?
Can parents fail to understand child?
Does your child tell lies?
Is E-learning a good option for kids?
When should parents talk to kids about sex?
Are baby walkers unsafe for infants?
Do you allow strangers to kiss your baby?
Do you use canned baby food?
How long did you breastfeed your baby?
Is disposable diaper always better than a cloth nappy?
Do your kids help you in household chores?
Is mobile phone one of the basic necessities for kids?
Is it safe to travel with a baby in summers?
Is it safe to pierce newborn baby's ears?
Do you help your child with his or her homework?
Did you deliver exactly on your due date?
Is it unsafe to travel during pregnancy?
Do siblings impact the development of the children?
Do you have dinner with your children daily?
Do new age parents put too much of pressure on children?
How often do you use the internet to seek parenting advice?
Do children take parents for granted if parents behave politely with them?
Do you celebrate New Year with your kids?
Do you take your kids along with you for shopping?
Is it difficult to conceive with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
Is it safe to work during the first trimester of pregnancy?
Do you Celebrate eco-friendly Holi?
At what age should parents provide personal laptop or computer to their kids?
Do you think that you spend quality time with your kids?
Will you allow your kids to get wet in the rains?
How often do you buy gifts for your kids?
What will you do if your child is not studying?
Is it safe to eat Panipuri and Chaat during pregnancy?
Is it important for children to learn their regional language?
Do celebrity parents raise children better than common parents?
Is your child a fussy eater?
Should kids below the age of ten have Smart phones?
Would you take your child to play Navratri?
What is your primary wish for your child's future?
Whose company does your child prefer more?
How do you behave when your kids anger you?
Are alcoholic drinks safe for breastfeeding mothers?
Is it safe to travel with a newborn?
Should parents set New Year's resolutions for kids?
Do health drinks really help to boost child's growth?
Do you and your spouse fight in front of kids?
Which is the best solution for infertility?
What will you do if your child ignores you?
Is bottle-feeding harmful for babies?
Is it safe to give gripe water to babies?
Is it safe to use hair removal cream during pregnancy?
Do baby walkers really help babies to learn walking earlier?
Should all schools stop giving homework to children?
How often do you yell at your child?
Do you tell lies to your kids?
Do you force your child to eat?
Are you involved in your child's studies?
Do you accept your mistakes in front of your kids?
Is it safe to apply mosquito repellent creams to babies?
Do dairy products cause obesity in kids?
Are You an Overprotective Parent?
How to deal with the temper tantrums of kids?
From where do kids learn to say bad words?
Is long-term breastfeeding beneficial?
Do you make your children realise their mistakes?
Do your parents or your in-laws question your parenting practices?
Is it necessary to punish kids for disciplining them?
Does your child brush his or her teeth twice a day?
Do your force your kids to study during holidays?
Is involvement of grandparents necessary for raising kids?
Do you lie to your kids or lie in front of them?
Do you take out your stress and frustration on kids?
Do you try home remedies on your kids before consulting a doctor?
Is it necessary to teach children about religion?
Would you allow your kids to eat street food?
Is it alright to allow kids to participate in reality shows?
Do you allow your children to burst firecrackers during festivals?
Do you make your children drink purified water?
Is it safe to use cosmetics during pregnancy?
What should parents do when children back answer?
Do you allow your children to play with your mobile phone?
For how long is your child exposed to TV on daily basis?
Is it necessary for a child to have at least one sibling?
Are schools responsible for safety of kids during school hours?
Are women still treated as a weaker gender in Indian society?
Does your child have a healthy breakfast every day?
Do you make your children believe in superstitions?
Do you attend parenting workshops?
Do you tell horror stories to your children?
What to do when children scores bad marks in exams?
Is it correct to punish a child for throwing tantrums?
Is it safe to share photos of children on social networking sites?
Is it safe to travel during first trimester of pregnancy?
Are there any advantages of delaying parenthood?
Can smoking cause infertility in females?
Is it safe to colour hair during pregnancy?
Are you an involved parent?
Do you praise your child in front of others?
Is it safe to give pacifiers to babies?
Is it alright to yell at children in public to handle misbehaviour?
Do you allow your children to eat junk food?
Does your child say prayers every day?
Are nutritional supplements essential for children?
Is it alright to discipline other people's children?
Is it safe to eat spicy food during pregnancy?
Is it a must for children to engage in at least one hobby?
When is the right time to resume sex after delivery?
Is it safe to eat eggs during pregnancy?
Does your child watch cartoon shows the whole day during vacations?
What do you do when your children just don't listen to you?
Is it alright to cry in front of children?
Is it necessary to read aloud to children every day?
Do you yell at your children?
Do you allow your children to play games on your mobile phone?
Do you ask your child how was his or her school day on daily basis?
Do you hug your child every day?
Can taking alcoholic drinks cause infertility?
Is it safe to give instant noodles or pasta to children?
What will you do if your child says a bad word?
Do you try to be patient when you are angry at your child?
Do you force your child to study?
Can smoking cause infertility in males?
Can you control your anger when your children drive you crazy?
Do you punish your children in front of others?
Does relationship between parents affect children?
Does being a tech-savvy parent help to raise smarter kids?
Is it safe to eat guava during pregnancy?
Are children more stressed than ever because of studies?
Is it good to enrol children in summer camps?
Should parents fulfil every wish of their children?
Do you compare your children with other children of their age?
Is it safe to eat banana during pregnancy?
Are CBSE school better than ICSE schools?
What is an ideal post delivery recovery period?
Do you allow your children to watch horror shows?
Do you threaten your child while disciplining him or her?
Can poor relationship between parents hamper a child's development?
Do your children love to participate in extra-curricular activities?
Do you play with your children?
Do inter-cast marriages result in more intelligent babies?
Is it safe to eat chicken during pregnancy?
Has your child received all the important vaccinations?
Do complete your child's homework?
Would you like to make a list of parenting resolutions for the year 2019?
Does your child know what is bullying?
Does your child back answer?
Is it safe to fast during pregnancy?
Do you celebrate an eco-friendly Holi festival?
Do you encourage your children to do charity?
Is it necessary to yell at children for disciplining them?
Is it necessary to keep children busy during vacations?
Do fights between parents deeply impact children?
Is it safe to eat pomegranate during pregnancy?
Can diet help in boosting fertility of a woman?
Does having alcoholic drinks affect fertility in men and women?
Do you agree that children who are raised by happy parents become successful individuals?
Is it safe to eat fish during pregnancy?
Are you aware of your child's strengths and weaknesses?
Do you agree that children exactly become how their parents are?
Is it safe to eat Bitter-gourd (Karela) during pregnancy?
What should parents do if children don't study?
Can dads be better caretakers than moms?
Can loving children unconditionally help to raise them into happy individuals?

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