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Delicious, Mouth Watering,YUMMY!

...Just a few words to describe the range of exciting Sil products.
Want to try them out??? Just pick a recipe from the ones given below and tantalise those taste buds!

We want to say a big THANK-YOU to all our readers who sent in these recipes in response to our exciting Sil Recipe Contest.

Hot Mexican Rolls
Chilli Beans
Chapathi - Chat
Sil Panner
Children's Sandwich
Sweet'n'Sour Chicken
Chatpat Pakora
Baked Beans Chaat
Chilli Chicken by Richa
Chilli Mussels
Drumsticks Curried
Capsicum Chicken
Vegetable Noodles
Sil Nachos
Baked Bean Cutlet
Chilli On Drum
Panch Neka Puri
Villi Chilli Chicken
Chilli Cheese Toast
Sil Sweet-Sour Chicken
Prawn Curry
Corn Cream
Prawns & Baked Beans
Spicy Bombay Ducks
Fried Rice by Shyamala
Sweetcorn Chicken Soup
Mexican Sandwich
Mexican Sevpuri
Mexican Dosa
Hyderabadi Toast
Macaroni & Cheese
Surprise Toasts
Take My Heart
Yummy Rice
Chatpate Chapathi Rolls
Chunky Rice
Baby Corn Manchurian
Fried Rice by Harini
Baked Beans Filling
Noodles & Baked Beans
Butter Rice Curried Beans
Quick Chick Roll
Baked Beans Au Gratin
Mexican Hotpot
Chicken Sandwich
Potato Mayo Balls
Bean Sil Pizza
Corn Casserole
Potato Coconut Delight
Chinese Cabbage
Chicken With Coconut
Baked Bean Masala Paav
Sil Mayo-Russian Salad
Macaroni Delite
Chinese Stick
Saucy Canapes
Cheesy Spinach Corn
Cheese Salad Sandwich
Hot Dog
Chilli Chicken by Tanuja
Beans & Tomato Curry
Chatpata Prawn Pakoda
Chicken Rice Salad
Poatato Salad
Mexican Quesadilla

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