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Indian Baby Names and Astrology

Finding a good baby name is an important part of each and every parent's life. After the birth of a baby, the first thing that comes into the minds of parents is to assign a lovely and a significant name to the apple of their eye. In India, astrology is one of the most preferred ways of naming babies. Read on to know more about the Indian baby names and astrology.

Deciding a name for the newborn has always been a complex but a fascinating process. In India, for thousands of years, the selection of the name was performed according to a traditional system, which is based on the astrological principles.

Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of human being! Astrology is one of the earliest sciences known to human history. When the baby is named according to astrology, it reflects the best qualities that the child is supposed to grow up with. A name given to a baby is said to be one of the best gifts that a parent could give their child. A name is not only an identification, but also an intrinsic representation of how one is referred to.

How to find a good astrologer for choosing a baby name?

Naming your child according to astrology needs a lot of research. One needs to at least do a basic research, like asking their friends and relatives, if they have selected their baby's name according to astrology. If they have named their children according to astrology, you can ask them about their experience of naming their baby. Normally, one takes the advice and reference of their own friends and relatives only to find a good astrologer. And this is where the search ends!

However, there are many other ways to find out a good astrologer. One can also find them through various Medias. You can also contact the famous astrologers who give their predictions to the viewers and listeners on TV channels and radio stations. A basic search on the internet may also help to find a good astrologer. One can have a look at the newspapers, where the daily astrology section appears.

What should parents and astrologer provide?

The baby name should have certain attributes attached to it, which reflects and even creates the personality of the person carrying the name. When parents consult an astrologer to choose a baby name, they will have to provide them all the details like birth date, birth time, etc. This will help the astrologer to know which Rashee the baby belongs to.

According to these details, the astrologer may set a good Indian baby name. Sometimes, if parents have already decided a name for the baby, an astrologer may make slight changes in the baby name. For example; he may add an extra alphabet or change some alphabets in the baby name or may advice parents to use the name in a revised order. He should be able to give a baby name that exactly matches the qualities and persona of the baby.

What more can you find about the baby with help of astrology?

Astrology not only helps in finding a good baby name or setting a good baby name, but also helps you to know about a variety of aspects of the child as well. With the help of the birth date and the birth time astrologers make the birth chart. Using the birth chart, the astrologers can answer every possible question of the parent. The astrologer will help you to know your lucky numbers, lucky gems, lucky colours, lucky dates, etc, according to the baby name.

Some astrologers may also provide a detailed report of the baby names according to the astrology. Astrology also answers the most frequently asked questions about an individual which is related to finance, career, business, romance and many more. Using astrology you can know your baby's strengths, weaknesses and challenges that may come in his life. Later you can know the ways in which your child can overcome those weaknesses and challenges. It will also answer the medical questions and you can also compare your baby's chart with other your chart to know how well you will get along with your baby.

Setting name of a baby according the astrology is not a choice of parents only. There are lots of people who make changes in their name or change the name according to astrology. It may not be advisable to change the actual birth name but some changes in the birth name may prove beneficial. However, there are many Indian celebrities who have changed the spellings in their names or their names itself. It is said that such changes bring immediate success in personal and professional life.

Use of astrology in setting an Indian baby name is very beneficial and one can also know a lot of other things with help of their astrological birth charts. However, be alert if you are planning to select a good Indian baby name with the help of an astrologer. Study the profile of the astrologer in detail before consulting him or her. Consult a well-known astrologer with a good experience in his field to decide a name for your baby. Make sure that he notes down the correct time and day of birth of the child in order to give you a correct birth chart for your little wonder.

Why is Astrology so important for baby names?

First Letter of Name by date of birth :

Astrology is useful in picking the names of an infant. With the assistance of astrology and numerology, one can discover the main letter of name by date of birth or the name beginning letter to settle on the name of the infant. This is imperative to ensure a decent name and a productive future for the child.

A name of an individual is a significant character. It is significant for everybody- a decent name acquires best of luck and furthermore makes the life of the individual effective, though a terrible name ruins the whole existence of an individual.

There are unique customs which are led while settling a name of any child and extraordinary Vedic readings and calculations are done with the goal that the name makes the life of the infant effective and productive.

Over the world, there are numerous individuals who have made ideal progress in their lives in the wake of changing their names with direction from master astrologers and numerologists. This is done to draw in more accomplishment throughout everyday life. It is an essential thing and in every case great to keep an appropriate and great name after birth of an infant to make the existence effective.

There are a few people who keep any name they get for their infant or choose the child's name. This isn't the right practice as a person's name is a significant character factor and it impacts a ton on the individual. This is the reason one ought to consistently keep the correct name according to the horoscope examination.

It is imperative to accept the assistance of astrology just as numerology to choose the name of the infant in order to make the life of the child great and choose a decent future ahead.

It has been a demonstrated science that when a name of a local is articulated in a specific way, the vibration brought about by the name will produce positive energy and their atmosphere will take the local to a sweeping platform in the general public.

Consequently, when another conceived or even preceding their introduction to the world, a rundown of change or mix is turned out for naming the kid. These are never really decidedly ready as in the current age, another conceived should apply for birth certificate. Thus, their folks or their family members have restricted opportunity to work any reasonable blend.

For this, lone a scholarly and master astrologer can act the hero the local. Here, the astrologer is additionally expected to comprehend astro-numerology which is useful while naming the youngster or the new conceived.

Why, Astro-Numerology? Since for this situation a specialist should know the subtleties of both the science Visa Viz: Astrology and Numerology. Coming up next is clarified in two sections.

As the date of birth and season of birth is imperative to choose the name of another conceived. This will get contribution for Astrology. This is clarified beneath in the accompanying two stages.

In the initial step, at the hour of birth, the local will have a Moon sign. Moon sign is where Moon is put in a specific Zodiac. In astrology, each zodiac has a specific arrangement of letter sets or character appended to it. These arrangement of letters in order are significant as this will frame the premise of naming another conceived. For instance: If any one is brought into the world with Gemini Moon sign.

All things considered Gemini will have the accompanying Alphabets or Characters to name a person. These letter sets or characters are: A, H, Gh, Ka, Ke and Ko. This will frame the beginning letters in order while naming the local. The information on astrology is significant here.

In the second step the length of a name is chosen. For this situation, the assistance Numerology is significant. Since, this will choose the length of the name, in arrangement with the date of birth of the local.

Assume, a kid was conceived state on first house any month. Also, in the Moon indication of that new conceived is Gemini. The local can be name say "Amit". Here, both the above conditions are fulfilled. A+M+I+T = 1+4+1+4 = 10 =1+0= 1. Once more, since the local was brought into the world with Gemini moon sign, the state of astrology is additionally unmistakably fulfilled, which is, his name would begin with the Alphabet "A".

The above model is a straightforward model as how a local can be named with Astro-Numerology. Since with this, the positive vibration of a local will be unmistakably observed as the Native would fill in his entire lifetime.

How Astrology And Numerology Help To Choose Name?

The initial step is to make a decent horoscope of the child and the zodiac and nakshatra is discovered. There are numerous critical characters which are interlinked and connected with various nakshatras in a horoscope. The connected character in the nakshatra is utilized successfully to make an appropriate name which would improve karma throughout everyday life. For this situation, the utilization of numerology would help and with its utilization it is conceivable to glance out the number of characters are discovered acceptable and if there any name is appropriate for it. The name of a child gives it the best character and therefore, it ought to be good and meaningful. One ought to clearly counsel an astrologer to discover the specific letters in order of name of any child.It is imperative to request that the astrologer coordinate the name which one settles for the child according to astrology and numerology to ensure an effective life. One can likewise conclude infant names according to Janam Nakshatra. Appropriate customs like the namkaran sanskaar service ought to be done while keeping the name. On the off chance that a parent doesn't wish to lead any customs, at that point a petition of their kul devi and kul devta should be recited and afterward the name should be kept. It is critical that the child shouldn't be called various names to dodge any disarray in life ahead. Infant names are extremely sweet and significant, don't name your child in a hurry or rush.

How will you choose a good Indian baby name? Will you consult an astrologer for selecting a baby name? Will it have any effect on the baby? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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