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Oily Hair
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Washing hair daily does not make it more oily. You may have oily hair anyway. Not all teenagers have oily hair - it depends on your hair type. Don't put conditioner daily when washing your hair, and don't put it on your scalp.

Kay (Mumbai, )

A: Does washing your hair daily make it more oily or being a teenager, it would be oily anyway?

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: I got a oily hair problem when I did't wash within 2 days because I am busy and I go home in late night already. Please help me so that I can still look fresh the another day.

Lau (Pune, India)

A: You could try highlighting your hair. This dries hair out slightly, and hair looks fresh and your face looks brighter. Alternatively, make it a point to wash your hair after leaving a gap for 2 days. TIP: Apply a lot of powder to your oily hair in front on the scalp, and wipe it off with a DRY towel. The powder will absorb the oil and your hair will not look so oily. Do this in case you cannot wash your hair and it is looking very oily.

Vidula Chopra

Q: After shampooing my hair it looks dull and oily the very next day.

Kaushali (Pune, India)

A: You probably have very oily hair. You consider using a mild shampoo for daily use, and wash your hair everyday or every alternate day. Use a shampoo for oily hair.

Q: Please give me some suggestions for oily hair.

Susan (Pune, USA)

A: If your hair is oily, wash your hair every alternate day with a shampoo for oily hair. Oil your hair once a week or every alternate week, and condition your hair once a week with a conditioner for oily hair. Don't keep playing with your hair or running your fingers through it. This makes hair greasier.

Q: I have thin and long hair. But it becomes oily soon. I do not want to leave my hair open. Any hair style tips?

Nirali (Pune, Bangladesh )

A: Wash your hair more often than you do now, to reduce oiliness and increase body and bounce. You could tie your hair in a plait, ponytail or bun. You could also tie your hair in a half ponytail. Try this style: Take the front portion of your hair, about one square inch just above both ears, and tie two plaits. Pin them up together at the back of your head, with a butterfly clip. Buns and french knots also look very elegant. We will soon be featuring a step-by-step article on hairstyles, supplemented with images. Look out for it!

Q: I have long hair but it becomes very oily after 2 days of my shampooing. Also I have dandruff. Please suggest me what should I do?

Kaushali (Detoit, USA)

A: Shampoo your hair every alternate day, or at least three times a week. Your scalp will also stay clean, and your dandruff will get reduced. Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo.

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