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Unwanted Hair
Kindly read through our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your queries. If you still wish to ask a question to our panel of experts, click here for our premium services.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi, I'm 26 year old boy and lot of hair on my shoulder, chest and stomach and legs. I want to remove my unwanted hair from shoulder. What should I do. Can I use hair removal cream? I can't go for laser treatment bec'z I don't spend more money. Please tell me the procedure of using hair removal cream and how frequent I use? Is there any side effect or it's a normal Cream ? Please suggest what should I do ?

san (Plano, India)

A: Try shaving. The hair is long, but will not be very dense. So, shaving may be effective. Creams contains chemicals and are not the best option - but work if you need to use them once in a while. Laser is a great option. Even one laser session will help reduce the hair on your shoulder, and you don't need to go for the lifetime package or a 4 or 8 session package. It doesn't matter if you have a little hair on your shoulders, you are probably uncomfortable with the huge bulk of hair, and one laser session should cut that out drastically.

Q: Hi ,i wanted to do laser waxing to my upper lip and chin ,where is it available, what are the side effects & how much would it cost me. I live in Dadar.

Claire (Plano, )

A: Try Kaya. It should cost you between 5 to 10 thousand rupees. I suggest you go in for the lifetime package. Call 28888888 for the telephone number of Kaya, and call them for costs and for packages.

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: i am not able to epilate my underarm hair. The blade gets stuck and if i pull, the blade tries to pull my hair out. I feel there is some kind of wax on my hair, how can i get rid of it, so as to be able to smoothly epilate?

lorraine (Plano, )

A: If there's wax in your hair, you should be able to get it off by simply washing your underarms well. You could try applying powder before epilating. If that doesn't work, try shaving off the hair, and then epilating it once it grows into a stubble.

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: My baby girl is 2yrs old.She has facial hairs like mine.What shall i do for stop growing like mine? Does it appropriate anything to do at this earlier stage ie 2yr.Pls advise.

Dhanya (Plano, )

A: Apply a mixture of besan and haldi (turmeric) with a little water, to her face. When it dries, gently rub off. This will remove excessive facial hair. This is not a permanent remedy, but it removes hair without encouraging excessive growth. Also, when your daughter grows up she will have numerous remedies available to her. Around 4 laser sittings will help her get rid of almost all unwanted facial hair, and by the time she grows up laser will be a lot more affordable. Don't worry, enjoy your daughter.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Sir Kindly find this mail in connection with facial hair. Thanks for such site in india, Please send me more sites address in india. Sir my girl friend is hairy girl having hair behind the neck and moustache and hair near her ear side,cheeks. She tried almost everything but to no avail. Now I suggest her to daly smooth shaving but she is not convinced, Please send mail regarding this since I have no problem with her but my family has problems and ask not to marry her, So hair is the main cause, Please provide the do s and donts of shaving as she has very bulky and thick hair on her ear side and neck, last time I convince her to shave and she agreed but this time she refuses to do so but it looks ugly having facial hair. Please suggest me.

Padma Ray (Mumbai, India)

A: No, she should definitely not shave. Instead, she can thread her upper lip and eyebrows, wax her sideburns, and bleach the rest of her face. Alternatively, she could consider going in for laser hair removal to permanently remove hair.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have lot of hair on my chin basicall started after I started threading from more than 2 years. I am not comfortable talking to others when hair growth was more on my face. Now I started electrolysis treatment at Allana electorlysis Balngalore. Am I in the right path. Regards, Latha

Latha (Mumbia, India)

A: In my opinion, laser is a preferable treatment to electrolysis. However, electrolysis also removes hair permanently, but some times many treatments may be required. If you are satisfied with the service you are getting, if you have spoken to others who have gone to the same clinic/doctor and are happy with the results, you can carry on with electrolysis. However, there are often many people who require so many treatments, that in the end if they had taken a lifetime laser package it may have worked out to be more economical.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have a trail of hair on my stomach below my belly button. I tried plucking it before but it grew back thicker. I don't know if I should shave it because I don't show that area a lot. I'm kind of annoyed about shaving there so should I wax the area instead? What kind of wax would I need?

Corrine (Durban, Australia)

A: Honestly though, waxing will also make hair grow out thicker, but the growth will reduce in the long run if you keep waxing regularly. You could buy a bottle of cold wax, apply it with a butter knife on the hairy area, press down with a cellophane paper or cloth strip, and yank it off in the direction opposite to hair growth. You could also try wax strips, but you will need a thin strip, just enough to cover the line. You may need to cut it. (I don't know what sizes wax strips are available in.) You could also consider bleaching the area.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Just wondering - does milk and turmeric work to remove hair over a three month period? Because I don't have enough money for laser and I want to solve this problem of excess hair growth of the body. Thank you so much.

Priya (Mumbai, India)

A: It would be better if you waxed hair. Also, you will need a besan and turmeric mixture. Yes, the mixture will help to remove hair, and is pretty good for use on the back and other body areas that may not be waxed regularly. Also, try scrubbing your body gently, daily with a pumice stone after applying soap. This will help reduce hair growth in the long run.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I am 21yrs old. I have those unsual hair growth under my chin and I hate bleaching all the time. I am taking this homeopathic medicine and It isn't showing results fast. I hate going out anywhere due to the fact that people ask me about my looks and hair growth. I pluck them at times to hide them and they are annoying. Do you have any remedies that would fix this problem. I was told there is a cure to this but since I live in US it is hard to be in India to get a cure. Please help, I am going to be getting married soon ! Thanks

Neha (Mumbai, India)

A: Plucking them is the best thing you can do. Bleaching is not very effective, and homeopathy medicine will not really help. If you find plucking annoying, try threading. You will need to thread once a week or once in two weeks, to keep your chin hair in check. Read this article to find out how you can thread hair yourself. You could also consider laser therapy, which will permanently remove hair from the chin.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Please help me, I am 15 year old female and I have hair growing on the feet and toes and all over breasts is this normal and please what can I do is laser painful.

Priya (Chennai, India)

A: Yes this is normal. Some women have very little hair or no hair on these areas, some have almost invisible hair while others have thicker hair. You can just wax your feet and toes, and you could try laser on your breasts. It is painful, but no more so than waxing. The only problem with laser is that it feels like a prick more than like a pull, but if it hurts a lot then they can reduce the frequency.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My teenage daughter(13) has been shaving her legs and hair removal lotion for atleast a year or two. Now she doesnt like to wear skirts because she thinks that her legs look ugly because she has black dots all over her legs. She has very fair legs. Is there a way to prevent those black dots without stoping shaving or using hair removal lotion?

About (LA, USA)

A: The black dots are just hair growing back. Shaving causes all hair to grow back together, so black dots are more prominent. With waxing, hair grow back at different speeds, so the black dots are less prominent. Your daughter could try scrubbing her legs gently with a pumice stone everyday, when she showers, after applying soap. Also, if she tans her legs, the black dots would be less prominent.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have two problems, one is excess growth of hair in hands and legs and other is white hair in head.

Neeraja (Hyderabad, India)

A: Refer to these links: Regarding grey hair, take up yoga and eat fish and coconut. There isn't much else you can do. You will need to apply hair colour to disguise the grey.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, I am bindu from mumbai, I have hair around my breasts which I don`t want to wax, and other remedy to stop the hair and also my size of the right breast is smaller than left. I want my breasts in proper shape, I am 21 yrs old, Please help, Please reply me, Thank u

Bindu (Mumbai, India)

A: Just cut the hair really short with a pair of scissors. Many women have breasts which are not the same size. You could buy breast cups, and apply a cup to the smaller breast so the size looks equal.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have a lot of hair in my stomach and chest....and I hav been shaving it for a very long time and quite freqently, now I have hair ingrowths, which leaves marks I dont like!! is it possible for me to wax this area? Will it hurt more now becuz I shaved it before as roots are much stronger now? will it take away all the marks because of hair ingrowth n thicker roots of hair? What should I do? I really want to wax, because I want to look good? how can I soften the thicker roots n lessen the pain?

Anika (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, it will hurt more because you have been shaving, but after a couple of times the pain will lessen. In any case, it will not be unbearable. Some people may get a rash after waxing their chest. You should apply ice after waxing your stomach and chest, take a shower, and then apply calamine lotion to soothe the area. Waxing also does cause in-growths, but at least waxing reduces hair growth in the long run, unlike shaving. To reduce the pain, you could try taking ibuprofen one hour before you begin waxing. Alternatively, try numbing the area slightly with ice before waxing.

Vidula Chopra

Q: This is a prolem i have been dealing for about couple years that is very painful. I have been growing hair all over my body. I feel like a moster sometimes and I try to hide my body and face because I feel so ugly. Its on my back, chest, stomach, shoulders, face, cheeks and any other place you can imagine. I really dont know what to do, ive been reading your articles on waxing but i m scared it might grow back more course and fuller. Plus thats a big area and hard to reach area that i have to wax or shave every couple days. I dont know what to do and might help stop the growth of all that hair everywhere. Can you help me please? I dont have money to go to a doctor but i would like to feel like a beautiful women instead of feeling like a hairy man all the time. This would mean a lot if u can help or give me some advice. I dont know where to start. thank you

Lily (Goa, India)

A: If this hair growth is something that has suddenly started, it may be because of a hormonal imbalance. You should definitely see a doctor, who will put you on MEDICATION to balance your hormones, IF required. Here's what you can do otherwise: Face - Thread your upperlip and chin, eyebrows and forehead. Wax your sideburns - avoid waxing your cheeks. By waxing, just remove the major portion of hair on the extreme sides of the face. Then, bleach your entire face. Your face will look much cleaner. This way you are not waxing your cheeks, and still your face colour will look even. It is much cheaper to bleach at home. Buy Jolen or Fem bleach, and follow the instructions on the booklet in the box. If you get a rash by threading your forehead, apply calamine lotion. Try threading 2-3 times. If you get a rash everytime, then stop threading and only bleach. Stomach - Millions of women wax their stomach. Don't worry about it. You will need to wax just once a month. Back - Try waxing your back. Some people have very senstive backs and may develop a rash. If you get a rash, don't wax your back again. If you ever wear anything that reveals your back, apply hair removal lotion. Don't apply hair removal lotion regularly as it darkens the skin - but once in a while is okay. When waxing your arms, wax your shoulders as well. I do hope you already wax your arms, legs and underarms! Waxing is a very good method of hair removal, and although hair does grow back thicker, it takes longer and longer to grow back and over the years your hair growth will diminish.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, my daughters been having a lot of trouble trying to get rid of her facial hair. She has tried threading. But she has a very hard time getting all her hairs. She told me shes thinkinf of bleaching now. However, i m unsure if whether bleaching will help now, since any new hair that comes out will be black. How can I help her?

Nive (Kerala, India)

A: Her hair will certainly get black soon after bleaching - so she needs to be regular. Generally people who bleach their facial hair, do so once in two weeks to once a month. So she could bleach her face regularly, and let her continue threading her upper lip and eyebrows. You can even bleach her face at home. Simply buy a small box of Jolen or Fem bleach, which is available for less than Rs 50, and mix the powder with the cream according to the instructions given in the booklet. Remember to use only plastic tools for bleaching - don't use any steel. Let her try bleaching a few times to see if she is satisfied with it. You could also consider laser therapy, which is a permanent method of hair removal. 4 lower face laser sessions at Kaaya, which includes the chin, upperlip, sideburns and cheeks, costs around 11,000.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some hairs below my eyes and onto cheeks hoe can i get rid of them at home.

Sajal (Chennai, India)

A: Your best bet would be to bleach your face. You can bleach it at home. Buy a packet of jolen bleach, and mix a spatulla full of the powder with double the amount of cream. Apply this to your face and wash off after 15 minutes. Dont apply it too close to your eyes. It will burn a little. First, it is advisable to apply it to a small patch of your skin. If it burns a lot, you should add more cream to the mixture.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I unfortunately have very dark facial hair and made the mistake of shaving my sideburns. Now there is a very noticable dark shadow there. What can I do to lessen the shadow. Please help.

Anjalie (Mumbai, India)

A: Don't ever shave any area of your face again. What you can do is start waxing your sideburns. If you are lightskinned you can even bleach them. The advantage of waxing is it grows back slowly, looks much cleaner than bleaching, and over a period of time, the growth will lessen. You could even consider laser therapy. It should cost around 7,000 or so for 4 sessions, which would drastically reduce your sideburn hair permanently.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a daughter who is very concerned about her body hair, and we cannot afford laser hair removal. She finds waxing extremely painful, and I read something about a Haldi, Besan, and Curd mixture being able to remove hair. Can you tell me more about this technique? Can it be used all over the body? Thank you so much.

Rajesh (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, it can be used all over the body, but it is not as effective as waxing. When the mixture dries, gradually scrub it off using your hands, and the mixture will remove some hair with it. Waxing is the best method. It may hurt now, but after a few years it will not hurt as much, as hair growth gradually reduces. A few years later, with regular waxing, hair growth in certain patches can almost vanish.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi vidhula, Happy new year and thanks a lot for replying me, ya i will 3 sessions in 3 months in india when i will come. But i dont want to waist time in india searching around clinics so can u please suggest some good laser hair removal clinics around me. I do stay in Ahmedabad. but i can go anywhere outside Ahmedabad also to do so. by vidula may god bless u take care i will wait for your reply thanks bye.

Vishal (Ahmedabad, India)

A: Kaaya is a reputed beauty clinic and has branches in various places in India. Also, it has a lifetime guarantee, so if hair grows back in that area, for example, after delivery, you can always go back to them.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, I just would like to know if lazer hair removal from the stomach area as well as from the bikini area causes any effects on fertility for women. Thank you

G (Mumbai, India)

A: No, it does not. The laser on targets hair root. At the most, your skin in that area may get a little burnt, but the burn marks will also gradually fade away. Make sure you go to a reputed person though.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi i was wondering if the product Hair Off is a product that is safe to use for the facial hair (including forhead, upper lip, and side burns) ... and how long will it take to grow back? .. thank you very much!!

Payal (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, it is safe to use for facial hair. In fact, it is made for the safe, gentle removal of facial hair. I cannot say how long your hair will take to grow back, because results differ from person to person. It may take a week or so, because the hair is not removed from the root.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How do I get rid of unibrows without going to those barber shops and without letting anyone know I have done it?

Mary-Kate (London, U.K)

A: Pluck the hair in the centre of your brow with the help of a pair of tweezers. Pluck a little at a time, so the difference is gradual.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi..I am 21 with unwanted facial hair on my chin and cheeks.. I want to go in for laser treatment. Please tell me if its completely safe and whether there would be any side effects. I want a nuetral opinion as the opinion by beauty clinics might be a biased one. Also where can i get it done. Thanks

Ridhi (Mumbai, India)

A: Laser treatment is safe, reliable and yes, the hair does go away completely in most cases, though not in all. The number of sessions you need depends on the kind of hair you have. For sure, however, your hair growth will lessen dramatically. Various clinics have various packages. You can opt for 4 sessions and pay a certain amount, or you can pay per session if you feel you may require fewer sessions, or you can get a lifetime guarantee session, which includes unlimited sessions for your entire life. Kaya is good, and has clinics throughout India, but it is expensive. Sometimes you may get a burn during laser treatment, but the burn scars always fade within 3-4 weeks. There are no other side effects. Also, laser doesn't work on white hair. Read this article for more information.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi vidhula thanks for your suggestion about hair laser removal i will definately do that. But now i am in chile and i will come in india in 2006 for 3 months. By laser hair removal can my hair will be permanently removed from both sides of my forhead within three months in india thanks please reply forward to me thanks.

Vishal (Mumbai, Chile )

A: 3 months may not be enough. It should take at least 4 sessions, if not more. It depends on your hair. If you have a lot of hair which is thick, you may need 6-8 sessions also. Each session needs a gap of at least a month. The good news is you can have three sessions, and then when you come to India next, you can go in for three more. You can do the laser treatment at your own pace.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you have a step by step article on how to do threading hair removal? Thank you.

Faith (Mumbai, India)

A: We have done an article on step-by-step hair removal by threading. Please refer to this link.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am trying to find out about laser hair eloectrolosis on the face how much would this be and would like to use a laser hair removle in bobay could you give me prices and names of clinics please

Kirandeep (Mumbai, India)

A: You can try the parlour IZ at Marine Lines for laser hair removal. The price depends on where you want to remove hair from. They normally charge per session, but they offer package deals where you pay for a certain number of sessions and get a good discount.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello respected sir and madam doctors, I have one problem that I badly want the solution, I have hair on my forhead and I want to remove that please give me some suggestion I will come india and I will also do operation if needed please thankyou I will wait for your reply.

Vishal (Mumbai, India)

A: Just go in for a laser hair removal. There is no need for any surgery. After around 6-8 sessions your hair will have permanently reduced. You may require more sessions, depending on the hair type. Certain laser hair removal clinics offer lifetime packages - you pay a certain amount for your forehead - Say Rs. 10,000, and then you can keep going back to them irrespective of how many sessions you require. Or, you pay per session. It is a quick, permanent solution.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I was wondering if you have a step by step article on how to do threading hair removal? Thank you.

Faith (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, I have been planning to do the article. It will be up by next week.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi! I would like to know about "unwanted hair [1] Does shaving fastens hair growth [2] The cause for unwanted hair? [3] Does the machines availble for removing such hairs, effective in reducing the hair-growth ? what effect does it have? [4] Any permanent solution" [5] Ayruvedic? can be done at home...kind of solution?

Yogini (Mumbai, India)

A: Shaving thickens growth of unwanted hair, and also causes hair to grow faster. Waxing reduces hair growth over a period of time. Laser hair removal is the best permanent method currently available. You will need to go for 6-8 sessions before your hair growth permanently vanishes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: To facilitate side partition in my hair, I had to shave a portion of the hair on my forehead. Now I want to have it permanently removed or if that is not posiible, slow doen the growth there. Please let me know about the options available in this regard. Thanks

Jaideep (New Delhi, India)

A: I think you should stick with shaving, because over a period of time a hairstyle becomes dated, and you may want to change your hairstyle. In addition, as you grow older you may start balding, and will appreciate all the hair you have left. I suggest you never try to reduce the growth on your head. If you would still like a permanent method, you can opt for laser treatment. I don't know if they offer it for hair on the head, but you can call a center and find out.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am raj, I don't want my beard & mostaches for ever I shave every day so tell what method I use to clean my face tell me such method that my face will not disturb I don't want beard.

Raj (Mumbai, India)

A: Simply wash your face twice a day with a face wash, and follow up with a toner. Apply a moisturiser after shaving.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I thread alomost everyday the hairs on my chin and the sides of the cheeks. will this cause my skin to get wrinkles and sag?

Eema (Banglore, India)

A: No, don't worry. This will not cause wrinkles or sagging. Waxing may lead to wrinkles but threading doesn't, since you are pulling very little hair/skin at a time - too little to cause any damage.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Can someone remove hair from the nipple areas by laser surgery permanently? Is that a safe bet or can you suggest something safer as well as permanent.

Lea (London, U.K)

A: There is really no permanent natural method of hair removal that I know of. Yes, you can get hair removed from the nipples.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have heard that laser is a semi permanent treatment (say it stays for a period 0f a year or so only). Is this true. I want to completely get rid of all hair on my body. Could u suggest the permanent method for the same and how much would it cost. Also, could u suggest reliable clinics in Bangalore where I can get it done. Is Allana Of New York a reliable clinic? Thank you. Chitra

Chitra (London, LA USA )

A: Laser is normally a permanent method of hair removal, although there are no 100% guarantees. It doesn't work very well on darker skins or on lighter hair. Essentially the hair that responds best to laser treatment is dark, thick hair on lighter skin. The more marked the contrast between the hair and the skin, the more effective the treatment. As a result, laser therapy may not be very effective on fine hair either. Read this article on Laser Hair Removal for answers to frequently asked questions. Also, you should always go to a clinic recommended by someone you know, if they have tried it and have been satisfied by the results. Speak to people who can give you first-hand knowledge, instead of going by reputation. Laser hair removal just on the chin may cost around Rs. 7,000. Speak to a clinic for a price estimate. Certain clinics may offer discounts.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, i have hairy arms so i turn on the stove and pass my arms over the fire. This will burn the unwanted hair, leaving only little nearly invisible strands. I just wanted to know if it was too good to be true, and ask if there are any side effects. Thanks for your help, sniperwolf

Sarah (London, UAE )

A: You may burn your skin as well, and not just the hair. Waxing your arms is a better option.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have lot of hair on my body i listened much about hair removal cream, can i go for this . what are side effects of these can you give me some name if it is recommened.

Manish (Mumbai, India)

A: Hair removal cream essentially contains acids that burn the hair or so to speak, so they are not good for your skin in the long run. Once in a while usage is alright, but I would not recommend it on a regular basis. Consider other methods of hair removal.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My daughter is 4 years old . She has a lot of hair on her lips, and it does look really bad , what can I do that her hair disappears and also what measures I can take so that it doesnt grow more?

Seema (Mumbai, India)

A: Don't stress about it now. Is your daughter conscious about it? If she is not, please don't make her conscious. If your daughter is conscious about it, apply besan and haldi paste (with a little water) to her upper lip, and rub off when it dries. It will remove some of the hair. You don't need to worry about it at all, because when she grows older she will start threading her upperlip. Or, you could start bleaching her upperlip when she is around 8, and she can start threading it when she is in her teens. There is really no natural method of permanent hair removal.

Vidula Chopra

Q: A few years ago i had resorted to shaving my legs so as to remove the hair on my legs. This has resulted in black marks on my legs which sometimes itch. Please can you give me an effective solution to cure this problem. Ointments and creams have not helped.

Ash (Delhi, India)

A: You need to moisturise legs regularly when you shave, as shaving dries the skin. The itching may be caused because the hair is growing back, or because your skin in dry. I don't know what the black marks are - are you referring to in-growths? If yes, make sure you shave against the direction of hair growth, and don't bring the razor back and forth. Never shave dry skin, and don't shave using only water. Always make sure you have applied soap before shaving, and always, always follow up with a moisturiser. Try Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Can I use pumice stone on my face like chin and upperlip to discourage the hair growth. Will it remove the hair with continuous use. And if gone will it return back. Generally how much time it takes to see the difference. If hair grows back will it be corse and thick. Thank You

Priya (Delhi, LA USA )

A: Pumice stone is too harsh to be used on the face. There is a great product out in US markets called Hair Off, which similarly scrubs off facial hair. It is gentler than a pumice stone, and uses a paper to scrub off hair. You could probably buy it online, or ask someone coming down from the US to get it for you. It costs around 5 dollars.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have been shaving for past 1yr now my hair growh on my chin are very thick and its become dark i'm very worried? because i'm a female i'm embaressed when people ask me about this? please help?

Rajani (Mumbai, India)

A: NEVER shave facial hair if you are a woman!! Stop shaving hair immediately and go to the parlour for threading chin hair. Consider laser therapy for getting rid of hair on your chin. It should cost in the vicinity of Rs. 7,000.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My 2 years old daughter has excessive hair on her body specially on her back and hands. I have tried using gramflour & water. I have noticed all knots are formed and tried pulling them as it looks very dirty. The hair has grown again and looks very dirty. i have read in one of your articles to use Ambehaldi powder which i am using of Dr. Jains. I apply it before bath and wash while bathing my baby. I would like to know which is the proper way of doing it and get rid of the excessive hair. Please help

Sunita Shetty (Mumbai, India)

A: Add a little haldi to the gramflour and water. The hair will come out, but it will naturally grow again. This is not a permanent method of hair removal. There is no permanent home remedy to get rid of hair. Don't worry about it. Your daughter will have plenty of remedies to get rid of the hair when she grows up.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have lot of facial hair and have been threading it for a long time. I dont like to bleach as I have dark skin and bleaching doesnt suit my face. Is face threading harmful to the face like waxing?

Aries (Mumbai, India)

A: You can thread your eyebrows, upper lip and chin, but avoid threading any more areas. In fact, even with threading the hair gets harder, especially the hair on your chin. Threading is not harmful, but what will happen is hair gradually gets harder and harder and then it will start coming out like bristles. This happens after a few years though. When this happens you could consider going in for laser therapy.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How do I bleach unwanted hair on my arms at home?

Hello (Mumbai, India)

A: You can purchase a packet of bleach from your pharmacy. Jolen is a good international brand, Fem and Ayur are Indian brands. You just need to follow the directions on the packet, which requires you to mix the 2 ingredients. It is fairly simple. Follow up with a moisturiser.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a lot of hair on and around my breasts. do you any tips for the removal of such hair. thanx

Sabiha (Mumbai, UAE )

A: Try plucking out the hair with a pair of tweezers.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have thick black hair on my chin and around the naval.I have fair complexion .I have this problem since 6-7 years and have done all kind of treatments like threading, waxing etc. but finally ended up in aggravating the problem.From FAQ's I have come to know laser treatment is best solution for such kind of problems.But how to go for best clinics when so many options are available.Could you please help me out in suggesting few names from where I can have my laser treatment done.I am really worried and confused.Please help me out.

Parul (Mumbai, India)

A: I will be able to suggest some clinics if I know in which part of India you are located. In any case, make sure it is a reputed clinic and that you have heard the name. Places like VLCC also do this treatment. Look at your newspaper, see a place which is close to you, and pay them a visit. You don't have to go to the first clinic you visit. Just go and speak to them. See if you feel comfortable. Visit 3-4 clinics if you like. Make sure you speak to someone who has undergone this treatment from a clinic. Speak to the patients in the waiting room and ask them what they feel about the clinic. You will also get a cost estimate from various places in this manner.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi i have a lot of hair growth and it grows virtually everywhere. is there no cheap, inexpensive method towards hair removal that can be carried out at home if possible?

Shubh (Mumbai, India)

A: Waxing is an inexpensive method of hair removal which can be done at home. You can also shave your legs and underarms. There is no permanent method of hair removal that can be carried out at home, so far. Also, scrubbing your body gently with a pumice stone when in the shower, gradually reduces hair growth over a period of time.

Vidula Chopra

Q: What is better.. plucking or waxing? i pluck my chin hair and i noticed they grow back fast adn thick. is it because of plucking or wat? should i wax instead?

Sonia (Mumbia, India)

A: No, plucking is much better for the hair on the chin. If you wax it even tiny, invisible hair which you may not be plucking will be removed, and then all that hair will grow back thicker, and equally fast. Stick to plucking, and try and pluck only visible, dark hair. It may be tempting to pluck very light, almost invisible hair, but avoid doing so.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello i really need you help i need to know what is the best and easiest way of removing unwanted hair. plus can you tell me how to thread away unwanted hair.

S (Mumbai, India)

A: The best way to remove unwanted hair is to wax it. Don't wax your face however. Wax your legs, arms and armpits. Thread your eyebrows, chin if required, and upperlip. It is not possible to explain the method of threading without pictures, but keep logging into the site, we will soon have an article explaining step-by-step threading.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My 2 year old daughter has excessive hair on her body, especially on her back and arms. I have tried using gramflour with milk and water and havent got results. I have noticed all knots are formed and try pulling them as it looks dirty. ( i would like to know whether this hair will grow again which come out with the knots) how can i remove her hair on the back. Please help. Hoping to hear a favourable reply soon from your end. Thankyou in advance, Andrea

Andrea (Banglore, India)

A: Yes, the hair will grow back again. This is not a permanent hair removal method, but it is believed to reduce hair growth. Continue doing this regularly, and don't worry about anything else. Your daughter will have numerous hair removal options open to her when she grows up.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How to remove hairs from nipple and breast?

Afshan (Banglore, UAE )

A: You can wax your breasts, but if you have sensitive skin you may develop a rash or small boils, in which case it would be best for you to stop waxing that area. Waxing nipples is avoidable, instead snip off the hair with scissors.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How to remove hairs from breast & nipples?

Chandni (Mumbai, India)

A: You can wax breasts, but avoid waxing nipples. Snip off the hair from there.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have got very hairy body. Last month I got my back waxed on it resulted into a number of boils on my back. Even on arms and other parts had hair are quiet thick and look awkwards if not removed. And unless n untill I get a proper growth I can not even go for waxing. What do I do. It gives me a dirty feeling.

Jyoti (Pune, India)

A: The best option for you would be to go in for laser therapy. It is expensive, but worth it. Waxing resulted in boils because the skin on your back is likely to be sensitive, so it is better you avoid waxing in areas where you get boils. Alternatively, you could bleach the areas of your stomach and back which are visible in sari blouses or jeans. Laser is a method of permanent hair removal, and once you are done with it, the hair will never grow back in those areas. To cut costs you could just get those areas done which have the most hair, eg. the area around the navel and the corresponding area on your back.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I would like to know where do I get the besan and haldi mixtuer you'd mentioned for hair removal and how do I use it?. I've very thick hair growth in my chest, arms and legs.

Srividhya (Mumbai, India)

A: These are home remedies and you can make the mixture at home. A tablespoon of besan with a few pinches of haldi and a little malai - just enough to make a paste. Your mixture is ready.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I'm an 18 yr old girl, I've got hair on my stomach and chest, I shave my stomach but it just gets thicker and I don't want to wax, Is there any at home permanent hair removal solution to this?

Lilo (Mumbai, U. S. A. )

A: It is better to wax the hair on your stomach. Shaving will only make it thicker and it will make your skin rough. There is no at-home permanent remedy to remove hair. You could try LIGHTLY scrubbing the area with a pumice stone every day during your shower, after applying soap. This will weaken the hair follicle over time.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some hair on the side of my face (like sideburns).. How can I get rid of this hair? I heard laser or electrolysis can cause pigmentation on brown skin. I dont think i want to mess with this. Waxing will probably cause stubble, which i definatley dont want.. so is there anything i can do?

Sunita (Mumbia, India)

A: Laser is absolutely safe if you go to a reputed clinic, after speaking to others who have gone to the same clinic. It is a permanent method of hair removal and there is no question of stubble. Your sideburns remain neat and hair free. You could try applying a besan haldi paste and scrubbing it off when it dries. A little hair will come out everytime you do this. You could also try bleaching. Don't apply bleach on the sideburns themselves as they would look obviously bleached. If you are dark skinned though, bleached hair would be visible.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How do I bleach unwanted hair at home on my stomach? I bleach my hair on my stomach on a regular basis but it keeps on fading so could you give me a technique that is home made and that does not fade?

Fatima (Mumbai, India)

A: You need to keep bleaching your hair regularly. There is no permanent way to bleach your hair, as the original hair which grows will always be black.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 18 yr old girl. I had a very small forehead so I got it done(thread).but the hair grow the very next day. Otherwise also the area looks black.I have even tried waxing but the hair are not big enough. Please help. if possible home laser or treatement reffered.thanks.

Megha (Mumbai, India)

A: Bleach your forehead so the hair gets hidden, and the portion lightens a little. Laser is also a good option, but you could go in for it when you are a little older. For now, see how bleaching works for you. You could also try scrubbing your forehead with a besan and haldi mixture.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I read your comment that using hair removal creams may cause darkening. That is unfortunately what has happened to me - I used the cream on upper lip and chin area and now it looks pretty bad. Is there anything i can do to get rid of the dark spots? Please help.

Meena (Mumbai, India)

A: First of all, stop using the hair removal cream. Thread the area instead. Lemon is a natural bleach, so apply that with an equal amount of honey and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. Do this everyday. The colour will gradually return to normal.

Vidula Chopra

Q: how can u remove underarm hair completely.?because even if u waz underarm hair therez a kind of stuble left back and doesnt go off completely. So how can u remove underarm hair completely? I really need ur help! thanks in advance.

Athlea (Mumbai, USA)

A: Some people I know, especially those who insist on being underarm-hair-free all the time, swear by the epilator. You can't use an epilator when your growth is full. OUCH! Get your underarms waxed first, and then, as soon as you spot new hair growing, epilate it off. Epilate it often and be regular. Make sure your hair doesn't grow too long, or you will have to wax it off before re-epilating. If you do this regularly, your underarms will be hair-free always. Of course, you could consider lazer treatment or electrolysis, but it's far simpler and preferable to invest in a epilator. Remember, you can only epilate when the hair is very small, or the pain will kill you!

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello , I have a lot of hair on my chest and i want to wax it , its true that some creams make the hair weaker? and it takes longer to grow ?

Jorge (Mumbai, USA)

A: Regular waxing weakens hair roots and gradually hair starts regrowing at a slower rate. Hair inhibitor lotions are also available, which claim to reduce hair growth. These lotions or sprays can be applied after hair removal, and work by slowing down regrowth. However, as mentioned, if you stick to waxing your hair on a regular basis, you will not need to use a hair inhibitor as hair growth slows down over a period of time.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am a 18yr old girl and have a thin hair on my whole body.My mom suggests tht thr is no need to wax as it looks not bad but i think it also neither looks good.then one day one of my frnd said she also waxed her thin hair.but i am worried by thinking tht whether it damages the skin or leaves any black spot or whatever else...are all waxing cream damages the skin and leaves marks or thr is any remedy for my hair....and my father also won't permit for any laser what can i do for thr any good cream which doesn't leave any mark nor damage my skin or is thr any homemaderemedy....pls give me good advice.i will be waiting for ur reply....

Annesha (Mumbai, India)

A: Annesha, you said you have fine hair all over your body. Do you want to remove hair from your entire body? Wax off the hair on your legs, arms and underarms. There is no need to remove hair from your stomach or back, unless you have a thick growth. Since you do not, I suggest leaving it alone. Waxing is a perfectly safe, natural and widely used method of hair removal. Wax is made from sugar and lime, and does not contain any chemicals. No, it does not leave any black marks, so there is no need to worry about that. Do not use hair removal creams, as they contain harsh chemicals and may damage the skin and cause darkening. You could try using a pumice stone. When bathing, apply soap and scrub your hands and legs gently with a pumice stone everyday. Be gentle, or you could bruise yourself. This will take some time, but with patience your hair will gradually reduce and diminish. However, not many people have the time to do this everyday, and waxing is preferred. You don't have to wax again for another month, and over a period of time hair growth gets slower and slower. For more information, do read this article on Hair Removal By Waxing.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a question about facial hair remove by laser or much for that and where r you located.......i'm looking for Baroda

Anil (Mumbai, India)

A: Different beauty centres charge differently for this process. You may end up paying as much as Rs. 5,000 for removal of upper-lip hair. The price increases, depending on the amount of hair you want to get removed. Electrolysis charges less per session than laser treatments, but you will need more electrolysis sessions, and permanently removing the hair takes much longer. Do not go to just any beauty centre, as your skin can get ruined. Make sure you speak to people who have been to a particular centre, before you try it out. I would recommend you get your laser treatment done from a reputed centre in a metropolitan like Bombay or Delhi.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have thick growth of hair in my underarms, pubic area and other parts of my body. My husband wants me to get rid of them and be baby soft. What method can I use. Can i take the assistance of my husband for removing the hair. What is the right posture for removing the hair.

Chitra (Mumbai, )

A: Yes, you can take your husband's help, if you are trying to wax the hair off at home. However, it would be advisable to first get all your hair waxed at a beauty parlour the first time, so you can see for yourself how they remove hair. Waxing is the best method of hair removal for body hair. However, if you find waxing the pubic area too painful, you could shave it. Cut the hair with scissors before waxing or shaving it. Be careful. Make sure you read Hair Removal by Waxing.

Vidula Chopra

Q: when i was in india i used to do threading for my eyebrows and upperlips.but since i am not there these days, i am not able to keep up with it and i am allergic to wax and creams. and i can't do tweezing. what shall i do? how can i learn the technique of threading by myself ?

Aanchal (Mumbai, India)

A: Threading yourself is very easy. Make a circle with the thread by tying the two ends together. Put your hands between and twist it around ten times. Slowly, try and push the twisted portion of the thread from one side to the other. Do this by spreading the fingers of one hand, while you bring together the fingers of the other hand. Practice for a while by trying to remove the hair from your legs! It will take a while, but you will eventually get the hang of it.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am a 15 year old teenager, and I am very hairy. I have it on my chest and I need to get rid of it. I cant take my shirt off unless I can get rid of the hair. It is very embarrasing. Please help!

John (Mumbai, USA)

A: John, first of all, it is perfectly natural for men to have hairy chests. In fact, many believe that it is a sign of virility. However, if you would rather have a clean chest, you should know that many men do get the hair on their chest waxed, or they shave it off. If you opt for shaving chest hair, you can make do with shaving it just a couple of times a month. If you wax it instead, with time, the growth will slowly reduce. Read this article on Hair Removal by Waxing for more information, and to learn how you can make wax at home, and wax yourself.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am currently pursuing my MBA in the town of College Station near Houston. I want to remove hair from my arms, which will be the best method, my arms are moderately hairy.

Amol (Houston, US )

A: If you are moderately, and not excessively, hairy, why do you see the need for removing hair from your arms? If you are certain you want to go ahead and remove hair from your arms, try shaving or waxing it. Avoid using hair removal creams. I would suggest that you begin with shaving your underarms regularly.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am in big trouble. I have a lot of hair on my chin. What should I do? I don't understand!

Nobody (Houston, )

A: You have a lot of options. You could regularly thread the hair from your chin, or you could get it waxed. You could also get electrolysis done, or remove the hair permanently by laser therapy. Laser therapy is rather expensive however, so it depends upon whether you are willing to spend that much. Electrolysis works out to be less, but you do have to go for quite a few sittings, and pay per sitting. Make sure you go to a good beautician/skin specialist, or you may end up harming your skin. You could also pluck the chin hair with a tweezer. This could be done in the privacy of your home, and as soon as you get a little growth, simply pluck it out. If you do this regularly, it should not take you more than five minutes each time. In addition, this way you will only be plucking thick, visible hair. By threading or waxing, you will remove even fine hair, with the result that this fine hair also thickens. Thus, plucking is the best option for temporary hair removal.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Is it safe for the baby if i bleach my face while i am pregnant..because i have lot of facial hair on my face.

Sheela (Mumbai, India)

A: Bleaching is not recommended during pregnancy and it would be best if you avoided bleaching your face during this time. Try alternate means of hair removal during this time, such as besan and haldi scrubs or if you must, you could try waxing your sideburns. Thread your upperlip and eyebrows, but do not bleach your face.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have heard of permanent hair remover and I'm really interested in trying it. But I would like to know that if the roots of the hair are destroyed completely, could I get skin problems?

Gehna (Mumbai, India)

A: The procedure itself might cause some irritation. Later though, there is no need to worry. Hair or hair roots really don't have any function. Just routine skin care should be enough.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Can you please give me a home remedy for facial hair? How can I reduce it? It looks very bad right now. I wax twice a month.

Meena (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply a besan and haldi mixture to your face, and scrub off when it dries. You could also massage your face LIGHTLY with a pumice stone, on a daily basis. This should definitely help reduce facial hair over a period of time.

Q: My daughter has hair on her body specially on the forehead and cheeks. How can I get rid of that. Can it be permanently removed or not?

Babita (Bangalore, India)

A: At this age there is absolutely no need to worry about the hair at odd sites. All this is shed (sooner or later) over a period of time. Please do not attempt anything drastic - you might end up damaging the delicate skin.

Dr. Vivek Jain

Q: I have some facial hair, and hair on my hands, arms etc. I did lazer treatment but the hair is still growing. Could you please suggest a remedy?

Tina (Bangalore, USA)

A: Lazer hair removal requires multiple treatments. You have to keep going back for the lazer treatment until the growth completely stops. Make sure the person who is administering the treatment is reputed, and will do a good job. Alternatively, you could go in for electrolysis.

Q: How can unwanted facial hair permanently be removed at home?

Savita (Bangalore, India)

A: There is no way to remove facial hair permanently at home. If there was, people wouldn't be spending thousands of rupees at lazer clinics. To remove hair permanently you will need to go in for a lazer treatment or electrolysis. For a temporary at-home solution you could try bleaching or waxing your face with cold wax.

Q: How can unwanted facial hair permanently be removed at home?

Deepali (Bangalore, India)

A: There is no way to remove facial hair permanently at home. If there was, people wouldn't be spending thousands of rupees at lazer clinics. To remove hair permanently you will need to go in for a lazer treatment or electrolysis. For a temporary at-home solution you could try bleaching or waxing your face with cold wax.

Q: How do I remove unwanted facial hair at home?

Anjali (Bangalore, India)

A: You could try bleaching your face. A small box of bleach is available at all chemists or general stores, and costs anwhere between Rs 20 to Rs 45 approximately. You could alternately try waxing your sideburns with some cold wax and see if that helps, but your hair growth is likely to thicken slightly. Try applying a besan and haldi paste, and scrubbing it off. For removing hair from eyebrows, upper lip and chin, threading is best.

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