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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: First, grow them out. They may grow out in an unruly fashion. You can then decide how thick you want them to be, and thread out the extra bits. Shaving will definitely thicken the hair - but unless you shave your entire brow, shaving just excess growth will not help.

Tori (Mumbai, )

A: My eyebrows are really thin, I think that waxing may be causing them to thin even more. I want a thick and long eyebrow look without using a pencil or doing anything permanent. I am letting them grow out before I get anything done again. I don't want to do anything that decreases hair growth. Should I get them razored or can I thread? Thank you.

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: Hi, I've a dark skin and thick eyebrows joined together. I recently got it threaded for the first time, though not drastically altering the shape or removing the hair below the brow, but there's a white patch prominently visible at the spots from which the hair was removed. Same is true for the upperlip. Now the beautician says that its because ther's hair at all the other areas of the face. Now I'm not at all interested in removing hair from all over the face. So, kindly give me a solution. Also, is it b'coz of the skin tone? Awaiting a quick response!

Uma (Mumbai, India)

A: Bleach your face, and thread your upperlip and eyebrows. This way there will be no stark contrast between the areas with and without hair.

Vidula Chopra

Q: There were some questions about this topic but none really answered my question. My hair is naturally dark or dirty blonde. My eyebrows used to be dark blonde as well but soon after I had my bangs cut, they started to turn dark. Now, they are practically black. I have no idea why, my hair color is far away from dark brown or black. Now my hair looks dyed and unnatural. I heard that if you pluck your eyebrows, the new hair comes in lighter. Is this true? I haven't tried it but I'm willing to try anything right about now.

Lauren (LA, USA)

A: Well, honestly, I don't know how it works with blondes. I am more familiar with Indian hair, and most of us here have been plucking our brows for years, and the colour hasn't changed. Also, at times blonde hair darkens over time, so this may have caused your eyebrows to have darkened. You could bleach your eyebrows very slightly so they get lighter.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have bumps over my face due to blackheads and whiteheads. When I pluck my eyebrows, a little bump also appears after a couple of days. What can I stop these little bumps from growing?? PPLLLZZZ help me!!

En (LA, USA)

A: Blackheads and whiteheads are caused when pores get blocked by oils, sebum, dirt etc. The only way to combat this is by ensuring your face is clean. Wash your face regularly with a face wash suitable to your skin type. I have found the Clinique range to be very effective. You could also scrub your face a couple of times a week, this will help combat blackheads. However, some scrubs may not suit certain people, and you may develop a slight rash on your face. If this happens, discontinue use and try another face scrub. To prevent bumps from forming while plucking brows, pluck them immediately after a shower, when your pores are open. When plucking, pull in the direction of hair growth. Apply a gentle toner after plucking, and follow with moisturiser.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, My problem is related to treading my eyebrows. I have thick eyebrow. Now I'm not leaving in india. In india i was getting my eyebrows shaped at parlour by threading. Now as it is not a popular here so i have problem with getting my eye brows in shape. I'm able to use the thread at my forehead by can not use it below my eyebrow because its really painfull to do it by myself. So now i days i'm using plucker or so called tweezer. I want to know is it safe to use it or there are some side effects of it. can you send me mail to tell me is it safe or not. thanks

Charanjeev (Mumbai, India)

A: It is perfectly safe to tweeze your eyebrows. Just make sure you do it regularly, otherwise the shape may get a little messed up. Keep the tweezers in the bathroom, so you can pluck your brows immediately after taking a shower, when the pores are still open. Plucking will be less painful. Read this article for more information: Pluck your Brows

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am chetan,age-20 from delhi. I have a very dence eyebrows. There ate lot of hairs inbetween eyebrows too. I whant to make my eyebrows lighter permanently,can laser shall be succesfull in this regard. If yes than plz tell me the from which centre in delhi from where I should fulfill my demands along with address plz. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with the way to answer all the queries of the people and i hope my question will also be prpoerly answered.

Chetan (Mumbai, India)

A: Laser will remove your eyebrow hair, but will not be able to lighten hair colour permanently. This is because new hair keeps growing, and the new hair will always be your original colour. But laser can help you make your brows thinner. If you go for one or two sessions, the hair growth doesn't stop permanently, it gets reduced. You generally need between 4-8 sessions for hair growth to completely stop. I am not sure if you are a male or a female, but females can easily get their brows threaded regularly, while if you are a male, simply buy a pair of tweezers, and pluck excessive hair once a week or so so your brows look less dense.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My eyebrow hair grows really fast. It never used to. I dont know what happened. Last year I had really thick eybrows this year I dont. I have used hair removing lotion only twice, no more than that, only in between the two brows, could that have accelerated the hair growth? just the hair in the middle (between the two brows) grows very fast, not above or below the eyebrows. Most people get it threaded every two months, I dont want to get it done every 2 weeks. Is their any way to slow down hair growth or completely stop it. I am tired of get it done alot. I m only 14 , I dont think brows should be grwoing this fast at this age. please replay very soon!

S (Mumbai, India)

A: Don't use hair removing lotion on your eyebrows. Also, it is perfectly normal for hair to grow quickly on your eyebrows. I know numerous girls who get their eyebrows threaded every week. Over the years, with regular threading from the same person, your growth will reduce. Also, if your growth is more between your brows, you could pluck that out with tweezers.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Is permanent eye brow shaping can cause any side effects . Is it good?

Shailaja (Banglore, India)

A: Does this mean tatooing, or does it mean laser treatment to get rid of excess hair? You need to be extra careful before working on any area around the eyes. Whatever you decide, make sure you go to someone reputed. The only side effects you will get is if the person doing your treatment makes a mistake. Otherwise, people have tatooes of permanent eyeliners also on their eyes, and have no problem or no side effects other than a little initial discomfort. As for laser therapy around the eyes - you should initially just go for shaping above the brows, and get complete details before going in for laser hair removal under the brows. People have had successful treatments for this too, but go to a reputed person.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello! Here is my problem. I used to have very bushy dark eyebrows, and for a long time I refused to do anything with them. But, eventually I started plucking them. Then I plucked some lighter hairs below the eyebrows and they grew up again but this time dark and thick. I have very light skin and little black dots can be seen when the hair gets to the surface and it's not a pretty sight. I can squeeze those dots like pimples and usually the part of the hair gets out and leaves a hairless place. But then my skin becomes swollen. The swell doesn't last long, but the skin remains lighter then the rest of the face. Some dots remain and I have to wait untill the hair in those places grows up enough to be plucked but it doesn't look pretty and it boders me a lot and I feel very very uncomfortable beeing around people and talking to them while they are close to me looking into my face. I was wondering if you can tell me what to do. I know that the laser is not an option because of the possible eye damage, but I found out about the product called Hairfree gel which works as hair inhibitor and contains lemon acid and salts from the Dead Sea (it doesn't contain hormons and medicaments). It is said to have lasting results and in six months time facial hair problems should be solved. Can that help me? I am almost desperate about this. Please, help me and tell me what to do. Thank you!

Ivana (New York, USA)

A: If Hairfree gel is non-medicated and without hormones, you could try it, but I suggest that you try it on another part of your face first - perhaps on your sideburns, before trying it on your eyes. If it is natural, then at least it should not harm, and is worth a shot. However, you can also try applying a little concealor under your eyebrows until the hair is long enough for you to pluck. Alternately, there is a buffer called Hair Off. Simply scrub it gently on your face and it will scrub the hair off. Do a Google search of "hair off walgreens" to see what I am talking about. Alternatively, threading removes very tiny hair, so you can try threading your brows. However, if you make a mistake you may mess up the shape. I'd say that you should have patience, and just pluck out the hair as and when it gets long enough, and don't worry about the tiny dots. THey are not noticable by anyone but you. Read this article for a step by step guide to threading.

Vidula Chopra

Q: while the rest of you ladies complain about thin eyebrows, I complain that mine are too thick. And they start to grow upward at the ends. I'm afraid that if i thread or pluck, they will come back thicker. Is it possible to get new hair, due to threading. What should i do? Please help. Thank you for the wonderful site too.

Anu (Gujarat, India)

A: In fact, you should definitely thread your eyebrows. Since they are thick, they will look really striking when shaped, and your eyes will stand out. The first time you thread you may find it a little strange, but once you are regular you will be glad you started. Yes, the hair that is threaded will come out a little thicker, but the advantage is that you can thread really tiny hair as well, so get it threaded once a week. Make sure you get it threaded from the same person.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, last year i started to pluck the top of my eyebrows, since then they keep getting worse. I have tried everything to try and get them back to the way they were but nothing has worked. Is there any way to fix them? Thank you

Nicola (NY, USA)

A: When plucking, pluck the stray hair underneath the eyebrow - not above the eyebrow. The only way to get it back is to let it grow. Then, when the hair has fully grown, go to a beauty parlour and let them shape your brows. After you have a proper shape, keep plucking the new hair daily as it grows. Keep a pair of tweezers in the bathroom. If your plucked hair has grown in awkward directions, some amount of trimming also may be required from the top. Your beautician will do it all for you, and you can follow up from there.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My eyebrows are very light how can i make it dark.

Pinky (Mumbai, India)

A: Simply apply dark brown eyebrow pencil over your eyebrows. Apply it gently so it looks natural. Black may look harsh and artificial. Apply pencil with a stronger hand as you near the nose.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Is there any way to lighten eyebrows that were coloured too dark by an esthetician?

Jill (Mumbai, USA)

A: Sure. Sure, you can bleach them to slightly lighten the colour. The colour of bleach will lighten whatever colour you have used on your brows, so if you have used a dark brown you may get a reddish tinge on your eyebrows.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My eye-brow hair is really thick. Usually people do threading every two weeks but I have to do it weekly. Is there anything I can do?. I know I can't wax it or something otherwise I wont have any eye-brow. Please e-mail me. I'll be waititng for your reply.

Anjana (Mumbai, India)

A: Keep a pair of tweezers in the bathroom and everyday, after your shower, pluck tiny hair from your eyebrows as it grows. (It is best to pluck hair after a shower because the pores are open and hair will come out more easily.) Don't try and change the shape of your eyebrows or you will mess them up. Just keep plucking all the extra hair as you see it grow. In this manner, you can prolong your visit to the parlour. Remember, abroad everyone plucks their eyebrows themselves. However, well-threaded eyebrows definitely look neater than plucked eyebrows, so once your brows grow a little and you need to get them trimmed, go to the parlour.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My eyebrows are very thin and scanty. One beautician had suggested me to use a vegetable dye. This dye is tattooed on your brow, to superp effect, it is done with a sterile, disposable needle. Although the effect is permanent, a touch-up job once a year, is necessary. Is this treatment effective and if yes, does this have any side effects on skin and is it painful.

Sheetal (Mumbai, USA)

A: Tattooing does not really have any side effects, after all people tattoo all parts of their bodies. Brow pencil can be inconvenient, and if you are considering getting them tattooed, there is really no reason not to, as long as you go to a reputed person. The needle must be sterilised, and the person doing the tattooing should be well experienced - after all, the area is close to the eye, and you don't want to take chances. See some photographs, speak to her clients who have gotten it done. New growth, of course, will be your natural hair colour, and the tattooing will be done on your skin. Yes, tattooing is painful, but then so is waxing, threading etc. Some beauticians numb the area before tattooing. Find out if your beautician numbs the area. The importance of going to a reputed, trustworthy beautician cannot be stressed enough.

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