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Acne and Blemishes
Kindly read through our Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your queries. If you still wish to ask a question to our panel of experts, click here for our premium services.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: HI. I am a 21 year old female. I have acne for the past 2 years and I've tried eveything but most things have just made the problem worse. Finally a doctor prescribed clindoxyl gel which I have been using. It has worked great for me and I dont get pimples any more. However, I still have red and brown marks on my face that were left from previous pimples. Since I have been using clindoxyl gel, my skin is really dry. What is the difference between using lemon juice and cucumber AND lemon juice and honey. Also would the lemon make me break out again. Another question is in regards to your skin lightening remedy, will it turn my face red or anything, and will it make me break out and also will the hair on my face turn golden since that is what bleach usually does. I need ur help very urgent.

T (Baroda, )

A: Use lemon and honey if you have dry skin, use lemon and cucumber if you have oily skin. The lemon will almost certainly not make you break out, but different skins react differently. In any case, you will only be applying it for 15 minutes and then washing off, so chances of breaking out into pimples are slim. Your facial hair will not turn golden since lemon is a light bleaching agent.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have oily skin and am now using the cucumber lemon recipe that you suggested and I have to say, I could see my skin glow the first time I used it. Maybe it is optimism, but I could see a mild reduction in the appearance of my post acne marks after my first use. So thank you for this! My question for this time is that I use Bath and Body Works' Neem Pore Refining Face Mask meant for oily skin. I have noticed that each time I use the product, I break out. Is this because it is purifying my skin and getting all the impurities out or is it just plain not suited to my skin? Please do let me know so I can discontinue use of it. Thanks

Nafisa (Baroda, USA)

A: Thank you for your positive feedback. Discontinue use of the product asap; it is not suited to your skin. There are a million other products that will help purfify your skin without you breaking out.

Vidula Chopra

Q: can i sleep in the cucumber and lemon juice also i use tri-luma cream can this be used with the lemon nd cucumber

Kim (Baroda, )

A: Lemon is not suitable for overnight use. You could however apply only cucumber juice to your face and leave that on overnight. Yes, Triluma cream can be used in conjunction with these natural remedies.

Vidula Chopra

Q: how long does the scars of acne go when using lemon and cucumber. also how small should the cucmber be crushed to and apply it to my face.

Mary (Baroda, )

A: Timing depends on how dark the scars are. Very light scars start fading away after a week, and the complexion looks even. Darker scars will take a lot longer. Crush the cucumber slightly, and then squeeze out the juice with your hands, into a small bowl. Add a few drops of lemon and apply to your face.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello! My name is Nafisa. I am a college student and I live in the dorms. I read about your solution to getting rid of acne marks with lemon n cucumber juice. I was wondering if I could use plain lemon if I dont really mind the sting of it. The problem is, I dont have a kitchen and it would be hard for me to procure cucumber juice. So if I could mix lemon with something else, please do let me know. Secondly, I am using Neutrogena's acne mark fading cream. Should I continue with it or should I go for the lemon thing. Or both alternatingly? Thanks for your time. There is some amazing information on this site.

Nafisa (Baroda, )

A: You could apply lemon juice mixed with honey, but honey is not ideal if you have oily skin. Try mixing besan, curd, haldi and lemon, and apply this to your face. All you really have to do to get cucumber juice, is smash a single cucumber slice, with its skin. Using plain lemon is not a very good idea since it is very harsh for the face. You can definitely alternate the cream along with the natural remedy.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi,I am a Sri Lankan my name is Sharina.I have very bad dry skin with patches redness and rash all over my face.[Eczima] I consult all the famous doctors for the past four years. They prescribed expensive creams and medicine did not help me but wostten the situation. After applying one cream my face swelled and was too red doctor asked me to stop it and prescribe three more but I did not use it. Now the face is more dry I feel I am having a egg mask on my face. I am now apply olive oil and coconut oil at night. I would like to know is gee better moisturiser. When I go out I apply Dermavive.Please do help me to make it better.

Name: Sharina (Baroda, )

A: Ghee is a very good moisturiser. It is too oily for most people, but you could see if it suits you. Apply it at night and wash off in the morning. You could also apply a mask of egg yolk to your face everyday. Never wash your face with warm or hot water - always use cool or room temperature water. Drink a lot of water everyday to moisturise your body from within. Don't use soap to wash your face. Instead, apply a cold cream like Ponds, leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and wipe off with cotton (slightly damp). A good routine to adopt would be to apply the cold cream before going in for a shower in the morning, and removing it with cotton after your shower. Do the same at night to clean your face, apply ghee, and go to bed. See if this works.

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: my question is when i use moisturizer then my skin starts breaking out and if i use mild and alchol free astringent my skin gets very dry n starts peeling out. my skin looks very dull and no shine. can you suggest me what facial i should go for to look beautiful. my skin is very sensitive and it gets very oily in summer and dry in winter. pls help thanx.

Khushi (Baroda, )

A: Change the products. You are using a strong astringent and moisturiser. Use gentle products, and an oil-free moisturiser. Use a heavier moisturiser in the winter when your skin is dry. If you still get pimples, only wash your face with a gentle face wash, and lay off other products for a while.

Q: Hi I am 21yrs and I have small red and black marks in my cheeks which was left by pimples. Plz give me some home remedies to get rid of them and get baby pure cheeks.

rag (Baroda, )

A: Apply cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon juice to your cheeks. Wash off in fifteen minutes. Do this everyday. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Vidula Chopra

Q: hi my name is mina and i have problems on my face first i would like to start how to cure the pimple i want home remedys because i tried almost every product and nothing has help and 2nd how to remove the scars along with the pimples, blackheads and whiteheads and everytime i apply foundation it looks like if i'm wearing dirt and my skin doesn't look smooth like before and my face is oily to what kind of home remedy should i use should i use honey mix with lemon, cucumber, potatoe and tomato can i mix all of this so i can clear my face and what kind of home cleanser should i use in the mornings and nights please help i'm in need its embarrassing to have such a face like this.....thankyou and please reply soon....

Mina (Baroda, )

A: If your face is oily, wash it at least 3 times a day with a face wash suited to oily skin. Keep your face clean always, and carry a tissue paper with you to wipe off excess oil. Apply very light foundation, it should not be thick. Make sure it is the exact same colour as your skin. Then, apply a dusting of compact powder to reduce the oily effect. For help with pimples, read this article: Pimple S.O.S.

Q: Sir, my name is sam and iam really troubled from past 2 to 3 months, with some black spots round on the side of my nose.Might be black heads? I dont know how it came. Also recently on my forehead i see some two to three pimples rising, each day. The next day it isnt there, but again it comes on another spot the next day. Iam really troubled wanting to know the reason for this happening. Also my face is very oily. I kindly request your suggestion and guidelines.

dibin (Baroda, )

A: Blackheads are often formed on oily skin. Remove blackheads regularly from your nose with the help of blackhead removal strips that you can get at the market. You should get the strips at most general stores. Wash your face regularly with Clean and Clear face wash, or some other face wash suitable for oily skin. Drink ten to twelve glasses of water daily. Also, read the article Pimple SOS in our beauty section. You will find loads of tips that are sure to help.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, under what conditions should you apply lemon juice and honey versus lemon and cucumber juice for acne scars? Also, I do still have acne occasionally along with the scars. Is there a treatment that can get rid of both acne and acne scars at the same time? I have a fair complexion and have dry skin except for in the T zone which tends to be oily. Thank you !

Malika (Mumbai, India)

A: Honey is moisturising, so you can apply it if you have dry skin. In your case, since you get acne too, apply lemon and cucumber juice. Read these articles for help with acne and pimples. Acne Pimple SOS

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, i m 14 years old and I have pimples right the the middle of my nose, I think its really bothering me and its been on my nose for like 4-5 months, yes its a long time. Finally the pimple has turn flat, its gone. But one thing I am really really concerned is that, It leaves scars well scars dont matter but the brown spot is left on my nose now. How can I remove this brown spot on my nose... Does it just go away if I wait long enough? can anyone help me. THANKS ill be really happy if someone replys to me.

Kevin (LA, USA)

A: Squeeze around 10-20 drops of lemon juice on some cotton wool, and place this on your nose. It will help lighten the spot. Do this daily, and leave the lemon juice on as long as possible, perhaps even overnight.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How long does it usually take for an acne scar to fade while using the conjunction of lemon juice and cucumber juice?

Kelly (New York, USA)

A: If you apply lemon and cucumber juice to your skin regularly, your skin will look clearer within a couple of weeks.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have had acne for many years but i only used to get spots on my forehead and chin. This has now spread onto my cheeks and so i have marks and spots all over my face. The spots have reduced a lot but my marks are still there. My face has become dull and black. I have been using an ointment which i was given by the doctor. I use a face wash in the morning and before i go to bed. I haven't tried using lemon and cucumber yet. My skin gets oily quickly as well. Should I use the lemon and cucumber? and if so, should i use it after the face wash, or should i stop using the face wash and just use the lemon and cucumber? Is there anything else i can do to reduce the marks? Such as any face masks?? I have also realised that i am getting a lot more facial there anything i can do to reduce this? My hair is very greasy and thin. It gets greasy within a day. I am using a shampoo for oily hair and i cannot see any difference. Is there anything i can do to prevent dandruff and oil? My scalp irritates a lot. i am 17 years old. thank you.

Amanah (Hyderabad, India)

A: Continue using the face wash, and use the lemon and cucumber along with it. Yes, if you have oily skin you can use this. Also, instead of using a shampoo for oily hair, use a very mild shampoo, suitable for daily use, and shampoo your hair daily or every alternate day. Also, use an anti-dandruff shampoo once or twice a week. Try Selsun. The increase in facial hair is likely due to hormonal changes occuring in your body. No external beauty treatment will help.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I just vistied your site today and read a lot of questions you have answered. I haven't tried anything yet. I wanted to know that when I apply lemon juice+honey. Should I take a whole lemon and take the juice out of it? or whether i should buy lemon juice from the store since they aren't always so pure and will this method work for my acne scars. Please explain it in detail. I loved your website and thanks a lot for your time.

Fiza (New Delhi, India)

A: Just buy a small yellow lemon from the store and squeeze around half a teaspoon. You need very little. If your skin is oily, mix the lemon juice with cucumber juice, and not with honey. Yes, it will help lighten acne scars since lemon is a natural bleach.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am a 22 years old girl. My skin type is oily. My complexion is very fair. I have three small moles on my face. I want to get rid of those moles. How can I? Please suggest me quick and home made remedies.

Aditi (Mumbia, India)

A: Have your moles always been there or are they new? Do they have hair? Are they symmetrical or irregular in shape? Your best bet would be to have your mole examined and removed by a ermatologist. Most moles are harmless, although new, irregular shaped, discoloured moles that itch, burn, ooze or bleed should be shown to a doctor. Harmless moles need not be removed except for cosmetic reasons, in which case it is best to have them removed by a doctor.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, Is it the same if apply cucumber juice by simple cutting thin slices and rubbing them on my face or do i have to smash them to get the juice?or should i apply lemon since ive read its stronger if so do you have to use a fresh lemon everyday?? also i heard face peels can reduce post acne marks, should i try one. i have used many products to get rid of my acne and i think its kind of under control because i havent goten any pimples in about a month however i still have awfull red dots or brown with a couple dents on my face resulting from the acne and my pores look very open also my skin is very oily. 19 year old with fair skin

Max (Goa, India)

A: Smash the cucumber, with the skin still on, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply this mixture on your face. Don't apply lemon juice alone, as it will sting your skin, and yes, you should smash the cucumber since juice from the skin is beneficial too. A peel will remove the outer layer of skin, and with it, fine wrinkles and surface scars. However, recovery is tedious. You could try it later, after making sure that your pimple problem is gone for good, and also after trying alternate remedies for your scars. Scars also fade with time, so give it some time. Wash your face regularly with a face wash for oily skin so your pores are not clogged.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello friend, I am in need of ur advice, please my marriage is in about one and half month and i have the pimple marks on my face. My face looks darker than ever before though now i don't have any pimples, but still there r some marks of it on my face and also please give me an advice relating to how to make our face look white and glowing, please i am in the need of ur advice.

Suresh (Navi Mumbai, India)

A: Just apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice daily to your face. Your skin will lighten slightly, scars will fade and your face will start to glow.

Vidula Chopra

Q: After acne is gone, it leave a dark brown spot on my face, how do i get rid of it?

Tony (Goa, India)

A: Lemon is a natural bleach, so try applying some lemon mixed with honey to your face daily. Wash off in ten minutes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How to get rid of black heads?

Roopa (Mysore, India)

A: Refer to this article for help with blackheads.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Is eating Awla is good for skin because i hav lot of pimples and i want to make my skin beautiful.

Sunayna (Mumbai, India)

A: Amla is excellent for health, and for your hair. If you eat amla regularly, don't give it up. For clear skin, neem may be more beneficial. You could mix the two. Neem is very bitter. Try Himalaya's Blood Purifier syrup which claims to clear the skin, and has neem and turmeric.

Vidula Chopra


Vishal (Mumbai, India)

A: Please read this article: Pimples on the Back

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I am suffering from pimple and pimple scares on face please advise me something. I didn't have any pimple problems until i started using loreal whitening cream and i started getting big pimple. I have stopped using it but i still get pimples which are smaller but it turns black by itself. I have been using cucumber juice at night and during the day i put a mixer garlic and apple cider vinegar to get rid of the scars. But the scars are still there. Pls help what can i do to make all the scares and pimple go away. I am 27 years old. Thank you.

Uma (Hyderabad, India)

A: Stop using the garlic and vinegar mixture. Instead, keep your face clean, wash it regularly, and drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. Apply a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon daily and wash off after ten to fifteen minutes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: After having a zit on my nose it left it all red. how can i get rid of the redness?

Joe (Banglore, India)

A: Try applying cucumber juice mixed with a bit of lemon juice. The cucumber juice will sooth the area, while lemon juice, which is a natural bleach, will lighten it. It may sting a little though. This will help the redness go away sooner. In the meantime you can conceal the redness with the help of concealor.

Vidula Chopra

Q: HI! just recently after finishing my yearly exams i began getting pimples and blotchy skin. I have also noticed a few pimples on my forehead and cheeks! it is really beggining to upset me, because i have tried so many things and they dont seem to work. Can you plzzzz suggest some home remidies that will lessen the problems in a shot period of time.

Kiran (New Delhi, India)

A: I cannot suggest home remedies because I don't know if your skin is oily, dry or normal. It is very possible that your pimples were due to stress, disrupted sleeping patterns etc. caused by your exams. Please read this article for help with pimples. Also, you should go through this interactive session, which will provide you will home remedies depending on your skin type.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, my question is I had a pimple or a zit I dont know the Difference. Any ways it poped accidently I apply lemon like I readed here at The site but I still have the scared. Could you tell me if it is good to Apply olive oil on the scar. Another quesiton is why am I breaking out, I Wasn't the type that breaks out until now I am. Thank you.

Roxana (Mumbai, India)

A: Your scar will fade and will not be permanent, like some pimple scars are. I hope you squeezed out all the bad blood gently first. There is no difference between a pimple and a zit - a zit is slang for pimple. I don't think you should apply olive oil on the pimple, especially since you seem to be breaking out. There could be various reasons you are getting pimples - hormones, change of climate, change in diet, lifestyle change eg. starting to exercise, stress... etc. Follow a regular skincare routine suitable to your complexion - I dont know if you have oily, dry or combination skin so I cannot help you here. Remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. If your skin is very oily, you can skip the moisturising step for now - at least until your skin settles down a little. Later you can go for a moisturiser that suits you. Some brands may increase your pimples - you don't want to take a risk at this stage. Also, drink ten to twelve glasses of water daily. Drinking a glass of lime water, without sugar, helps cut down pimples. Read this article for more tips. Pimple SOS

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 22 years old and fair skinned. Ive somewhat dandruff on my face-folliculitis on my chin and mild acne all over my face. My doctor suggestted i do cleanse my face with cuticara cleanser then scrub with noxema and in the end put on a freemens masque. She has asked me to do this procedure every three days.. Is it safe to use masques at my age? or will lots of scrubbing damage my skin or open my pores?

Laila (Dubai, UAE)

A: No, whatever your doctor has suggested will not damage your skin. Scrubbing regularly is good, but whether it helps your skin or not depends on your reaction to the particular scrub and on your skin type. Yes, it is perfectly fine to apply masks at 22. Try out what your doctor has said and see if it makes a difference.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, My question is do you putting on garlic on your pimples is good. I leave it on all day. please advise me. THANK YOU!

Roxana (Mumbai, India)

A: No, putting garlic on your pimples is not good! I had a reader who read this on some website and tried it on, and her complexion worsened tenfold! However, different skins react differently, so I would say that if garlic is not helping you with pimples, stop applying it before it makes matters worse.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Dear Sir/mam, I had gone abroad for a period of 3 months & after returning back i got lots of acne on my face, after consulting a dermotologist, he suggested Erytop and Diprovat cream for me, also astringen after face wash with Cytaphil lotion , my acne problem is solved but i have developed open pores on my nose which appears to be like small tiny holes. Please suggest some home remedy or ne cream with which this problem can be solved.

Sonali (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply toner to your nose regularly, to close pores. Also, make sure to scrub your face daily with a face scrub, or you may develop blackheads on your nose. Open pores are generally found on people with oily skin, and pores can be temporarily tightened but they cannot be closed. Applying ice to your nose will also temporarily tighten pores.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am having a lot of hair fall and also some pimples on the scalp. I have been having antibiotics since 3 months and the moment i stop..i get pimples again.My hair is really thinning...Please advise

Nikita (Mumbai, India)

A: Are you taking antibiotics for the pimples? If you are taking it for another reason, pimples and hairfall can be caused by antibiotics. Pimples can also be caused by an oily scalp. If your scalp is oily you can try washing your scalp more often. If you exercise a lot, come across a lot of pollution, you need to wash your hair often. If you have dry hair you should not shampoo everyday, but you can wash hair with water everyday. Otherwise, use a mild shampoo and wash your hair daily. Never put conditioner on your scalp and stop oiling your scalp.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a small pimple inside my right ear lobe. It comes and goes every so often and it hurts. what can i do to make it go away?

Monica (Goa, India)

A: It often happens that we get pimples on the same spot. Perhaps you put your finger in your ear often? If so, don't touch your ears at all. Clean your ears gently with a damp thin cloth after showering, without digging into your ears. Also, make sure your hair is dandruff free. Artificial earrings can also lead to pimples because of irritation.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello i m 20 year old .i have oily skinactually i have pimple marks on my face.i want to get rid of marks..i use acne face wash...but i want to remove these marks very fast...plz could u tell me some home remedy or tip. thanks

Sana (Dubai, UAE)

A: Lemon and cucumber are natural bleaches. Mix them and apply to your face. Wash off in ten minutes. Also, everytime a pimple bursts, wash your hands and squeeze out all the excess blood gently. Then put ten drops of lemon juice in some cotton and place it on the burst pimple. You will not get a scar.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have an ance problem for the last few years i have consulted the doctor but it seems to be useless now, i started having freckles also. kindly advice me how to get rid from ances and freckles in the morning i apply uv dew sunscreen lotion then lakme face magic on top of it before going to college. i also use lakme cleanser and cleansing milk after coming back home.i also use lakme moisturer. well my skin is oily and sometimes very dry and rough. i have a fair skin so the ances are very distinct. kindly advise me. how to use these products.can i stick to these products and pls tell me how to use.

Lily (Banglore, India)

A: Okay first you need to stop using Lakme lotion and switch to a face wash. Wash your face 2 times a day with Clean and Clear face wash, and after washing apply toner. Applying toner is important, so don't miss this step. You could use Clean and Clear or any other toner. It would be best if you could find an alcohol-free toner since your face tends to get dry but you are young now, so don't worry too much about it. As you are a little older be sure to use only alcohol-free toner. Then apply a light moisturiser with an in-built sunscreen (pure sunscreen is very heavy) and wear a cap while travelling to protect your face from the elements. Also, drink ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Be sure you read this article: Pimple SOS

Vidula Chopra

Q: I m almost 13 & i have major pimple problems what can i do?

Monika (Banglore, India)

A: Go through the following: Skin Sense Pimple SOS

Vidula Chopra

Q: My beautician told me that my skin is oily on the inside but dehydrated(dry) on the outside. Coz she told me that I have active pores that cause pimples on my otherwise dry outer skin layer? So should I use products made for oily skin or for dry skin type? What should I do to gain my fairly fair complexion(now dull)?

Gargi (Banglore, New Delhi )

A: Essential, you need to do regular deep pore cleansing. This can be done if you cleanse your face after steaming it. What you basically need to ensure is that your skin remains clean so your pores don't get clogged. Toning skin regularly ensures there is no build up of dead skin. L'Oreal has come out a very effctive Pure Zone cleansing reange which you could try.

Vidula Chopra

Q: what can get rid of acne scars the best. Honey with lemon or cucumber with lemon. Please could you tell how much of each has to be mixed together. Thankyou

Pussy (Banglore, UK )

A: If your skin is oily, you can use cucumber with lemon. If it is dry, use honey with lemon. Use equal quantities of the ingredients.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi!Iam having acne in my face and they are leaving marks all round my face.Before I used to get big pimples but now they have stopped but left black marks on my face.Iam applying lemon on my face in the morning & cucumber in the night & applying face wash 2 times a day.Black mark has reduced a bit but acne and small pimples keep coming and leaves small black marks.I used to go to College in the morning and there is some exposure to sunlight,but I apply sunscreen(Lakme Sun Expert)and go.Is there any other way to cure this ? Should I try any creams? I have oily face as well.Can I apply Moisturiser daily ?I also want to know whether I can apply papaya or tomato or any other thing to my face.Should I do exercise daily & what diet should I prefer? Please suggest what should I do to get rid of these acne marks and pimples as it is spoiling my face appearence!!!

Vijay (Mumbai, India)

A: First of all, switch to another brand of sunscreen. This brand may be causing you pimples. Or, avoid applying sunscreen to your face for now as it may aggravate pimples. Realise that sunscreen will NOT stop you from tanning. What it will do is filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation. So avoid applying sunscreen for a month and see if it makes a difference to your complexion. Also, since your face is oily, wash it with face wash whenever it starts feeling oily, to keep pores free of oil. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily and stay away from soft drinks. Non-vegetarian food is heaty and often leads to pimples, so cutting down on the chicken should help. Avoid applying moisturiser as well. First, concentrate on getting rid of the pimples. Exercise will definitely help improve your health overall - 3 times or 4 times a week is suffecient. Make sure you wash your face with a face wash IMMEDIATELY after exercising or the perspiration will block pores, leading to more pimples.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am fed up with my acne\pimples.Please suggest somehome remedies.

Vaidehi (Mumbai, India)

A: Please read this article for tips to help with your pimples and acne. Pimple S.O.S

Vidula Chopra

Q: I don't really have pimples, but I have bumps all over my face and I get heat rash especially since summer has started. I would like to know what can get rid of these problems. I also know the products you say can be used to get a fairer complexion but it is hard for me to get those products, are there any others that most people do have in their homes?

Cara (California, USA)

A: Well, cucumber is pretty basic and most people should have it in their homes. It is also very cooling and soothing, and would be ideal to combat heat rash. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I had a pimple with puss in it. I burst it once it became a little hard. Now there is a reddish mark . It seems to be a bump. Please tell me how i should get rid of it? Should i peel it off? I did apply lemon but i dont think i took out all the bad blood. Please HElp

Mahira (Mumbai, India)

A: Don't worry, the mark will gradually fade on its own. Keep putting lemon on the spot in any case, it will hasten the process. 'No Marks' cream is also helpful in getting rid of minor pimple scars. You should try it out.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 18 and I have a oily face and I go to college in the morning and in the evening when I return It's very oily and due to some exposure in sunlight pimples are formed as well.Are pimples caused due to oily face.If is it so what should I do as my face looks ugly with pimples.

Vijay (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, your pimples are definitely due to your oily skin. Wash your face with Clean and Clear face wash before leaving for college. At college, when your face feels oily, wash it with water and wipe it dry with your kerchief or with a tissue. In this manner you will be cleaning your face off the oil and muck that has accumulated. When you return home, wash your face again with face wash. Make sure you drink at least 10 - 12 glasses of water a day, and avoid soft drinks. People say that what you eat doesn't make a difference to your complexion, but I find it does. I had an oily complexion and pimples when I was in college as well, but washing my face with face wash all the time and drinking plenty of water really made a difference

Vidula Chopra

Q: Dear Ms.Vidula I am 29 yrs old and I am pregnant with my first child, actually in my 16th week. I have an oily skin. Earlier I used to have a breakout just a week before my menstruation. After conception, I have noticed many tiny bubbles all over my forehead and sometimes a pus filled one shows up on my cheek, under my nose etc. I do take care of my skin by scrubbing it every week with apricot scrub for pimple prone skins. I dont apply any makeup. Also before bath, I apply Neutrogena body oil all over my body and face , since my skin tends to dry up fast in hands and legs. sometimes I see skin peeling on my face too. Can you please suggest a remedy for my face? I am presently residing in the US. Regards Diya

Diya (Mumbai, India)

A: Diya, avoid scrubbing your face with a face scrub. St. Ives Apricot Scrub often does not suit many people, me included. Wash your face with Acne Free Neutrogena face wash - this should help. Make it a point to drink ten to twelve glasses of water. Don't apply the body oil to your face - apply that only on the body. Stick to moisturisers for the face. Oil can block the tiny face pores, causing breakouts. Breakouts are also common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Keep a moisturiser with you, so you can keep reapplying it everytime your face feels dry. Once again, don't apply oil or any body lotion to your face. Try ROC for your face - it is available reasonably at Costco. It will help with your pimples.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have whiteheads on my forehead How should I remove it using home made ingredients

Zobia (Mumbai, UAE )

A: Take a cup of sugar, add around 20 drops of any essential oil, and keep it in a jar with a tight lid. You're all set. You could go a step further by adding some herbs to the mixture. To scrub your face, take a teaspoon of this mixture, add a little water, and apply it to your damp face.

Vidula Chopra

Q: After 2 every two days, my nose gets covereb by white heads and black heads, it looks really dirty on the face. Please suggest an effective remedy.

Shikha (New Delhi, India)

A: Scrub your nose everyday with a face scrub. St. Ives Apricot face scrub should be suitable for the nose. Your nose will be free of whiteheads and blackheads before long.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have black heads how can I take then off easy please healp me ?

Carmen (New Delhi, USA)

A: Blackhead removal strips are available in the market, and blackheads come out very easily with them. You could also buy a face scrub, and scrub the area gently. Do this twice a week. If you scrub the area after steaming your face it would be more effective. If blackheads are only on your nose, you could use a face scrub on your nose everyday.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How to get rid of acne

Letap (Mumbai, India)

A: Please read the numerous articles on acne we have in the beauty section of our website. You should find detailed information which will help you combat acne.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a few pimples.....but im more worried about the scars and brown marks the pimple's leave on my skin....please

Hinna (Mumbai, UAE )

A: The next time a pimple bursts, apply a few drops of lemon juice with a cotton to the spot, after squeezing out gently the excess blood and washing the burst spot with soap and water. Often, marks remain when the pimples goes on its own, even if it doesnt burst. The best thing would naturally be to ensure pimples don't form. Wash your face with a face wash regularly, and drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water daily. Protect your skin from the wind. Roll up car windows. Cover cheeks with a scarf in the bus. Ensure your hair is dandruff-free. Even when you get a pimple, wash the area regularly with soap and water so it doesn't get too ripe and doesn't leave a scar. Apply cucumber juice to your face. It will lighten the scars.

Vidula Chopra

Q: what is the fastest way of getting rid of acne?

Letap (Mumbai, Cannada )

A: The fastest way is to attack the cause. Figure out what caused your acne and deal with it accordingly. If you have oily skin, wash your face a few times a day with a face wash for oily skin. Also, drink a lot of water. Sheild your face from the wind, as this disturbs your skin.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I get whiteheads on my face. Sometimes it disappears on its own. Now i have had one on my forehead for quite sometime. How can I get ride of it and prevent this from happening again?

Honey (Mumbai, India)

A: The best way to keep whiteheads at bay is to exfoliate skin regularly. Use a face scrub once or twice a week, and make sure you scrub face gently. Mix three parts baking soda with one part water, for a great homemade face scrub. If your skin is dry, moisturise it regularly. Avoid thick creams, and every once in a while, go for a facial/clean-up at the parlour.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Acne problem. I have posted several questions, but dod not get any answer. Kindly let me know how to get rid of excessive acne marks and blemishes on the face

Ajaib (Mumbai, India)

A: Refer to these articles for help with pimples and acne. Also make sure you go through the frequently asked questions on acne and blemishes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, i came to US 4 months i got black marks on and around my nose.please tell me what to do.thanks in advance

Karishma (Mumbai, USA)

A: If the black marks are blackheads, remove them with blackhead removal strips available in the market. Scrub your nose everyday with a face scrub.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, i m 21 female. my problem is that i have black heads in my nose and chin. i have facialed it, but it doesn't work. what can i do for this? i have one another problem, that my breast is just 30. and i want to increase it. what should u i do? plzz suggest me. i'll wait 4 ur reply. thanks

Aarti (Mumbai, India)

A: Get a blackhead removal strip from the market and remove your blackheads with the strips. Then, scrub your nose and chin everyday with a face scrub. Your blackheads will go. There is no permanent remedy, you will need to keep cleaning your face in this manner. Also, to get them removed at the parlour, you will need to tell them specifically to remove your blackheads, which is a separate treatment from a facial. They will apply cream and may steam your face, and then will remove the blackheads with a blackhead removal stick. There is no way to gain weight only on your breasts. You will have to gain weight overall. But, there are exercises you can do to enlarge your chest muscles, which will give the illusion of bigger and firmer breasts. See this link: Read this article

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, some time back i got big pimples on my face,rather big i have stopped getting them but they have left marks on my face ,which is an ugly site to me.tell me how do i get rid of the marks on my face?

Jyoti (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply a mixture of honey and lemon (equal amounts) and wash off after ten minutes. Do this daily. Lemon is a natural bleach and the marks should go gradually.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I use to have a pimple that I don't touch. Now I know it's not a pimple anymore but the bump is still there, plus the fact that it's dark. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

Taj Mahal (Delhi, India)

A: At times pimples leave scars. Apply lemon (nimbu) to the dark mark regularly, it should fade. If the bump doesn't go away in some time, you could show it to a dermatologist. In the meantime drink a glass of lime water (nimbu paani) without sugar everyday, if you are not prone to acidity.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I had a lot of acne/pimples on my forehead cheeks and chin now they are gone by their patches still there help!

Seema (Mumbai, India)

A: Lemon and cucumber are natural bleaches. Apply the juice of cucmber on your face at night, and wash it off in the morning. Before long you will see a great difference. Or, you could apply a mixture of lemon and honey or lemon and cucumber to your face everyday, and wash off in ten minutes. Avoid keeping lemon on overnight as it is strong and drying.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have huge open pores all over my face due to acne and pimples I had 10 years back. I am 24 now my face is very oily. Even though I use foundation b4 I go out, but after 2 hours, my face will get oily back. What can I do for this? Please suggest me a homemade remedy for my oily skin and the pimples pores. Is Lo'real or neutrogena pore refining product can help me out and how long it will take to close this pimples pores? Please reply soon. Thanks.

Sarinder (Punjab, India)

A: Pores can never be permanently closed, though they can be temporarily tightened. Splash your water with ice cold water before you start your make-up, to diminish pores, and make sure you always set your foundation with compact powder. Also, carry compact powder in your purse with you when you go out, and the minute you feel your skin is getting oily again, dab it clean with a tissue and re-apply compact powder.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Please help me I have got a lot of pimple on my face suddenly I have a T-zone area and now the pimples are gone when I am left with dark spots please help me to get rid of these scars.

Sisiliya (Pune, India)

A: Put a few drops of nimbu on cotton and apply that on the black spots. They will disappear. Also, apply nimbu to a pimple when it bursts. You will not get a mark.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Jux wanna ask whether is there any type or cream that can remove or cover moles...

Xiao (Pune, USA)

A: You could apply concealor over the mole. This will make the mole less visible. Try DermaColor to cover the mole. Various creams are available in the market, but you should test for an allergic reaction before trying any, and they are possibly not as effective as they claim to be. If you want it removed, it is best you visit a dermatologist

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have acne marks on my nose and on my chin.They are like pores.Is there any treatment like (laser or peeling) in chennai? Please help me.

Arun (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, there are laser clinics in Chennai. You can call Dr. P. Sukumar or Dr. S. Shobana, Phone Nos: 31023459, 31022373, 98410-15369, 28361880, 28342816. I know they have laser therapy for hair removal. They should also provide such therapy for acne, and if they do not, they should be able to recommend a good place that does. Make sure you speak to others who have undergone this treatment, and find out if they are satisfied.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have lots of hair on nose and also Black heads....let me know how can I remove this both....Thanks

Kher (Mumbai, India)

A: The best way to remove blackheads is with the help of blackhead removal strips. When you remove the strips, hair should also come out along with the blackheads. Do this once in fifteen days, and you should be fine.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have serious Ance (pimples) on my face and i have use so many things but find no total cure, pls help me.

Joshua (Mumbai, USA)

A: Please read the article on pimple cure It offers great tips. I cannot give you any specific advice since you haven't provided me with any details, but following the tips in the article should help. Make sure you drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water everyday, and drink at least one glass of water, to which one entire 'nimbu' - no sugar - has been added.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My sister is suffering from Acne Problem. Due to which there is lot of black spot on her face. And Acne also keep coming. Give me some nice tips so that it can get rid her of acne and their marks.

Mohammed (Mumbai, India)

A: Your sister should drink a lot of water, at least ten glasses a day. Ask her to drink one or two glasses of water every morning, as soon as she wakes up. This will clean up her system. She should also avoid eating fried and spicy foods, or foods that are too heaty such as too much non-veg, mangoes etc. She should eat plenty of curds. Soft drinks, wafers should be avoided as well. She should wash her face twice a day with a face wash for oily skin, or for acne control. Ask her to read this article on pimples for detailed information.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a mole on my hip and would love to get rid of it from home How can I do that?

Karissa (Mumbai, India)

A: Sorry, but there is really no way you can get rid of a mole from home. However, if you have hair on the mole, then you should not pluck it out. Hair from a mole should never be pulled. Clip the hair with a pair of scissors. If the mole is a recent occurance, and is very uneven in shape and colour, show it to a dermatologist.

Q: I have a 14 year old child. She has blackheads, acne and acne scars. What can i do to help her get rid of her skin problems? How can she have a beautiful, smooth skin?

Candida (Mumbai, USA)

A: I suggest that you make sure she washes her face often, and that she drinks plenty of water. She should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day, or more if possible. Don't give her fried food, soft drinks or too much of heaty foods like mango. Give her nimbu paani twice a day, without sugar. This should help her. For more information, read Your Child's Skin and Pimple S.O.S.

Q: I have a very sensitive skin (dry skin). Generally I gets the acne,and after two or three days It get convert into the white heads.Whenever I takes the white heads out, it leaves the scar on my face. My skin is so sensitive, even if I rub for two or three times somewhere on my skin, it will end up only in the scars. Could you please suggest me the home remedies for getting rid of scars. thanks.

Shireen (Mumbai, India)

A: A very deplorable habit you are having - Picking acne !!!!. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY.Post acne scars - depending on depth will require surgical intervention.Dermabrasion,Plastic sugery or Laser.Consult a dermatologist to decide the best option.For dry and sensitive skin use less soap and apply a good moisturizer right after bath.Drink plenty of water.

Dr. Vivek Jain

Q: I have a terrible pimple problem. I have tried many creams and medications, but to no avail. These pimples leave a black spot when they disappear. I am a 28-year-old male. Please help.

Pinkesh (Dammam, Saudi Arabia )

A: Follow one skin specialist's prescription regularly. Pimples often take time to heal. Learn relaxation, drink lots of water, wash your face with a face wash 4-5 times a day. Drugs would best be prescribed by your doctor after examining you.

Q: I am a 25-year-old married woman. I had glowing and healthy skin, but of late I have started developing pimples, and these pimples leave scars. These are larger than regular pimples… almost like lumps. When this pimple starts subsiding, it turns black. I cannot apply cream for fear that it may aggravate the pimples, but I have dry skin so I do need to apply some moisturiser. Please help!

Shilpa (Reston, U.S.A)

A: Cosmetics could be the culprit. What you describe is a severe form of acne. Doxycicline might help you - consult a skin specialist. Use face wash 3-4 times a day. Learn to relax. Drink plenty of water to detox your system. Eat vegetables and go easy on meat and heaty foods.

Q: How can I get rid of marks on my face? I am 28, and have dry skin.

Sanjana (Reston, Delhi )

A: You need to be more specific as regards the marks. Numerous therapies are available for acne marks , blemishes and other pigmented lesions on the face. For dry skin, use a face wash or CETAPHIL lotion for cleaning the face. Drink plenty of fluids. Apply a good moisturiser after your bath.

Q: Hi, I get acne sometimes. Acne goes with time but leaves behind dark marks/spots. Please suggest some remedy to get rid of these dark spots.

Geeta (Reston, India)

A: Don't handle the pimples; let them heal on their own. Consult a dermatologist if the problem is severe. Post acne marks can be managed with various drugs, depending on the severity of the problem.

Q: I have had acne since the age of 14, and now, at the age of 23, it has not yet gone. I have been to a dermatologist and he gave me pills (Diane-35) to take for 10 months. My skin was completely clear of acne but after 9 months, my acne reappeared, a bit more aggravated than before – but it is not very severe. Now I'm taking the pills for 6 more months, I just hope that I won't have to take them again. Can you please suggest a permanent cure for acne? I'm fed-up!

Mala (Reston, Mauritius )

A: The very tone of your mail "Fed up!!" shows that you would be acne prone. RELAX! Prolonged treatment is often required for acne. Proper cleaning of face, plenty of liquids, good nourishing diet and some form of relaxation will go a long way in alleviating your problem. A detailed investigation too might be required to rule out any other pathology and cause for your acne. Your doctor might consider adding to the present prescription another drug like a retinoid or antibiotic.

Q: I have acne and bug bite scars mostly on my chin and forehead how can i get rid of the scars. I have already used Vitamin - E and pure cocoa butter nothing seems to work. I also have zits and bites that take forever to get rid of.

Tina (Reston, Mumbai )

A: If you have oily skin, stay away from butter and greasy moisturisers. Cleanse and tone your skin twice a day, or wash your face with a face wash. Apply cucumber juice mixed with a little lemon juice twice a day. If you ever burst a zit, squeeze about 10 drops of lemon on a cotton swab, and apply it to the area for about 10 minutes. The scar will disappear. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, and stay away from soft drinks, fried foods and heaty foods.

Q: I have an oily skin and get lot of pimples which leave the marks on my face. Its looks really bad. Can you please suggest me any creams and face pack which can improve the color of my skin and can reduce the pimple marks?

Sheila (Reston, Mexico )

A: Wash your face twice a day with Clean and Clear face wash. Throughout the day keep splashing water on your face and wipe dry with a tissue or small towel, to remove the excess oil. Avoid fried foods and soft drinks. Sometimes, dandruff also causes pimples so if you have dandruff, wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Keep your hair tied up, at least when you are at home, so your hair doesn't touch the skin and cause further irritation. As far as possible, don't touch your face. Also, when you are in the car, sit with the windows rolled up. Wind can irritate the skin.

Q: I have a brown spot on my face which may be a freckle. Please suggest a home remedy. I have oily skin with pimples and marks. My face looks dull. I have facial hair on my upper lip and chin. Would you suggest bleaching, threading or waxing?

Rhea (Reston, Bangalore )

A: Bleach is a strong chemical and it can dry out your skin, so you should bleach at the most once a fortnight and use a moisturiser regularly. Since you have oily skin, bleaching would not cause too much harm. However, threading is a better option, so instead try threading your upper lip and chin. A dermatologist would be able to give you better advice after seeing your skin and determining if the brown spot is indeed a freckle. The only way to avoid getting freckles is to shield your skin from the sun. Apply a mixture of lime juice and honey to your face, and wash off after ten minutes. For pimples, wash your face with a face wash for oily skin at least twice a day, or cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day. Use a light moisturiser. Avoid fried foods and soft drinks, and drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday.

Q: Please suggest me something for acne, blemishes and dandruff.

Madhu (Reston, U.S.A.)

A: Very often dandruff causes pimples. Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo twice a week. You could even wash your hair every alternate day or everyday - but then use a mild shampoo for daily wash instead of an anti-dandruff one. Oil your hair once a week, and wash off after an hour. Drink about 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Steer clear from chocolates, cashewnuts, soft drinks, wafers, non-veg and fried foods. Wind plays havoc with the skin. When travelling in a train, cab, bus or car, don't sit next to the window, or roll it up. Wash your face with a face wash twice a day. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Q: I have very small pimples, What should I do to improve my skin?

Mohit (Chennai, India)

A: Don't touch your face at all, and wash it twice a day with a face wash - more often if you have oily skin. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face everyday, at least once a day. Avoid eating fried foods, too many chocolates and other heaty products. Steer clear from soft, fizzy drinks

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