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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My kid got a deep nail scratch on her face recently. It got clotted but the scar is visible, I am very much worried about this scar. Can you plzz advice me anything (home remedy) which can clear the scar properly.

ranjana (Mumbai, )

A: Aloe Vera is excellent for treatment of fresh wounds and scars. If you can find the plant, squeeze the leaf and apply the juice to the scar. Else, apply Aloe Vera Gel. Also, apply lemon juice to the scar. Lemon juice is a natural bleach and should help.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some strech marks on my hips because of obesity,will u plz suggest any oninment or any home made product to remove this marks

Renu (Mumbai, )

A: Unfortunately there is not much you can do to get rid of stretch marks. Your best bet in this case is prevention. If you make sure your skin is well moisturised all the time, you will not develop stretch marks as your skin will not 'tear' when it stretches, since it is supple. Keep your skin very well moisturised all the time, to prevent further stretch marks.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How to get rid of scars from spots?

Sarvahni (Mumbai, India)

A: Please refer to this link: Click here.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My son has some scars in face? He is very worried for this scars. How can remove the scars from face? Please require me any medicine?

Centhil (LA, USA)

A: For medication, show your child to a dermatoligist, who will prescribe something after personally examining your son. Homemade remedy: Let your child apply cucumber juice to his face daily, and wash off after fifteen minutes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have a discolouration on a small area of my lower stomach. I had ingrown hairs so I tried to plucked them with the tweezer and that caused that area of my skin to turned red and then brown. I have a very light skin and the brown spots that caused by plucking is preventing me to use short t-shirts. I'm embarrassed to show my stomach because of the brown spots. Help! Thank you!!

Veronica (Newyork, USA)

A: Scars caused by squeezing/meddling with stomach skin sometimes seem to take forever to fade. Apply lemon juice to the area everyday. Don't pluck or touch the area again. Bleach the hair if required - removing it may cause in-growths again. Until the scar fades, apply concealor to the area before wearing short tops.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I'm really impressed by lookin' @ the feedbackz that people have posted for you (seriously). Well, as I was readin' I thought since u've been helping other people you could help me a little too. So, my question is I've been using creamz for acne and they r not really working. Now, I've tried to use Besan+milk+lemon juice+haldi in the morning n @ nite and in the between I use lemon juice and let it dry for 10 min and 5 mins for honey b4 I wash my face the 2nd time. It's actually really worrking but I'm more stressed about is about the there a fast and better home remedy treatment that can be used for my scars. I'm actually askin you this Q from all the way Detroit, MI. hopin' to hear from you soon. Once again, thanking you for taking out the time for my solution. Karishma Sharma

Karishma (New Delhi, India)

A: The best home remedy for scars is actually lemon juice, since it is a natural bleach and will lighten scars. Since you are using lemon juice in any case, there is really nothing else you can do. Please don't stress about the scars. Once you have your pimples under control, the scars will gradually fade. Also, you could consider laser treatment as a final option - but only after your pimples are under control, or else they will keep reappearing and you will keep getting fresh scars. As soon as a pimple bursts, gently squeeze it completely till all the pus and blood comes out - with clean hands - and then apply cotton soaked in lemon juice to the spot. Leave it on for 10 - 15 mins. You will not get a scar.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Can lemon juice + honey lighten scars? Is it ok to use lemon juice alone?

Vita (Mumbai, India)

A: Yes, lemon juice can be applied alone and used to lighten scars, but if you apply it when the scar is still fresh it is much more effective. Apply the juice only to the scar, not to the entire face as it stings.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi Ms vidula. I am writing to you after several disappointment in hope that u wull be able to help me out. 4 years ago i started getting imples with puss on my face. I pricked them and took the pus out. Althought now i don't have pimples but i have scars all over the face because of pricking. I don't prick anymore but i need help in getting rid of scars. Please help me out by giving me a good effective home remedy that will get rid scars. I am 23 year old and i know miracles don't happen overnight but i want something that will keep on getting rid of scars and ready to give it a try. I have a dry skin and i have stopped using all products since none has helped. Please help me out as i badly need your help. I will be grateful to you because i am losing confidence sue to face appearance

Samreen (Mumbai, India)

A: First, if in future you ever burst a pimple, gently squeeze out all the bad blood with clean hands, and then apply ten drops of lime on cotton and place it on the pimple. You should not get a scar. Put cucumber juice on your face and leave on overnight. Do this every night. The scars will gradually fade. The cucumber juice should be freshly squeezed each time. You will get enough juice from just one or two thin slices. Read this article: Pimple SOS

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, My name is Shain, I have lots of scars from pimples on my forehead and its been there for a year and half and there dark black. I have tried so many products that said it will get it off but hasn't gone away I have tried the lemon and cotton ball method for about a month but hasn't faded please tell what product will get it clear with in a 2-3 months please e mail me back, how to get rid of it. Thank u for all help

Shain (Boston, USA)

A: Lemon and cotton ball helps if you apply it immediately when the pimple bursts, after squeezing out all the blood with clean hands. This helps prevent the formation of a scar. Already existing scars are harder to get rid off. They will fade gradually over a period of time. Applying a mixture of lemon and cotton juice may help lighten the skin slightly becuase it is a natural bleach. You could try using 'No Marks' cream and see if it helps lighten your scars.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Dear Dr. Two week back, my son fell on stairs and had a deep cut on his forehead resulting in 4 stitches. Now, there is a deep scar. Someone has suggested an ointment by the name "Contratubex". Is it really effective, I mean, scars will go or not. Kindly suggest something because the scar is very prominent and on the forehead, very much visible. with kind regards Shailendra Nath

Shailendra (New Delhi, India)

A: The best person to advise you on this would be the doctor who performed the stitches on your son. Contratubex helps restore elasticity to movement-restrictive scars and it speeds up the healing process to an extent. It also requires prolonged, regular use. Such treatments should be applied depending on the nature of the wound, in consulatation with the doctor. Your son should avoid exposure to the sun, as it will darken the scar. Stitches don't completely fade, but over a period of time they grow less noticable and take on the colour of surrounding skin.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I would like to no how to remove chicken pox scars from my face please help me out with a home remedy.

Mary (Mumbia, India)

A: Chicked pox rash needs to be tended to at the time you are ill, to ensure that you don't get a rash. If you still have a rash many years later, chances are slim that you will be able to get rid of them. Apply a mixture of lime and cucumber juice to your face, which is a natural bleach. Wash off after ten minutes. Do this daily - it should help. If the scars are very prominent you may consider laser resurfacing.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Few months ago, I accidently scraped off my pimple. Now I have a scar and its kind of like a small pothole, from scraping off the pimple. It's like the usually scar one gets when scraping off a pimple. Is there a way to make it go away and make it look like it was never scraped off or anything?

John (Mumbia, NY USA )

A: Certain scarring can be permanent, especially if it is a few months old. Squeeze around ten drops of lemon juice on a cotton ball and place this on the scar for at least ten minutes. Do this daily. The scar should fade and get lighter, although the surface may remain a little dented.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 17 and have had severe acne. I have dent type scars on my cheeks and sides of my face and open pore looking scars also. What should I do to smooth out these type scars?

Cortney (LA, USA)

A: Usually these 'dent-type' scars fade over time. Laser treatment is a more immediate solution, but I don't suggest you go in for it until your pimples have cleared and you have taken care of your acne problem. Make sure you wash your face with a face wash for oily skin, at least three times a day - more, if your skin gets oily. Don't drink soft drinks, fried foods or heaty foods. Apply cucumber juice to your face and wash off after fifteen minutes. Do this everyday. This should lighten the scars. Avoid using face scrubs.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Dear Vidula, Someone applied kumkum on my 15 month old daughter's forehead more than 3 weeks ago. unfortunately it has left a scar on her fair skin. I am very upset and would like to know what is a safe home remedy that I can use. I have tried besan and haldi with milk but it did not work. Grateful for your reply. Please get back to this worried mother. Regards Samika

Samika (Mumbai, India)

A: The scar will go away on its own, don't worry about it. Try day-old malai and a little lemon.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have these spots in one area and i picked them.there know healing but i cover them up with fandation will this make me have more spots love lound mouth

Lound (Mumbai, India)

A: Don't pick spots. The scars will fade over time. Foundation will not cause more spots, but remember to wash your face clean before turning in for the night.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I`m 14 years and since I was 5 years old I already have a can you take off my scars on my legs?

Marielle (Goa, India)

A: Your scar seems to be permanent, since it has not faded over time. It can be removed by laser therapy.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have dark scars on my legs how do I get rid of them?

Emy (Goa, USA)

A: Apply lemon juice to your legs daily, and wash off after ten minutes. Also, make sure you keep legs well moisturised. After showering, when your skin is still damp, rub a little body oil on your legs to lock in the moisture. Get your legs massaged regularly to improve circulation. Certain yoga poses like the sarvangasana should also help.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How can i get rid of chicken pox scars? they are all over my feet and some can be found in my legs and tummy. what should i do please help

Aisa (Mumbia, India)

A: Chicken pox scars are apparently permanent. There is no known natural remedy for them. You could get rid of them through laser treatment. It is a good thing that the scars are not on your face. You could try applying multani mitti to the scars, and also scrub lemon (nimbu) on the scars. Applying Vitamin E oil to the scars is also believed to help reduce them.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I've uneven body skintone,dark knees and elbows,backskin and face covered with scars left by acne,i've small dark hair all over my body,please sugest me some remedies

Tiru (Mumbai, India)

A: Fine hair over the body is completely normal. Try scrubbing your body GENTLY with a pumice stone every day when in the shower, after applying soap. This retards hair growth over an extended period of time. Wax arms, armpits and legs, consider bleaching your stomach if you wear short tops, sari blouses. Rub dark elbows, knees with lemon daily. Apply cucumber juice to your face to erase the scars. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water everyday.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Is it safe to use hydrocortisone cream on pimple scars if so how often should it be used and how effective is it??

Aasima (Lucknow, India)

A: Yes, it is safe to use hydrocortisone cream on pimple scars. Apply it to the scarred spot everyday for a week. Stay out of the sun, as the sun can increase discolouration.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have got scars on my face which has been left by my nails,i scratched my face and it left red nail marks on my face and i am finding it hard to clen those scars,could u suggest me something

Ganga (Mumabai, India)

A: The marks will fade away on their own, there is nothing to worry about. Don't scratch the area again. Apply a soothing lotion like Lacto Calamine.

Vidula Chopra

Q: About a month ago I had a zit right between my eyebrows. I didn't know much about zits so I just hacked it off, about 2 weeks later there was a scar. I figured that if I scratched it, it would bleed scab and go away. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway now it turns bright red whenever I touch it and I don't know how to get rid of it. It looks really bad. thanks

Jack (Mumabai, USA)

A: First of all, never burst a pimple. On the off chance that a pimple does burst by itself or by mistake, gently squeeze out all the muck and a little bad blood, until nothing further comes out. Then, squeeze around ten drops of lemon juice on some cotton wool, and place it on the burst pimple for around ten minutes. There will be no scarring. Regarding your present situation, I recommend you apply a soothing calamine lotion to the spot. Alternatively, apply a little cucumber juice at night and wash off the next day. Other than this, don't touch the spot. you don't touch the spot at all, to avoid further irritation

Vidula Chopra

Q: I use to have a pimple that I don't touch. Now I know it's not a pimple anymore but the bump is still there, plus the fact that it's dark. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

Taj (Mumbai, India)

A: At times pimples leave scars. Apply lemon (nimbu) to the dark mark regularly, it should fade. If the bump doesn't go away in some time, you could show it to a dermatologist. In the meantime drink a glass of lime water (nimbu paani) without sugar everyday, if you are not prone to acidity.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am suffering from pimple scares on full face please advise me something.

Sisiliya (Mumbai, U. S. A.)

A: Lemon and cucumber are natural bleaches. Apply the juice of cucmber on your face at night, and wash it off in the morning. Before long you will see a great difference. Or, you could apply a mixture of lemon and honey or lemon and cucumber to your face everyday, and wash off in ten minutes. Avoid keeping lemon on overnight as it is strong and drying.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some facial hair that grows around my chin and neck. I periodically tweeze the hairs. Sometime they are ingrown and I get small black bumbs and black scars in the area how can I remove these scars how can I keep the hair from growing back?

Stephanie (Mumbai, USA)

A: The only way to prevent the hair from growing back is to have it permanently removed by electrolysis or laser therapy. A good, reputed parlour should charge around Rs. 7,000 to Rs 10,000 for removing hair from the chin. To prevent in-growths, scrub your chin and neck with a face scrub everyday. Alternatively, thread your chin instead of using a tweezer. Threading doesn't lead to as many in-growths.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some scars on my face which i accidently scratched my pimples.

Neha (Mumbai, India)

A: The next time as soon as a pimple bursts, squeeze out all the excess blood and pus gently. Squeeze around ten drops of lime onto a cotton ball and apply that to the spot for ten minutes. You will not develop a scar. For now you could try applying cucumber juice to your face, and wash it off after fifteen minutes.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a combination skin type, i get pimples sometimes and they leave a mark on my face . Please tell me some home remedy to get rid of these scars.

Shreya (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey to your face, and wash it off after ten minutes. Lemon is a natural bleach, and should reduce your pimple scars. You could also try applying lemon juice with cotton, just on your scars.

Vidula Chopra

Q: i am meenakshi and i have a skin query to clear it is like this i have some considerable amount of hair growth on my chin so i get my chin waxed but now the problem is the dark scar which has appeared on the chin due to waxing so are there any ways to eliminate the dark scar there both natural and chemical means if you suggest some of the ways to do the same it will be great. thanks again meenakshi

Meenakshi (Mumbai, India)

A: Meenakshi, I presume the dark scar you are referring to is the hair under your skin. After waxing, when the hair is growing back, it is often visible as the hair is hard and dark, and facial skin is often transparent. Thus the area under your chin often looks quite a few shades darker than the rest of your face. There is really not much you can do about this, unless you opt for laser therapy or electrolysis for your chin hair. This will kill the hair root, and your 'scar' will disappear. You could try threading the hair instead of waxing it.

Vifula Chopra

Q: How do I get rid of zit scars? I had a big zit on my nose and now, a long, long time after, I still have a red dot. But it is not a zit - it is the scar. Please suggest a home remedy.

Seema (Mumbai, India)

A: Often, when a large pimple subsides, it leaves in its place a scar. Unfortunately, even if the pimple subsided on its own and you were very careful not to burst it, it could still leave a scar. At times these scars take weeks or months to vanish, and some never do vanish completely, though the scar lightens considerably. Take a cotton ball, and squeeze around 10 drops of lime (nimbu) in it.

Q: I have acne and bug bite scars mostly on my chin and forehead how can i get rid of the scars. I have already used Vitamin - E and pure cocoa butter nothing seems to work. I also have zits and bites that take forever to get rid of.

Kiran (Ahemdabad, India)

A: If you have oily skin, stay away from butter and greasy moisturisers. Cleanse and tone your skin twice a day, or wash your face with a face wash. Apply cucumber juice mixed with a little lemon juice twice a day. If you ever burst a zit, squeeze about 10 drops of lemon on a cotton swab, and apply it to the area for about 10 minutes. The scar will disappear. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, and stay away from soft drinks, fried foods and heaty foods.

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