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Rough Skin
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Please help me how to get rid of blackness at Kness, Elbows and Underarms. They are extremely black. Kindly advice.. thankq

Priya (Mumbai, India)

A: Rub them with half a piece of nimbu, and wash off the nimbu after around fifteen minutes. The more you rub elbows and knees with nimbu, the better the effect. Nimbu is a natural bleach and will help lighten your elbows and knees. Also, make it a point to moisturise these areas regularly.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My skin gets rough and cracky during all seasons. I've used many creams like but to no avail. Please help.

Simran (Mumbai, USA)

A: Every night, before sleeping, apply a moisturiser for oily skin to your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe off with damp cotton. In the morning, apply a light moisturiser before stepping out. Fair and Lovely is not a moisturiser. Make sure you use a moisturiser before applying fairness creams, or any other base.

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