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Dry Lips
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I think I have developed an allergy to lipsticks. I had gone to a dermatologist and she too mentioned the same. AFter application, my lips become itchy, watery and extremely dry. Please advise me on the non-allergic lipsticks that i should use... the brands and the care i should do. I used maybelline, revlon, avon before.

Puneet (Mumbai, India)

A: You will only find out after sampling various lipsticks. Do a patch test by applying various brands on your skin and seeing if there is any reaction. The term hypoallergenic has very little use, because different people are allergic to differnt things. You could try The Body Shop lipsticks since they are natural. Also, try applying Vaseline first and then apply the lipstick over it - unless of course you are allergic to Vaseline!

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am suffering from dry lips. My lower lip always dries. I use to wet my lower lip very frequently. I don't feelin same with my upper lip. Is there some thing wrong with my lower lip? This I am having form last 1 year.

Gangadhar (Mumbai, India)

A: Saliva is drying, so the more you lick your lips, the drier they get. Start applying Vaseline regularly to your lips, and dont lick them at all. Also, you can try applying ghee at night to your lips. This should help, and gradually your lower lip will normalise. Of course they will always feel dry every now and again - just make sure you carry a tube of Vaseline with you so you can moisten them whenever you need to.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My lips are very dry and cracking even in summer. I tried Pond's cold creame morning & night and now I'm applying petroluem jelly at nights. Still If I miss it one day the very next day it cracks and feels like burning. Again it takes 3/4 days to recover. Is that anything wrong with my lips? Any suggestions are welcome. B'cos of this problem I am not using lipstick also and I don't lick my lips.

Sushma (Mumbai, India)

A: Try applying ghee to your lips at night and see if this helps. Drink more water. You can apply moisture-rich lipstick every now and then, as long as the lipstick is of a reputed brand and it is not old. Drink at least ten glasses of water a day so your body is well hydrated. Perhaps you are living in a dry climate which is why your lips are dry?

Vidula Chopra

Q: Recently, i v suffering from swollen lips and white heads. helppp, this n is urgent pls, thanks

Tamanna (Mumbai, India)

A: Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisutrise your skin daily. Don't skip the toning step. Use a clarifying toner like Clinique or Clean and Clear, which will exfoliate skin and prevent the formation of whiteheads. Whiteheads are caused when dead skin, oil, sebum gets trapped in open pores or hair follicles. It is necessary that you clear the pores regularly so the whiteheads don't form.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am a 53 year old german lady and have red spots on my lips, rather like blood blisters but they donīt hurt. I have noticed my lips are dryer than they used to be and these spots, about 3 on my lower lip outside and 2 on my upper lip inside, bother me. Is is worth going to a doctor? Thanks for your help.

Evelyn (Mumbai, Germany )

A: Yes, you should get them checked by your doctor. They could be harmless, or they could turn out to be indicative of something that is wrong, for example, certain stomach problems cause brown spots on the lips. So, see your doctor if these spots don't go away.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am just wondering if anything happens to lips, if using old (5-6 years)lipstic..

Rose (Mumbai, U.S.A )

A: At times some people may develop allergic reactions to using such old lipstick. Old lipstick feels sticky, and is not comfortable to wear. It also dries out the lips so avoid using old lipstick which has expired. If you still would like to use it, first apply another lipstick to your lips, and then dab on the old one.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My lips is so dry and its chapped all the time even if the cold weather is over. I tried different kinds of lip balms and lipstick but still my lips is dry specially after my lipstick wears off. what should I do? any suggestions on the best lip balm for my lips?

Neha (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply ghee at night before going to sleep. It should help. Also, don't lick your lips. Do not apply chapstick unless your lips are very dry and cracking. The more you apply stuff on your lips, the drier they feel when the balm wears out.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Due to cold weather, my lips have become dry. Inspite of using chapstick I developed a burn on my lips, which left a ugly brown mark on top of my lips. This is really embarassing. I would really appreciate if you could suggest anything to remove this mark. Thanks

Mandhira (Mumbai, India)

A: Instead of chapstick try applying a lip balm or Vaseline. Alternatively, you could apply cold cream on your lips at night, before going to sleep. If you keep applying chapstick, your lips tend to feel even drier as the chapstick wears off. Apply a good quality lipstick before venturing out, to keep your lips moisturised.

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