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  You are here: Home > Cooking Club Recipes > Mughlai Cuisine
Mughlai Cuisine

Mughalai food conjures up visions of royal banquets, barbequed meat cooking slowly over the fire till it melts in your mouth, delicious dals and wonderful spices. Wouldn't you like to serve a meal like that? Check out our Mughalai section and learn how to make food fit for kings.

Almond ChutneySmita Nadgir
Dahi ChuntneySmita Nadgir
Kajur Imli Ki ChutneySmita Nadgir
Aloo Paneer ChutneySmita Nadgir
Mitha Imli Ka ChutneySmita Nadgir
Aam Ka AcharSmita Nadgir
Garlic CuttneyAnshu
Mooli(Radish) ChutneyRuchika

 Indian Sweets
Kesar PaneerSmita Nadgir
Gajar Ka HalwaSmita Nadgir
Kesar KulfiSmita Nadgir
Pista RabdiSmita Nadgir
Walnut BurrfiSmita Nadgir
Aam Ka PedaSmita Nadgir
Kaju KatliSmita Nadgir
Dudhi HalwaSmita Nadgir
Pista BurfiSmita Nadgir
Apple BurfiSmita Nadgir
Badam BurfiSmita Nadgir
Meetha KachoriSmita Nadgir
Paneer KheerSmita Nadgir

 Main Course
Capsicum In A Spicy Curd GravyIndiaparenting
Veg CurryIndiaparenting
Kheema Stuffed Mughlai ParanthaIndiaparenting
Jeera RicePadma
Kadhai Paneer (hot)Mittal Dave
Khoya PaneerKavita
Dahi GhoshPrecyla
Masaledar PaneerSmita Nadgir
Malai Wale KofteSmita Nadgir
Khoya MutterSmita Nadgir
Noorani GhobhiSmita Nadgir
Cocktail CurrySmita Nadgir
Anjeer Kesar KoftaSmita Nadgir
Hyderabadi PaneerSmita Nadgir
Paneer Bhutt Da KurmaSmita Nadgir
Kaju Palak PaneerSmita Nadgir
Pudina PulavSmita Nadgir
Masala BhindiSmita Nadgir
Methi Missi RotiSmita Nadgir
Mutter PaneerSmita Nadgir
Kashmiri PulaoSmita Nadgir
Malai Makkai PalakSmita Nadgir
Amritsari PaneerSmita Nadgir
Dum PaneerSmita Nadgir
Majedaar BainganSmita Nadgir
Mooli Ke KofteSmita Nadgir
Lababdar PaneerSmita Nadgir
Paneer MakhaniSmita Nadgir
Lakhnavi AlooSmita Nadgir
Khumb Palak KoftaSmita Nadgir
Mirch Ka SalanSmita Nadgir
Dahi Wale BhindiSmita Nadgir
AvailSmita Nadgir
Mughalai RotiSmita Nadgir
Navratan KormaSmita Nadgir
Malai Methi MutterSmita Nadgir
Paneer TikkaSmita Nadgir
Aloo Ka BarthaSmita Nadgir
Paneer KormaSmita Nadgir
Paneer AchariSmita Nadgir
Mooli Ke KofteSmita Nadgir
Paneer ShimlaSmita Nadgir
Jatphat BhindiSmita Nadgir
Paneer Stuffed AlooSmita Nadgir
Paneer MakhanwalaSmita Nadgir
Tamatar Ka BerthaSmita Nadgir
Pudina AlooSmita Nadgir
Soya Kofta CurrySmita Nadgir
Soya MutterSmita Nadgir
Palak Tofu MutterSmita Nadgir
Dum GhobhiSmita Nadgir
Baigan HariyaliSmita Nadgir
Katha Meetha PaneerSmita Nadgir
Paneer MirchSmita Nadgir
Adraki GhobhiSmita Nadgir
Mutter Kofta CurrySmita Nadgir
Bheerbal PaneerSmita Nadgir
Paneer JaalfrazieSmita Nadgir
Shahi Paneer KurmaSmita Nadgir
Stuffed capsicumSmita Nadgir
Hara Kaju KoftaSmita Nadgir
Masaledar MushroomsSmita Nadgir
Stuffed TomatoesSmita Nadgir
Aloo Chops MasalaSmita Nadgir
Dal MaharaniSmita Nadgir
Methi PulaoSmita Nadgir
Moghal KhichidiSmita Nadgir
Vegetable BiryaniSmita Nadgir
Palak Pulavsmita nadgir
Methi Malai MattarPrachee Tandon
Spicy Chicken BiryaniMerlyn Shenoy
Shahi paneerSim
Kashmiri Saag Paneer MasalaMittal
Paneer Butter MasalaShaoli
Simple DalSmitha Venugopal
Chicken PulavMadhura
Palak Paneer KoftaPrabeeti
Egg in Capsicum MasalaKoyel
Spicy PotatoesAsh
Soya MatarShilpa Suryavamshi
Hara Bhara Mushroom MasalaShilpa Suryavamshi
Chicken MethiShilpa Suryavamshi
Palak corn masalahema kashyap
Shahi PaneerPooja Chawla
Chicken KormaPayal
prawns biriyaniNazia Mishal
prawns biriyaniNazia Mishal
Palak ChickenMerlyn Shenoy
Methi ChickenMerlyn Shenoy
Butter ChickenMerlyn Shenoy
Paneer Lababdar (Paneer in tamoto gravy)Neeti

 Salads and Raita
Doodhi RaitaSmita Nadgir
Coconut and Banana RaitaSmita Nadgir

 Soups and Stews
Palak SoupSmita Nadgir
Dal ShorbaSmita Nadgir
Ghobhi ShorbaSmita Nadgir

 Starters and Snacks
Corn FingersIndiaparenting
Grilled Jacket PotatoesIndiaparenting
Kheema CakeRani Singh
Tri Colour SandwichMadhu
Dal PakodasSmita Nadgir
Besan Da GhobhiSmita Nadgir
Dahi PakoriSmita Nadgir
Mutter KachoriSmita Nadgir
Tangy RaitaSmita Nadgir
Namkeen Jeera LassiSmita Nadgir
Khus Lime SodaSmita Nadgir
Spicy Paneer PakorasSmita Nadgir
Hara KebabSmita Nadgir
Vegetable KebabsSmita Nadgir
Palak PakodaSmita Nadgir
Crispy CheeseSmita Nadgir
Potato Corn TikkiSmita Nadgir
Aonkha KebabSmita Nadgir
Paneer PakodasSmita Nadgir
Aloo CutletsSmita Nadgir
Mutter KachoriSmita Nadgir
Palak Methi Ki TikkiSmita Nadgir
Pyaaz KachoriSmita Nadgir
Corn KebabsSmita Nadgir
Dahi KebabsSmita Nadgir
Palak KebabsSmita Nadgir
Sweet Potato KebabsSmita Nadgir
Bread And Cheese PakodasSmita Nadgir
Vegetable Bread FingersGayatri Lele
Macaroni RollsKavita Mathew
Spicy Chicken FryKavita Mathew
Tofu VadaShilpa Suryavamshi
kebabs with cuminjeetika duneja

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