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Upper Lip
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: heyy i jsut started plucking my upperlip...i was wondering if it will effect my skin and if the hair will spread farther down my cheeks. ...will it cause any problems and is tehre any way to get rid of the tineiest hair??? i v been trying to get the hang of threading but i cant seem to. ...i read ur article and tried but cant seem to do it...thankxx

A (Bangalore, )

A: If you have been plucking your upperlip hair without any problem, you can continue doing so. Be careful when plucking, and don't pluck too far down the upper lip to prevent thick hair from growing on your cheeks. The thick hair will definitely not spread. Plucking may cause redness and rash, but if you have been plucking with no problems, carry on with it. You could also keep practicing threading until you get the hang of it, since threading is easier and quicker than plucking.

Vidula Chopra

Q: i am only sixteen and have been waxing 4 2 years nw and i want to try electrolisis (duno hw spell) because its gettin me down that i have a tash no grls at my age do and one week i have no hair n the next i do n i dnt want people to notice im never gonna get a bf! lol please help i dnt care hw much it costs thanks

mel (Bangalore, )

A: If cost is no factor, consider going in for laser therapy. It will permanently get rid of upper lip hair, in far fewer sessions. Also, you can take a lifetime package for upperlip hair removal, which will entitle you to unlimited sittings until every single hair is gone - and you can always go back for another sitting if another hair pops up at any time, perhaps due to hormonal changes in the future.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Certain parts of the skin have this reaction to waxing. There could be other reasons - perhaps the wax was too hot and scalded your skin. If not, then don't wax your upper lip again. Apply a soothing calamine lotion to your upperlip to heal the redness. It will however go away on it's own, given time.

Kim (Bangalore, )

A: Hi. I recently waxed my upper lip and afterwards it was red and swollen. Even after a few days my upper lip is red and I have bumps on my lip. Also, my upper lip is peeling. Please help me. I've never been this embarrassed in my life.

Vidula Chopra Rastogi

Q: That is an unusual reaction, since bleach does lighten hair. Maybe the fault lies in the bleach you used, or perhaps you were allergic to an ingredient in it or didnt apply it properly. The next time you could try getting it bleached at the parlour. For the time being however thread your upperlip hair, and lighten the area by applying lemon juice mixed with honey.

Priya (Bangalore, )

A: i just bleached my upper lip and have before. after removing the bleach and washing it, my upper lip is now significantly darker, even after 1 hour. please help. what can i do?

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 27 years old and in the past 6 months have noticed my skin above my upper lip becoming darker. It appears as if I have a mustache but it is not hair it is actually my skin. I am a smoker for about 7 years and I drink coffee and tea. Could any or all of these be causing this and will it correct if I stop?

Alacia (Bangalore, )

A: Generally smoking causes lips to darken and teeth to yellow. However, it is possible it could cause this reaction to your upper lip. More likely, if you have been waxing, plucking, threading or bleaching your upper lip, these hair removal methods too could cause darkening over an extended period of time. Bleaching or hair removal creams may darken skin, while threading etc thickens the hair slightly so that it may be visible under the skin, making the skin appear darker. This could also be pigmentation. Wear sunscreen lotion daily. Try applying cucumber juice and lime to your upper lip to lighten the area. Also, consider giving up smoking, if not for your upper lip, then to prevent blacking of your lips, teeth, and lungs!

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have been afraid of waxing or threading upperlip hair because when I do it leaves my upper lip very light so u can tell i removed the hair. i was thinking about tanning but i feel that to be silly since i am already tan in complexion. PLEASE HELP

Nagi (Bangalore, )

A: After threading, bleach your face. The difference in complexion will not be noticeable.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have been bleaching since I was like 9 years old. And there were a few years when I would bleach every 2 weeks. Rightt now even after threading and having NO hair on my upper lip, that area is always darker. I am assuming it is burned? Is there a treatment or remedy for such a condition?

Mehr (Amedabad, India)

A: The area could have turned dark due to prolonged chemical exposure, or it could also simply be the hair under the skin that is making it appear dark. You could try aplying cucumber juice to your upper lip everyday. Also, make sure it is regularly moisturised. If the hair under the skin is causing it to darken, your best bet would be to get laser treatment done to your upper lip.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Five years ago, I tweezed the hair on my upper lip, and after a month it grew back, and I've been tweezing ever since. The only problem is that the hair never grows above the skin; So most of the hair I can't remove even though I use a very fine tweezer. As a result, there is always a light black stain on my upper lips. Is there a way to get the hair to grow above the skin so that I can remove it?

Pat (London, U.K)

A: The best way to get the hair to grow above the skin, is to wait a little longer. In all likelihood it should grow above, however, hair is growing in various stages, and when some hair is above the skin, other hair is still under, so the upperlip always appears dark. You could apply concealor to your upperlip. Also, your best bet would be to get all the upperlip hair removed permanently with the help of laser therapy.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am priya from Dallas(US)...this is regarding my upper lip hair. I usually thread my upper lip. But after threading there is this awkward discoloration i.e the upper lip is different from the rest of the face color ....and its really embarassing. Do all the girls face this problem or am I an exception? When asked in the beauty parlor. They asked me to go for bleach for a few months and told me that the color will automatically disappear? I dont know whether to believe them or not...I would really appreciate it ...If any one of you'll could give some advice or help on this. Thanks in advance, Priya Sehgal.

Nithya (Dallas, USA)

A: The discolouration is normal. Yes, bleaching will help, but when you start threading again, your skin may get discoloured again. A good alternative would be to get laser therapy done. In India, you may need to spend around Rs 1500 for a single sesssion, and one or two sessions may be enough for you to kill the discolouration. After that, whatever little hair is left can be threaded or bleached.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 16 and I have been bleaching my upper lip hair for two years now! It is quite noticeable and thick and the bleaching only lasts a few days before my blonde hairs turn back into dark hairs! What can I do? It is embaressing. I want to try waxing and threading it as it would look MUCH more presentable and better, but am I too young to be doing this and will it affect me in the long run, like will my hairs be thicker and longer? Cause my mother tells me if I start, its a long term commitment!? PLEASE help me! I would be so thankful!

Katie (California, USA)

A: Yes, you do need to thread regularly once you start, but it is the same with bleaching, isn't it? In addition, bleach is a chemical, while threading is a lot gentler on your skin. The hair does grow back a little thicker, but if you thread regularly, or thread by yourself at home, you can make sure that you remove the hair everytime it grows back. When you thread, your upper lip looks completely clean, which is why I personally prefer threading to bleaching. In any case, with threading, hair growth minimises as well. So, hair may grow back thicker in some areas like on the outer corners of the mouth, but in other areas it may almost stop growing back. It is a long term commitment, but is hassle-free. And anyway, ten years down the line you may just decide to go in for laser therapy and get rid of your upperlip once and for all!

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have been using tweezers to pluk the hair on my upper lip and recently I have started to get really dark marks around that area. It is very annoying and embarrasing and I cant seem to get rid of it. Please please could you recommend a solution for me.

Noreen (CA, USA)

A: Stop plucking the hair on your upperlip. Thread it or wax it. Plucking your upperlip sometimes causes mild internal bruising, and when this keeps happening, the colour of your skin gets darker and darker. Pluck your eyebrows, but not upperlip. When you stop plucking, the scars should clear in some time. You could consider bleaching your upperlip to lighten it, or you could apply a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice to your face daily, and wash off after 10 minutes. Bleaching upperlip would be more effective though, and would work for you since it is just temporary. You could also consider laser therapy for the upperlip. Read this article for a step-by-step guide to threading.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi I wanted to ask I have been getting my upper lip threaded for 4 years now and discovered that my upper lip is going a green colour. Could you please give me sum advice what shall I do? as I am soon getting married.

Salina (NY, USA)

A: The green is actually the dark hair under your skin, that is showing through. When you thread, there is some hair under the skin which doesn't come out, and this makes your upperlip look green. Let the hair grow completely and then thread it the day of the first function. You could also consider opting for laser therapy for the upperlip. Many clinics offer a 4-session package. 4 sessions should be enough, becuase even if your upperlip isnt completely clean after 4 sessions, very few hair will be left which you can thread without any concern that your upperlip will appear green. Also, there could be certain hormonal changes occuring in your body, due to which the upperlip hair and chin hair has suddenly thickened.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have shaved, bleached and recently waxed for the first time. My upperlip hair was long but i waxed it was it a good idea for me to do that. would it grow back thicker and darker? If I thread my upperlip hairs would it grow longer, thicker or darker?

Melanie (NY, USA)

A: Yes, threading or waxing hair will cause it to grow back a little thicker. It is better to thread upperlip hair because you can thread really tiny hair as well, but if you wax it, you will need to wait until hair grows longer before waxing. Don't worry about it growing back longer and thicker becuase you will remove it regularly. It will just thicken slightly, and you will not develop a stubble like men do - only shaving causes that. Waxing legs and arms causes hair to grow back longer and thicker, but it also slows down hair growth, so after a few years of regular waxing you will notice that you need to wax less and less often.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, My child is 3 year old and has hair growing above the upper lip. I am concerned why she is growing hair at this age and what I can do to remove it and stop it growing. I am worried when she is at school other children may make fun of her. Please advise how you will reply?

Shoaib (Hyderabad, India)

A: It is perfectly normal and natural. There is no need to worry at all. Many other girls her age will also have hair on their upper lips, and no one will make fun of her at this young age. Make sure you don't make her conscious of her hair at all. When she is older, around 10-12, you can start bleaching her upper lip, and later on she can start threading it.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have hair on my upper lip i have heard about threading but i dont know what it is please help

Kate (LA, USA)

A: Please refer to this article for step-by-step information on threading.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am worried. My little baby girl - she turns one tomorrow has hair in the upper lip area, sideburns and on the tops of her arms and emerging hair on her upper back. She is quite fair so it is visible. I feel bad now as people had told me to start putting haldi, besan from the beginning but I did not do it because I was afraid that she would look yellow or if it was right to do anything at this tender young age. Is it suitable to start doing this from this age. Can I do it daily. Is it ok to mix full fat milk with the besan- haldi paste. How long should I leave the paste on? Do I wash it off with water or scrub it off with a towel. Please advise. Look forward to your reply.

Samika (Pune, India)

A: Yes it is ok to apply the paste, and to mix full fat milk in the paste. Don't scrub it off with a towel. Her skin is very tender, so you need to be gentle. You can rub it off gently with your hands itself, and with a little water.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am 23 years old. I wanna ask whether a cleanup should be done regularly? Also should I start having cleanups from this age on? If so how often should a cleanup be done? Also, I wanna ask about upper lip hair. I have wheatish complexion and don't have too much of upper lip hair but they are not unseen either. What is the best option-bleaching or threading?

Anuja (Mumbai, India)

A: Threading your upperlip is definitely preferable to bleaching. After all, bleach is a chemical, and so threading is a non-chemical and safer option. Thread your upper lip regularly, you will definitely look better. Start clean-ups if you have blackheads on your face. You can clean your around once a month or once in 15 days - or even just a couple of times a year. There is no fixed period for this. Clean it regularly if you have blackheads. Some people experience allergic reactions. First see if cleaning helps and you dont have any allergic reactions, only then you can go in for it more often. Facial massages help tone facial skin, but you can start these at a later age.

Vidula Chopra

Q: hi, my upper lip area around my mouth my skin has gone black and it looks pretty bad and i think was caused by bleaching the area, can u please suggest an home remedy, to make the skin abobe my lips to go back to its original colour i will be grateful.

Karina (Mumbai, India)

A: Apply a cooling and soothing lotion like lacto calamine, or apply a few drops of cucumber juice to your upperlip area every night, and you can wash it off in the morning. Stop bleaching your upper lip. Apply honey to your upperlip and apply a good quality moisturiser regularly.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have a thick hair growth on my chin. I was taking a medicine called Diane. I have just delivered a baby 4 months ago, so had to discontinue the medication. Hence the growth of hair has increased. Is there any permanent remedy to get rid of hair growth?

Bhavini (Mumbai, India)

A: Opt for electrolysis or laser therapy. It is expensive, but the results are permanent. And such therapies are better than taking medication.

Q: I have a brown spot on my face which may be a freckle. Please suggest a home remedy. I have oily skin with pimples and marks. My face looks dull. I have facial hair on my upper lip and chin. Would you suggest bleaching, threading or waxing?

Anushka (Mumbai, India)

A: Bleach is a strong chemical and it can dry out your skin, so you should bleach at the most once a fortnight and use a moisturiser regularly. Since you have oily skin, bleaching would not cause too much harm. However, threading is a better option, so instead try threading your upper lip and chin. A dermatologist would be able to give you better advice after seeing your skin and determining if the brown spot is indeed a freckle. The only way to avoid getting freckles is to shield your skin from the sun. Apply a mixture of lime juice and honey to your face, and wash off after ten minutes. For pimples, wash your face with a face wash for oily skin at least twice a day, or cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin twice a day. Use a light moisturiser. Avoid fried foods and soft drinks, and drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday

Q: I have lots of hair on my upper lips, this increased after my delivery. Please help me.

Shalini (Mumbai, USA)

A: No woman should ever walk around with a hairy upper lip. Threading is the best way to remove hair from the upper lip. With bleaching, you can still see a blonde fuzz, and with waxing, the growth thickens. Plus, waxing pulls at the skin, leading to the early onset of wrinkles. Get your upper lip threaded at the nearest beauty parlour. Most parlours charge between Rs 5 to Rs 15 for threading the upper lip. In addition, threading is a skill that you can master at home with a little bit of practice, and then you never need be seen with a hairy upper lip again! You could also go in for electrolysis or laser therapy for permanent hair removal, but if you don't go to the right person, you can damage and burn your skin. It's best you stick to THREADING.

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