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Finding a baby name

Do you prefer celebrity baby names or mythological baby names? Read on to know how to find a unique baby name and where to find it.

It was Bhavna's godh bharana (Indian baby shower) ceremony. All relatives had gathered to celebrate the arrival of the baby in advance. Bhavna's sister-in-law was busy discussing with her the baby names she had on her mind. Her mother-in-law thought that a name with a religious meaning would be the right one. Bhavna had some different plans; she wanted to name her baby after one of the Indian freedom fighters. Her husband thought the name should not be common. They all agreed that choosing a name for a baby was not easy at all.

When you sense those early signs of pregnancy, your heart fills with curiosity and happiness. You realise that soon there will be someone who will call you mummy. You start planning for the arrival of the unborn baby who is taking shape inside your womb. Your baby is special. You feel the urge to shower that little bundle of joy when it is still unaware about the outside world. Your imagination is on its peak and your mind must be flooded with all possible names you can imagine for your baby. So, begins a new task of finding names. Read on to get some help on finding the perfect name for your baby.

Baby names on websites

Websites are almost flooded with baby names. Finding baby names online will give you lots of options. Browse through websites and find a lucky name for your child. All moms and dads want to find that uncommon name for their child. Hit upon that unique girl name or boy name in just a few minutes.

You can choose creative names for your twins. Twin names can either rhyme or they can have similar meanings. Amisha and Tanisha will make nice rhyming names for twin girls. On the other hand twin brothers can be named as Ram and Laxman as they have common roots in mythology. You can be quite creative while naming your twins. The name you are finding may be a click away.

Baby names in books

The meaning of the name you are searching for must be waiting to get revealed on the bookshelf. Books are the best to explore unusual baby names. You want a name that will be one of its kinds, do not you? Just visit a bookstore and pick up some books that claim to have exotic baby names. Some names may impress you due to their spiritual meanings such as Astha, a girl name that means faith.

If you are religious then you may find a name for a girl, like Devashree, very interesting which is the name of goddess Laxmi. If you are all set to experience motherhood, you can start name hunting for your baby as early as possible. Your hunt may end with the perfect name in the book you have picked up.

Baby names from your past

What is in a name? Well there is a lot in a name. Name makes you an individual person. Name is your identity. You as a parent would not like to be careless while picking up the right name for your baby

Some parents will prefer a name that will be easily pronounced while some will stick to mythological names. You will also get some ideas if you dig up your past. Do you know the name of your great grandmother? She must be having an unusual name which you can give to your baby. How about having a close look at your family tree? You may find a cute baby name in your family history.

Baby name suggestions

As soon as you announce among your relatives that you are expecting a baby, they shower you with all kinds of suggestions. You will receive baby name suggestions from friends, relatives and co-workers. Though the names suggested by all your loved ones will be common, you may consider some of their suggestions. Someone will suddenly come up with a name that would make you say, 'wow, what a nice name.' you may consider following tips while naming your baby.

  • Avoid baby names that are too common.

  • Emphasise on the meaning of the name.

  • Remember as a parent you have all the right to choose a name for your baby. Let others give suggestions but no one can force you to pick up a particular name.

  • Try to say the name aloud to see how you will feel when you will call your child by that name.

  • Take your time to choose the unique name for your baby

  • Avoid unisex names such as kiran, shashi and gopi
Once you are done with exploration, make a list of a few names that you liked so far. Now your task is easy. Still unable to decide, take a baby name poll among your relatives and pick up the name that gets maximum votes. You might feel a movement in your tummy as your baby would start responding to the name that you have chosen for her. A unique name! A chosen one!

Do you think finding a baby name is difficult? Why you chose a particular name for your baby? Do you think about a baby name even if you are not married? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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