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Black Marks
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how do you remove the blackness around your neck?

alexis (Chennai, )

A: Apply sunscreen before stepping out and avoid exposure to the sun as the black marks may darken further. Apply cucumber juice on your neck to lighten the black marks. Stop wearning scarves/chunnis made from synthetic material around the neck. Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water daily.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi I've had eczema for about 10 years, i now have dark scars left on the insides of my elbows and some on my face please reccomend something that will work for these fairly large scars.

Derek (Chennai, )

A: Try applying lemon to the insides of your elbows. Do this daily, your scars should lighten. For a more permanent option, you could consider getting a laser treatment done for the face.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have dark black spots on my legs due to ingrowth. Can you give any suggestion to make it go away. They really look bad. Thanx

Priyanka (Mysore, India)

A: Scrub your legs gently with a pumice stone daily, when taking a shower, after applying soap. The in-growths should reduce.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I have always had a problem with scars and the reason for this is because I always scratch my skin and it leads to scars!....also recently like a month ago I used a pumice stone on my feet when I showered and now there are three black marks on both feet!...I dont noe what to do??? Please help me get rid of this!..lime juice might help but will it get rid of it permanently...what product can u recommend that I can purchase off-the-shelf that is effective???...and how long will it take to go away?...much thanks....

Aamane (Dallas, USA)

A: It is very possible that those black marks were caused due to footwear. Often, when we wear shoes that are a little too tight or uncomfortable in some way, we get marks. If you continue wearing the same shoes over and over again ignoring the discomfort, the marks can sometimes become permanent! So, be very careful when choosing footwear, and don't wear shoes that are too tight or that cause marks on your feet. If the scar is not permanent, lime juice will help the scar disappear quickly. Apply Vaseline/foot cream on your feet as well. Don't scrub your feet very hard with a pumice stone, and always make sure you have soap on your feet before scrubbing them. Regular moisturising and being careful when choosing footwear will help.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hello, I was wondering do you have anything for black spot? I had them ever since maybe six years old I have them because at that time, I had the chicken pox and I use to pop them. Then I use to pick my cuts, which made it even worse. It is as if I am cursed with black spots I do not want to be called a Dalmatian puppy. My friend has a daughter who is 14 year old she has them too I am hoping that we both could get a treatment before she go to the 4 bear because their going swimming and as you can see it getting hotter an hotter. I kind of do not want my boy friend Kevin to know cause I know he's going to have a problem with it. I want to be able to wear short sleeve and shorts finally this year. If I don't fix it now I know he's going to find out. I am kind of looking for a homemade treatment for black marks. Please help my friend's daughter and me with our terrible skin. Thank you.

Johnson (Mumbai, India)

A: Rub lemon on your skin before taking a shower, leave on for 15 minutes and wash off. Do this daily. It should help lighten the spots. Also, apply body lotion regularly. You could also scar removal creams available in the market like Miracle Duo from Blemish Be Gone, as the lemon treatment is not a permanent cure.

Vidula Chopra

Q: My question is I have alot of dark marks on my face from picking pimples a long time back I was wondering how I would be able to get rid of it I am attending a wedding in a about a month and was wondering if there was a quick solution I have tried lemon juice but it seems to be not working If you could give another solution

Aleena (LA, USA)

A: Try mixing lemon with cucumber juice and applying it to your face. Apply it at night and wash off in the morning. Do this for 3-4 days. If you don't see an improvement, bleach your face. (Don't use face wash for 5 hours aftr bleaching.) Bleach will lighten scars and make them less noticeable. When you have to go for the wedding, apply concealor to the scars. Then, dot foundation all over your face and blend with a damp sponge. Make sure the foundation is exactly the colour of your skin. After this, dust compact powder on your face to set the base. Your skin should look much better at the wedding.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How much would it cost to get rid of a small black dot on my face?

Zabina (Dubai, Middle East)

A: You will need laser therapy. The best place to get an estimate from would be a beauty clinic. The price depends on various factors, like the size of the 'dot', on where you live, and on the clinic you approach. If you are in India, call up Kaaya. They may give you an estimate on the telephone itself if you are able to describe the dot adequately.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I am 18 yrs old and i have dark oily skin. Last year i had many pimples so i visited my doctor and he gave my medicines. My problem is that those pimples have left black marks. It looks horrible. Please prescribe some name of the medicine which i can use.

Rahul (Mumbai, India)

A: For medication, you should visit a dermatologist who can first examine you personally. Try applying a mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice to your face daily, and washing off after fifteen minutes. The marks should fade.

Vidula Chopra

Q: How do i get rid of the balck spot on my face that keeps getting blacker

Lammar (LA, USA)

A: Is it a mole? You should get it checked by a skin specialist.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have black marks in my hands and legs and on my neck.these marks came three to four months before.i consulted a skin doctor.he prescribed tenovate ointment.he told me that it will take one to two years to go.i cant find any difference now.i want to get out of these marks as early as marriage is fixed nd its after one month.i want to get all these black marks erased before it.please please please please help me.

Diya (Mumbai, India)

A: I don't really know what sort of black marks you mean. If it is pigmentation, you should avoid the sun, and make sure you wear a sunscreen before stepping out. Read this article on Preventing Pigmentation Problems. Everytime you take a shower, scrub your arms and legs with a loofah to boost circulation to your skin and get rid of dead skin. Also you could try rubbing half a slice of lemon on your arms and legs daily and washing off after ten to fifteen minutes. Do this before taking a shower. It should help lighten the discolouration.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have black marks around my neck. can u please help me .i want to know how can i remove the black mars around my neck

Clara (Mumbai, USA)

A: Apply sunscreen before stepping out and avoid exposure to the sun as the black marks may darken further. Apply cucumber juice on your neck to lighten the black marks. Stop wearning scarves/chunnis made from synthetic material around the neck. Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water daily.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have black patches in oneside cheek, which appeared recently. I have dry skin and I also have black colour around my neck. Please suggest remedy.

Jisiya (Mumbai, U. A. E. )

A: Keep your face and neck regularly moisturised, and make sure you apply sun block lotion every day, and avoid going out in the afternoon when the sun is at its harshest. Drink at least ten glasses of water daily, and go for a face massage once a week, to improve circulation.

Vidula Chopra

Q: Hi, I seem to have a lot of facial hair especially on the cheeks jawline and chin some being quite thick too. Can you suggest any remedies? Besides I also have these black spots over my face and some on neck too now. What Can you suggest?

Anuja (Mumbai, India)

A: Thread your chin and bleach the rest of your face. Bleaching makes facial hair less noticeable and works very well if you have a little hair, or if your hair is very fine. If you have more hair, go for laser hair removal. This permanently removes all facial hair, and is a little expensive, but is worth it. Make sure you go to a reputed clinic, and speak to others who have undergone the treatment. Black spots are presumably freckles, and though they can also be removed via laser treatment, it isn't really necessary. Simply apply concealer on the spots, and then apply foundation all over your face. Freckles are permanent. Stay out of the sun to avoid developing more freckles.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I am a muslim girl, due to which I wear a head scarf. I have recently noticed that the area covered by my scarf is considerably darker than my forehead. Now, when I want to remove my scarf, I cant, because I find it too embarrassing. Please help me solve this problem. I appreciate your help greatly.

Sabiha (Mumbai, UAE )

A: If you have decided to stop wearing the scarf, you should do so now itself, as only then will your skin colour start getting even. Here are some tips: Apply concealor and foundation. Cut a fringe if you have straight hair. Wear sunglasses or glasses. Apply cucumber juice to your face, leave on overnight. Drink ten glasses of water daily. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, before brushing your teeth, drink a glass of water mixed with the juice of one lemon (nimbu). Scrub your face three times a week with a face scrub.

Vidula Chopra

Q: I have some black spots under my eyes and few on my face. Can you recommend some home packs?

Kajal (Mumbai, )

A: Use a good face wash 2-3 times a day. Apply moisturizer daily and keep yourself relaxed. A more through treatment will require examination and use of steroids and depigmenting creams. For home remedies and other tips, see our article on combating dark circles.

Dr. Vivek Jain

Q: Hi! I came to US in May' 02. Suddenly, I observed that after my bath, there was some itching sensation on my hands( not the fingers). I thought, it was a water problem. After a few weeks, I thought it was a soap problem. We generally use Lever 2000, then I changed my soap to Mysore sandal. didn't find any improvement. Slowly, the area (itching area), started becoming black. As of today, i don't have any itching problem, but how to get rid of the black marks. As, I am new to this place and also new to the environment, can't afford that much, please help me out with some solution, which can be done at home. My husband says, because of the nails, may be it had become black. I don't have lengthy nails. I tried, lime juice, cucumber juice etc. But I don't find any difference. As, it is already 5 months now, I am so scared about my patches as I am very fair. Please help me with some good solution.

Kanishka (LA, USA)

A: Apply coconut oil 2-3 times a day.Use less soap (Avoid detergents).Only following these two should help you drastically.An element of tension and stress too sometimes precipitates an attack of hand eczema.RELAX !!!!

Dr. Vivek Jain

Q: My two year old daughter is not very fair. How can I lighten her complexion?

Sneha (LA, Poona )

A: You could try applying a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and honey. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off. Cucumber juice is also good for the skin. However, I would advise you to let her be. She is too young, and you should not be worrying about fairness. While our generation is still slightly partial to fair skin, things are definitely changing, and by the time your daughter grows up fair skin would no longer be considered a sign of beauty. Most models are dark complexioned. Don't worry about it.

Q: I am 29 years old and have a 1 year old son. I used to have clear skin before my son was born. Now I have noticed black spots on my face, which keep increasing daily. What could be the reason? Help!

Nirali (LA, India)

A: Women suffer everything from acne and rashes to broken capillaries during pregnancy. Additional conditions include melasma (brown spots - which is what you are probably encountering), seborrhea (red itchy patches around nose and scalp area) and rosacea (redness to the cheek areas) amongst others. You should apply a moisturiser and an antibiotic cream. It is very important to keep your skin moisturised during pregancy and after. Stay out of the sun as far as possible. This condition should go away in time.

Q: Please can you tell me how can i get rid of black marks on the skin?

Appu (LA, Goa )

A: You would have to visit a dermatologist, who will be able to prescribe a treatment after examining your skin. Take care to shelter your skin from the sun.

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