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Various ways of choosing baby names

What factors would you consider for choosing baby names? There are lots of things which can be kept in mind while choosing a baby name. Read on about some of the aspects which may influence baby name selection.

An actual process of walking on the fine line of parenting begins with baby name selection. Choosing a baby name is a most important event in the life of parents as well the baby. Therefore, parents must think carefully while choosing a name for their baby. The name of a baby may affect his or her personality and future life. Continue reading to know about the various ways of choosing baby names.

Choosing baby names with numerology

Numerology is the most popular trend during these days considered while choosing baby names. The parents who think that naming a baby according to a lucky number will make their baby lucky prefer numerology. Also, you will find many people who make changes in their existing names according to the numerology to become successful in life.

If you want to consider numerology for naming your baby you can try it out by reading some numerology books. However, if you want a perfect name according to numerology you can consult a numerologist.

Choosing mythological baby names

Choosing mythological baby names is an old practice. Some people consider that naming a baby with mythological name will help the baby and his parents to earn blessing of God. This practice is not only prevalent in India but also in other parts of the world. Many people around the globe also name their babies after saints' names.

There are many reasons why people name their babies with mythological name. Some parents may be from a religious background and some may consider their baby as a gift of Lord. Some may think that mythological names will have a good effect on the life of baby. And some may use a mythological name as a popular baby name for their baby.

Choosing short baby names

There are lots of advantages of naming a baby with short name. It is easy to remember as well as easy to pronounce. It also reduces the chances of confusion. It is a new trend which beats the old style of using long names for naming babies. It is also a fact that short names sound smart and classy. However, there may be some exceptional short names which may not reflect these features.

Choosing long baby names

Choosing long names for babies is a very old fashion. But some people do consider long names for their babies. They may consider it either as a formality or as a way of having a magnificent name for their baby. Long names can be observed mainly in royal families.

However, choosing a long name creates lot of difficulties for pronouncing that name. Due to this difficulty other people or parents themselves may start calling the baby with short or nick names. So the actual name only stays in the legal documents and papers. For example; Balwinder may turn to Ballu and Amarpreet can be converted to Amu.

Choosing popular baby names

Choosing a popular baby names is an easiest practice of choosing baby names. You can choose the baby names which are normally heard most of the times or used by most of the parents to name their babies. One of the easy ways to find out popular baby names is searching popular names on internet.

Choosing baby names according to birth time and zodiac sign

Choosing baby names according to the birth time and zodiac signs are also some of the illustrious practices. The factors like birth time and zodiac signs are closely associated with each other in case of choosing baby names. According to Hindu religion, Kundali of child is prepared based on birth time. Later according to Kundali the zodiac signs and relevant letters with which the baby name can be selected are determined.

In this way parents can think about the above mentioned factors before choosing a name for their little wonder. The name selected by parents is an important aspect by which the baby will be recognised. So thinking wisely about a baby name is a must before choosing it for your baby. It is also vital to take advices of other parents, relatives and friends which may prove useful. But you should also learn to neglect weird names suggested by them.

Do you believe in the concepts like lucky baby names? Would you consider numerology for choosing baby names? Is it good to name babies with short name or long names? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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