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How to choose a baby name?

The name of your baby is the most important aspect by which people will recognise your baby. However, finding a baby name can be a nerve wracking experience for some parents. Read on and know how to choose a baby name.

Giving birth to a life is a beautiful experience. It is a dream of two hearts which turns in to reality. At the same time it indicates the beginning of the journey on the narrow path of parenting. The very first stage of parenting starts once parents begin to think for a good baby name. Finding a baby name is actually a beautiful process and a notable moment in the diary of mind.

Many a times friends, family members, relatives, neighbours etc; try to influence the parents' decision about the baby's name. As such finding a baby name can become a nerve wracking experience for many parents. Read on know how you can find a good name for your little wonder.

Finding a baby name

Parents can consider many factors while choosing a baby name. Some parents also prefer to do a research for good baby names with the help of internet. Parents may also consider their own names while naming their baby. For example, if father's name is 'Ravi' and mother's name is 'Veena', the couple can prefer to keep their daughter's name 'Ravina'. Similarly they can also name 'Ravindra' in case if a baby boy is born.

Parents may also consider the first letter of their names while naming their baby. For example, if mother's and father's name start from letter 'A' then they can opt for naming their baby with letter 'A'. Name of the sibling can also be considered while naming a newborn baby. For example if elder sister's name is 'Jhuhi' the newborn baby girl can be named as 'Jaaee'

According to Hindu religion baby's birth time is considered as an important factor for naming a baby. Baby's birth time is submitted to the astrologer (Jyotish). According to the birth time of the baby the astrologer finds out the zodiac sign of the baby and prepares his or her Kundali. He also provides some letters which are regarded as relevant for naming the baby. Normally a baby is named on the twelfth day of his or her birth according to some followers of Hindu religion. Some may also name the baby after forty days as per the beliefs of Hindus.

Baby names for a girl

Parents may consider physical features of the baby girl while naming her. For example, if the baby girl is very fair, parents may name her as 'Shubra' which means 'a fair and beautiful lady'. If the baby girl has beautiful eyes they may name her as 'Naina', 'Meenakshi', 'Netra' or 'Kamlakshi'. If the baby girl has got blue eyes, parents may name her as 'Neelakshi' which means 'a girl with blue eyes'. If the baby is very adorable, parents may name her as 'Sneha'.

Baby names for a boy

Just like choosing a baby name for a girl, baby name for a boy can be decided depending upon his physical features. However, dates, days, and occasions can also be considered for naming a baby boy. For example, if the baby boy is born on some auspicious day like Diwali, Dushera etc; he can be named as 'Shub' which means 'auspicious'. If you think that giving birth requires lot of patience you may name your baby as 'Dhiraj' which refer to patience. If you are happy about bringing a 'new' life in this world, name your baby as 'Nitin' which refers to newness.

Avoid naming your baby boy with the common names used for both girls and boys. Such names can create confusion for people and embarrassment for the child in future.

Baby names for twins

Finding a baby names for twins is the easiest process as you can choose rhyming names. For example, the baby girls can be named as 'Nisha' and 'Anisha' or 'Amisha' and 'Anisha'. Similarly boys can be named as 'Ajay' and 'Vijay' or 'Sujay' and 'Sanjay'.

While selecting a baby name you should also consider that it should be short and sweet. Using a short name for naming a baby is helpful for other people to remember your baby's name. At the same time long names can create confusion and may cause difficulty in pronunciation for some people.

Some people also have a habit of naming a baby after the names of ancestors or other members of family who have passed away. However such practises should be avoided by parents. Hence, do a proper research before naming your baby and note down this wonderful process in your memories forever.

How did you choose a name for your baby? Is it relevant to use long names for naming a baby? Is it necessary to name a baby according to his or her zodiac sign? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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