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How to Choose Names for Twin Babies

Confused and need good ideas for choosing names for your twin babies? Read on to find out how to choose names for twins, how to choose names for twin boys and twin girls. Apart from your favourite names, you can also use these best ways to choose names for twins and get ideas.

Your doctor has just delivered the good news.You are expecting a baby. But wait! There is another surprise. You are carrying twins. This means double of everything: clothes, diapers, toys, etc. Your two little bundles of joy also need their own names . Having twins brings up a multitude of points to consider when naming them. Keep the following guidelines in mind when you select names for your children.

Naming Babies according to Birth Order

When you go for your regular check-up during your pregnancy, your doctor may often refer to your children as Baby A and Baby B. This is a logical order followed by most medical professionals, in order to distinguish between multiple babies in the same womb. Many parents sometimes choose to name their babies using the same parameters. Therefore, the eldest child will have a name beginning with 'A', the second beginning with 'B', and so on.

When you name babies according to their birth order, it is like tagging them. Their names will be a constant reminder of their birth status. This can also backfire when they get into petty squabbles. Do not be surprised if you hear sentences like 'I came first, I want that toy' if you decided to follow this option.

Giving Similar Sounding Names

A large number of parents of twins love to give their children similar sounding names. This is especially true for parents of monozygotic or identical twins. Parents are tempted to go for this option because they think it sounds cute. This decision can also be influenced by another factor. Parents are more likely to give their children similar sounding names if both children are of the same gender. This does not mean that parents of a boy and a girl do not go the same way.

Names that sound the same as well as those that rhyme can often cause confusion as your children get older. For example, if you call out to one child, the other one will reply instead. This is especially true if you happen to be standing in one room and your children are watching television in the next room or are in a room in a different part of the house. Another issue with these names is that both names will probably have the same nickname or can be shortened the same way.

Palindrome and Anagram Names

A palindrome refers to a word which is spelt the same way when read backwards. Lots of people name their twins using a palindrome. It may seem amusing at first. Also, it avoids the hassle of similar sounding names since you usually end up with two distinct names. Some parents choose anagrams. This means that one name has its letters rearranged to form the second one.

If you use these kinds of names, remember that you are binding your children forever. They will always be associated together because of their names. This may continue right up to the stage where your children are married and have families of their own. Twins are linked to one another but each child also needs a distinct identity. By using a palindrome or anagram name, you may make it more difficult for them to establish their separate identities.

Using Names with the Same Initials

Another popular choice is to give twin babies names beginning with the same letter. This way, your children can have different names. The only drawback of this choice is that your children will also end up with the same initials. This can create havoc when it comes to labelling possessions. If your children are going on a school tour, everything will have the same initials. Right from their clothes and undergarments to their accessories, camera, etc. Remember to be prepared for fights over belongings if you decide to go this route.

Names with the Same Meaning

You can consider giving your children two distinct names with the same meaning. This way your children retain their twin status but also have their own identity. Popular choices for these names are mostly different names of a God or a mythological figure. You could even name your children using names with the same meaning in different languages. Naming your children should be a well thought out decision. Your choice will influence them for the rest of their lives.

Keep to a theme.

You would prefer not to match a conventional name, for example, Margaret with something more unusual, similar to Moxie. Stick with names that come from a similar legacy or have a comparable style. Furthermore, don't be reluctant to go with a more unmistakable theme.

Think about your genuine necessities.

Better believe it, Cassandra and Callista are incredible names - until you're attempting to shout toward them when they're fleeing from you in the market. Stick with more limited names, or plan ahead for extraordinary nicknames so you're not continually hollering "Twins!" out of irritation.

Pick names that have a similar degree of commonness.

It might sound senseless, yet you don't need one twin to have a typical name, for example, Michael while different has an inventively spelled name, for example, Madisyn. On the off chance that one twin can discover his name on the customized pencil rack, the other ought to have the option to also.

Ensure that the names stream together well.

Talk them for all to hear, and listen cautiously. Do the names stream well into each other, or do you wind up staggering when you talk? You'll be stating the names together ordinarily, so you ought to pick names that are anything but difficult to articulate together.

Be particularly cautious with boy-girl twins.

Without a doubt, Taylor and Tyler sound charming together, as do Landon and London, yet in case you're picking exceptionally unisex names for your pair (particularly on the off chance that they're fundamentally the same as names like these), you may make it additionally confounding for their companions and instructors to keep them straight.

Decide how you will appoint the names.

Despite the fact that it's simple for a boy-girl pairs, it very well may be somewhat trickier with twins of a similar sex. You can conclude that the firstborn becomes Ethan, while his minutes-more youthful sibling becomes Nathaniel, or stand by until you see them to choose which one looks more like a Nate.

Names which Sound Similar or Rhyme

A good way to name twins would to name them with similar sounding names. Parents can also choose names which begin with the same alphabet and sound similar as well. Examples of this would be like

Shreyas and Shreya
Ashwin and Ashwini
Karunya and Karuna
Martin and Martina

Some of these are names with the other name just being an extended version. This is the most popular and most common way by which twins are named.

Rearranging Letters to Form Names

Another way to name twins is taking a name and rearranging the letters to form another name. For example take the name Tanay, now you can rearrange the letters to think of a name for the other twin. So, another name which comes from rearranging the letters in the word Tanay is Tanya. So, there you go Tanay and Tanya!

Another example would be the name Ameet and Meeta. After rearranging Ameet, you get Meeta. So, there you have two good boy-girl names for twins.

Tanay and Tanya
Ameet and Meeta

If you are looking for good twin names for girls, like this, you can take

Reema and Meera

If you are looking for good twin names like this for a boy, you can take

Anish and Ishan

This is an interesting way to name twins, but you won't find many combinations like this! It could get a little difficult!

Names with Similar Meaning

A good idea for naming your twins is choosing names with similar meaning. For example, you can choose the names like

Deep and Diya.

Both mean lamp or light.

Another similar example would be

Jeet and Jayita.

Both mean victory.

Choosing names with similar meaning is also a good way to name twins.

Names Related to Mythology or Religion.

You can choose names with meaning or origin from mythology and religion. Many Indians name their twins based on names from the Bhagavad Gita or Christians choose names for their twins from the Bible. An example of twin names with mythological meaning is

Luv and Kush

Luv and Kush both are children of Lord Ram from the Ramayan.

Sita and Gita

Sita is very famous as Lord Shri Ram's wife from Ramayan and Gita is from the Bhagavad Gita which is the holy book of the Hindus.

Jacob and Joshua

The names Joshua and Jacob are taken from the Bible.

The above pairs of names have relation to mythology or religion.

Choosing Names which Begin with the Same Letter

Some parents also like to choose names for twins by selecting names which begin with the same alphabet but do not necessarily rhyme or sound similar.

Examples of this would be,

Avika and Aniket

Payal and Pawan

Medha and Manshaa.

How to Choose Names for Your Twin Baby Girls?

The main thing to recollect is that the names ought to consistently be viable. The two of them ought to either be customary, or present day evade blend and match, as it doesn't sound great. You can likewise search for ladylike names, or male/female ones as indicated by your desire.

Here are a couple of focuses to recall while picking names:
  • The names should point towards the way that they are a couple.

  • You could likewise respect another person with their names.

  • On the off chance that the names are a couple, you need to guarantee that they don't sound excessively comparable.

  • You ought to likewise check whether the initials or nicknames are humiliating.

  • Remember your family heritage and history prior to picking the names.

  • Likewise, make an effort not to name your youngsters with words or monikers which are related with terrible recollections.

How to Choose Names for Twin Baby Boys?

There is no set method of picking a name for your young men. Since they, as fingerprints are as one of a kind in spite of sharing some comparative qualities.
  • The two of them can be named with a similar beginning letter. This trend has been there times obscure is still mainstream with the guardians' locale. Particularly with Identical twins as it adds more to the fantasy of being indistinguishable.

  • Despite what might be expected, they can likewise be named like the restricting powers in nature. Maybe of two things that aren't the equivalent yet manage everything well.

  • Or then again they can be totally inconsequential to one another. Your young men's names can be founded on what they look like or their character instead of being like each other. This adds a dash of uniqueness to their character regardless of being having comparative characteristics.

  • You may likewise pick the names having the very same importance for the pearl of your eyes. It shows the similitude the twins share among them.

  • A large portion of the guardians like to give rhyming names to their twins, for example, Om and Som, Amit and Sumit, etc.

Other Tips You Can Follow to Choose Names for Twins

Another way to choose names, is just choosing two names that you like. If you personally like two names very much and don't want to choose names using the different methods, you could opt for them. Ultimately, the parents should be happy with the decision.

Parents often wonder how to choose twin names and get good ideas for twin names. These above tips will help you get ideas for two names that go together. However, at the end of the day if the two are identical twins, you will end up confused with all the pranks played by twins, irrespective of the names!

Do you have twins? Do your twins play pranks on you? How would you choose names for your twins if you had them? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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