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Hindu Baby Naming Ceremony - Naamkaran

In India people of different casts and religions have their own way of performing the baby naming ceremony. Hindus follow different rituals and procedures for performing the naming ceremony of the new born. Right from choosing a baby name to placing the baby in the cradle, every thing is carried out by following the rituals. Hindus believe that the baby naming ceremony should be carried out by following proper rituals to bestow baby with a good life. Read on to know more about the Hindu baby naming ceremony.

Deepa is very fond of small and newborn babies. She loves to suggest new and different baby names to her friends and relatives blessed with the newborn babies. However, this time she had to suggest a baby name for a very special baby. She was very excited to hear from her fiance that his newborn nephew will be arriving soon at his home. Deepa and her fiance treated this newborn baby as their own child. She quickly started searching good Indian baby names as the baby naming ceremony was scheduled the very next week.

In Hindi, baby naming ceremony is also known 'Naamkaran' and in Marathi it is known as 'Baarsaa'. In Hindu families, the baby naming ceremony is normally scheduled on the twelfth day or after forty days depending upon the traditions of each sub-caste. In some Hindu families, some rituals and ceremonies are performed even before the baby naming ceremony. Some of them are conducted during the fifth or sixth day of the birth of the newborn baby. It is known as 'Panchvi' or 'Chhathi'. Such ceremonies are performed to protect the newborn from evil sprits.

In Hindu baby naming ceremony, many aspects are considered while naming the baby. The day and time of the baby naming ceremony is decided by the Pandits. The day and time decided is known as 'Shub Mahurat' which is an auspicious time for naming the baby. The letter with which the baby is named is normally decided based on his Kundali, birth time, positions of stars and planets etc; during the birth of the baby. Normally a Pandit or an Astrologer provides such letters with which the baby is named.

Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends and other family members are present during the baby naming ceremony. However, to make this ceremony auspicious this ceremony is performed in the presence of at least five married women. These women gather during the baby naming ceremony and carry out various rituals as per Hindu traditions and customs.

The ceremony begins with placing the newborn baby in the cradle. During this activity some rituals are also accompanied. The aunt of the baby (father's sister) whispers the baby's name in the baby's ears and then the name is announced to everybody present during the ceremony. Women sing the songs for welcoming the newborn baby and performing the baby naming ceremony. Each and every family member takes pleasure to rock the cradle of the newborn baby during the naming ceremony.

As a part of this ceremony, family members, especially grandparents bring gold and silver ornaments on the occasion of the baby naming ceremony for the newborn baby. At the same time gold chains, ear rings (even for a male child), silver anklets and new clothes are specially bought for the baby during this ceremony. Special feast is also organised during this ceremony.

Like other baby naming ceremonies, relatives and friends come to give blessing to newborn baby and best wishes to new parents. They also carry various gifts for the newborn baby on this occasion. They bring gifts for the newborn baby as per their choice or based on the requirements of newborn baby.

In this way, baby naming ceremony is carried out for welcoming, blessing and naming the newborn. Hindus perform a lot of rituals during the baby naming ceremony so that the baby is bestowed with good health, blessings of the Almighty and a good life ahead. As per Hindu traditions, performing these rituals during the baby naming ceremony is a must to make the future life of newborn baby prosperous.

What rituals are followed during the Hindu baby naming ceremony? How is Hindu baby naming ceremony performed? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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