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Naming baby with a celebrity name

Many parents consider naming baby with a celebrity name. However, some people do not like this practice. Read on to know some amazing facts about why people prefer naming babies after celebrity name.

Naming a baby with a celebrity name is a very old trend. Parents who name their babies after celebrities feel very good about it. The frequency of naming a baby after a particular celebrity increases when that celebrity becomes very popular. There are many reasons why people name their baby after a celebrity name. Here are some reasons why people select a celebrity name for their baby.

Reason for naming a baby with a celebrity name

Have a quick look at some amazing facts about why people prefer to name their baby after a celebrity name.

Fan followings

If any of the parents or both the parents are great fans of a particular celebrity, they might prefer naming their baby after that celebrity's name.

Role models

If the parent's role model is a particular celebrity, he or she may name his or her baby after that celebrity. Parent may have a strong desire to be like that celebrity and may be unable be like the one. Therefore, they may fulfill their desire by ending up naming the baby after that celebrity.

Birth Dates

Birth date is an important factor affecting the baby name selections according to some religions. Some people may name their baby after a celebrity name if their baby's birth date matches with the birth date of a particular celebrity.

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs are often referred for selecting a baby name. Zodiac sign is also one of the reasons why parent want to name their baby after a celebrity name. Parents may name their baby after their favourite celebrity who has a zodiac sign same as their baby.

Physical features

Physical features of baby may match with the celebrity when the celebrity was born so the parents may choose naming the baby after him or her. Some people also prefer to change their own name if they feel that their physical features match with some celebrity.

Expectations of parents

Sometime parents of babies may expect that their baby should become popular like their favourite celebrity. So they may consider a celebrity's name for naming baby. In the future life of the baby parents may even expect from the baby to follow the career path which was preferred by the celebrity after whom he or she was named.

There are some parents who also prefer naming their baby according to the celebrity baby names. It sounds very astonishing, but there are few people who actually name babies in this way. And there is also a category of parents who do not like this practice of naming a baby after celebrity names or after celebrity children names.

Naming a baby is an important aspect of parenting. Therefore parents should be very careful and alert while naming a baby. The baby's name has some effect or the other on the personality of baby. And there are certain surprising incidents where parents rename their babies or when babies grow up as an adult, they change their names themselves. Therefore it is essential to avoid naming a baby with a weird name. However, it is difficult for some parents to decide whether it is good or bad to name a baby after celebrity names.

How did you name your baby? What things are necessary to be considered while naming a baby? Is it good to name a baby purposely after the popular celebrities? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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