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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

An 18-Month-Old Toddler's Development

Develop healthy eating habits and boost communication skills in your toddler. Have a look into the developmental milestones and common health concerns in a toddler.
Apart from exploring the world around, your toddler is also learning to move her body now. It is absolutely normal to see your toddler in a perfect mood and then get into a fit of rage the next moment. She is just not yet capable of regulating her emotions. You cannot deny it flatly; it is a difficult task for us as well!
Here we shall look into some other developments that you can expect in your child this month:

18-Month-Old Toddler’s Growth and Development

Every toddler is different and shall develop at pace of her own. Once you are familiar with the milestones you can ascertain if your baby is progressing well. She has grown in leaps and bounds and is around 12.kgs in weight and 31 inches in length now.
While she is attempting to run, you may also find her trying to jump now. These are signs of her development of fine motor skills. His basic motor skills shall get better with time and he shall be able to run, jump and hop independently.

Development of Cognitive Skills in a Toddler

Development of the social and cognitive skills constitutes a part of her development now. You will find her exploring the world around her and trying to manage everything on her own. She will love playing with the water. Rather than trying to bring her away from it, you can be around for some time and help her explore it.
You may find her uncomfortable when her nappy gets wet or when she poops in it. If you think she is getting more and more uncomfortable, you can start toilet training her. However, this shall need plenty of encouragement, patience and care on your part.

Development of Communication Skills in a Toddler

Development of her communicative skills has now broken down into 2 categories: expressing and understanding the information.
Your toddler can now understand more than expressing herself. You can now expect her to understand simple commands such as "sit", "sleep", and “drink" and so on. You must use expressive language while talking to her, as this shall help her understand the expressions and use them in a sentence with time.
She can now express herself using 2-3 words. However, this tends to vary between toddlers and you need not worry if she is taking some more time. If you are concerned about her language developments, you can have a talk with the doctor.

Eating Patterns of a Toddler

The healthy eating habits that you inculcate in her shall last for her entire lifetime. However, do not get disappointed if she does not show interest in trying something new. You need to continue to offer her healthy choices of food to ensure she grows and develops well. Toddlers are known to reject a new food around 10 times before finally accepting them.
Attention spans among toddlers are really short and thus you need not stretch the eating times too long. Try to clean up the table in 30 minutes, if she shows disinterest in eating. Enjoyable meal times and good eating habits shall pay back later.

Health Concerns of a Toddler

Cough and cold are some common problems toddlers develop at this age. This may be a sign of a poorly developed immune system. It is important to ensure she gets plenty of rest and drinks sufficient water every day.
Ear infections are also very common at this age and it gets treated too easily. If she is getting frequent infections, you need to see the doctor.
Apart from this, make sure to take her for the scheduled immunizations. This shall ensure she is safe against the fatal diseases and infections.
You can also get in touch with the doctor in case you have any other health or developmental concerns about your toddler. Happy parenting!

How to develop healthy eating habits in toddlers? How can parents boost communication development in toddlers? How to prevent common health issues in a toddler? Discuss here.

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