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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

A 22-Month-Old Toddler's Development

Have a quick look at the developmental milestones which can be expected in a 22-month-old toddler. Learn about the physical growth and developments observed in a toddler right away.

Every day is a fun and adventurous day for her now. This is the time when you must be extremely worried about her safety and wellbeing too. You never know when she is inside the kitchen and probably landing herself in some trouble. Therefore, you must ensure that you childproof your home properly.
Temper tantrums shall also increase now. However, do not let his tantrums guide your mood. You need to stay calm, supportive and reassuring, so that she knows you are always there for her.
It is also very essential that you find some time for yourself as well. Take a break from all your works when she is sleeping and engage in something you love to do. To nurture your toddler, you must first take care of yourself well.
Here we shall take a look at some of the growth and developments you can expect in your toddler this month:

22-Month-Old Toddler’s Growth and Development:

She is much taller than before now. Her bone structure too is undergoing lots of changes and thus it is essential she gets all the necessary nutrients to support healthy growth. Some have bowed legs even now, however; they shall be completely straight once she is around 2 years.
Her face may still appear very immature now. It may be difficult for you to turn down some of her requests looking at her cute face. Your toddler will always be the most appealing thing on earth and that is how she has been made! Do not let yourself bother much about her cranky behaviour, as she shall soon outgrow it.
Look at her shoes closely and see if he needs new ones. She may have outgrown her shoes few days back. Make sure to buy the right size now, so that she can wear them in the coming few months. Sandals with adjustable straps shall be a good choice.

Interactive Games and Play Sessions for Toddlers

You can now offer her toys of different types and textures. The plastic toys that you buy for her must be non toxic, so that nothing harmful goes inside even if she chews them. Toys made of natural fibbers and wood shall offer different tactile experience. You must encourage her to be creative and let her assist you with gardening chores. Little voyages shall be little discoveries for her now.
Interactive games shall help develop her social skills. This is also a wonderful way to help her learn new things in a fun way. You should be her constant stimulus, so that she develops her skills from the self initiated games.

Eating Patterns of a Toddler

Make her sit on a high chair while eating, so that he can see you all eating together. His tolerance span shall be very short now and thus make sure you do not make her wait on the chair for long. Serve her food immediately once she is on her chair. Let her choose what she shall like for the lunch that day. Do not force her to eat things that she does not like.
Every toddler rejects food given to them and yours is no different. So, take it easy and keep trying with different options. However, make sure to offer her healthy choices of foods, rather than the processed and packaged ones.
If she no longer loves the milk, you can try the substitutes like yoghurt, cheese or ice cream. White cheese is known to be an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium. You can also sprinkle grated cheese on veggies and fruits and enjoy her savouring every bite. Small sea fish are known to be good sources of calcium too. However, makes sure that you take out all the tiny fish bones before feeding it to your child so that she does not get hurt.
It is all about making things fun for her, so that she is not bored with her regular routines.

Which developmental milestones can be observed in a 22-month-old toddler? How to stimulate the brain development of a 22-month-old toddler? Which toys can help to boost physical growth and development of a toddler? Discuss here.

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