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Thread: An 18-Month-Old Toddler’s Development

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    An 18-Month-Old Toddler’s Development

    How to develop healthy eating habits in toddlers? How can parents boost communication development in toddlers? How to prevent common health issues in a toddler?

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    Healthy eating habits in toddlers can be developed by starting early. Giving them easy to eat foods such as finger foods will expose them to self feeding. Giving them carrot sticks, potato wedges and cut fruits and letting them eat by themselves will help them develop healthy eating habits. Having meals together and letting the toddler have his meals also develops healthy eating habits.

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    no interest in food

    my baby is 21-month -old. he is boy.he is only feed breast-milk and milk with parle ji.he also interested in soft drinks .but he don't take anything.he don't take anything even don't taste one bite. if i forced he vomit. as doc said i gave ZINCOVIT SYRUP.BUT I HAVE NOT ANY RESULT ..I M VERY WORRIED....PKLZ HELP ME................

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