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You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 25-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 1-month-old)

A 25-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 1-month-old)

Do you know the milestones your 25-month-old baby will be reaching? Find out growth and developments you can expect this month.
Since your toddler has gained the ability to be on her own and assert her independence everywhere, you need to do your extra bit to ensure she is safe. This is the time when she would want to do everything on her own and would not entertain your interference.
Make your toddler understand that she needs to be little more skilled to be able to dress alone, communicate effectively or eat neatly. With positive guidance and support, she shall soon be able to master them and become a unique individual.
Here we shall help you know about some of her growth and developments you can expect this month:

Toddler’s Growth and Development

She is taller and leaner than before. However, even though her activities have multiplied, do not expect her to eat more. Excess body weight shall in fact lead to diseases like obesity in her later life.
She shall now be running, hopping, jumping all through the day. She can now stand on one foot and hop or jump around easily. However, you may find her carefully watching her steps when she is walking on rocky terrain.
She may find it easy to undress but shall take some more time to dress up now. Bath times shall still be fun times for her. She shall love exploring different games in the water. She shall love pouring, squirting, water games and bubble plays. These games shall go a long way in helping her develop her motor skills. Make sure she is not left unsupervised while bathing.

Interactive Games and Play

She will love stacking toys of the same colour and shape. Though she may identify the same shapes, do not expect any accuracy from her yet. She will love repeating a game several times.
It is important you spend time playing with her every day. Research studies suggest that parents, who spend time playing with their toddlers, find them less demanding and more attentive. Your toddler will know she shall get plenty of attention while playing and need not misbehave to gain any further attention from you. However, she shall have short attention spans and even if she is playing her favourite games, you cannot expect her to stick to it for long.
You can arrange a craft table for her, where she can be busy with her crayons, pencils and papers. Remember not to over stimulate her with too many choices. You can show her ways to fold, cut, paint and paste. You can give her ideas to get started and help her discover new possibilities.

Eating Patterns

Even though she may be capable of feeding herself, you may not find her show much interest in foods. Eating is just a waste of time for her, as there are so many things left unexplored! However, do not lose hope and continue insisting her to spoon feed herself. Try not to control her meal times much and remember she shall eat better when you make meal times fun for her.
Apart from the cow milk, you can also try soy milk to meet her daily requirements of calcium. You must read the labels and speak to a paediatrician if you are introducing something new to your toddler.
Her diner should be over by 7 in the evening. It is better to avoid any sugary snacks before bed. Fruits, crackers and yoghurt are some better option you can try, if she wants something before bed.
She should be well aware of the healthy habits like washing her hands before and after food. You can also encourage her to sneeze in a tissue paper and use them when she has runny nose. However, needless to say, you still need to monitor her activities throughout the day.

What growth and development is expected in a 25-month-old toddler? How to help a toddler to become independent? What should be the eating pattern of a 25-month-toddler? Discuss here.

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