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You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 30-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 6-month-old)

A 30-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 6-month-old)

Your toddler is 30-months-old now and will throw temper tantrums frequently. Learn about the ways in dealing with her tantrums and development of motor skills.
You may be surprised to see how suddenly your toddler starts hating the food that used to be her favourite so far. Well, take it easy even if she appears too choosy about her foods. Her fussiness during mealtimes shall be over in few months. You just need to be little patient like you have been in the previous months. She just loves to take control over what she eats and what she likes.
Here we shall take a detailed look at her growth and developments this month. Read along for some interesting information:

Eating Patterns of a 30-Month-Old Toddler

You can look for the healthy eating alternatives, if you think she is not getting the right nutrition. Here are some tips you can try to persuade her to eat more:
  1. You can keep a record of the times around the clock when she is the hungriest and offer the foods she does not like much. This is the best time to offer these foods. There are high chances she might take at least some of it.
  2. Do not force her to finish her plate every time you arrange meals for her. Rely on her when she says she is full.
  3. Keep the meal times short, as she shall not have too long attention spans.
  4. You can motivate her to eat with her friends. It is a good idea to invite some friends home and let them enjoy foods together.

Behavioural Patterns of a 30-Month-Old Toddler

It is normal to find her appearing shy in front of strangers. It is just a part of her developmental phase that she shall soon outgrow it. You must accept her shyness rather than comparing her with others. On the contrary, you can always encourage her to take part in group activities with friends. Mingling with peers and friends shall help her develop socially as well.
In case you feel her introvert nature is actually hampering her developments in some way, you can have a talk with your doctor. Intervention in an early stage shall help her overcome fears.
You shall find her more inclined to play with friends of her gender. She shall become more proactive, if she learns you are firm with her. Remember, if you try to force her into a particular course of behaviour she shall get rigid and throw temper tantrums. You need to be tactful dealing with her tantrums, rather than getting anxious.

Mental Developments in a 30-Month-Old Toddler

Your toddler shall undergo significant mental developments along with her physical developments. You shall find her engaged in plenty of make believe games now. She will not wait for you to encourage starting a game. You will also find her sticking to a game longer than before.
Her language skills shall develop significantly as well. She may hold conversations consisting of 2-3 sentences now. You may also find her using prepositions now.

Development of Motor Skills in a 30-Month-Old Toddler

With development of her fine motor skills you may find her trying to play music with different instruments round the home.
Be prepared for all her exploration on walls with pencils and crayons. You can buy her a white board and persuade her to practise her drawing skills there. You can also provide her with plenty of white papers and create dots on them. You can ask her to follow the dotted sequence. This shall keep her interested and you may save the walls from becoming her canvas.
It is surely a pleasure watching your little one grow and develop with the passage of every single day. You are her guide and ensure you are always there around her. For any queries, you can always get in touch with her doctor.

How to deal with toddler tantrums? How to help toddlers eat different foods? How to encourage physical development in 30-month-old toddler? Discuss here

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