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Raising Children Topics..

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Parenting Advice

Parenting Advice

Parenting advice is needed and is important for even experienced parents. Little help when dealing with challenging issues can make a lot of difference to you and your child. Read on to learn about some great tips and advices to deal with parenting issues.

As soon as you become a parent your network of family and friends also starts growing. Having friends and well wishers around not only means relaxation and recreation, you are definitely going to get a lot of parenting advices. It is not necessary that these advices are always ideal and good for your child.

Why You Need Parenting Advice?

When you are bringing up your child you will face plenty of common and some unique challenges to deal with. With expert parenting advice it will be easy for you to understand your child and what she expects from you. Also, you need to know and choose the step that will be good for your child and her life.
All parents need advice related to parenting now and then. So, if you find yourself confused on any issue, there is no harm seeking advice. Just make sure you get the right one which is beneficial for your child.

Tips for Parenting a Toddler

Right from potty training to dealing with tantrums, you have to face a lot of problems when bringing up a toddler. The first and the last thing you need are to have patience. Always keep in mind that toddlers are just learning to know about things and people around. Many of them might not be able to express their feelings very clearly.
When it comes to training or disciplining your toddler, some might take longer time than others. So, you should be aware of your child’s capability and understanding as well. You should also be aware of the circumstances and situations when you might require professional advice.

Tips for Parenting a Preschooler

Even though every child is unique, there are few things every preschoolers have in common. Whenever you think of raising happy preschoolers, things like the best strategies, biggest challenges and burning questions come up.
Being a parent is not an easy task particularly in the initial years. However, you need to remember that you are a role model for your little one. Stay healthy and practice good habits, so that she learns all of them from you.
It is just perfect to have plenty of questions in your mind when you are raising your preschooler. Do not hesitate to share your concerns, successes and questions with the paediatrician. Both of you can help her develop healthy habits. Here are some parenting tips which will help you to raise a happy and a healthy preschooler.
  1. Stress on Communication
    If you are relying on others to take care of your daughter, make sure the caregiver and you are on the same page. Getting help can be a great relief when you keep all channels of communications open. Clear and consistent communication will bring up issues that might not have caught your attention yet. Talking to her teachers in the preschool shall clear many of your doubts and there are chances when you may come to know that there are many small things which you bother about.
  2. Lots of Playtime at Home
    When at home make sure to offer her messy play times with paints, mud or sand. Outdoor games, rolling, running and tumbling shall help your preschooler vent out her anger and stress. Dress up games, drawing and paintings shall help her develop her skills and express her feelings.
  3. Read to Her
    Encourage her to think, imagine and talk. Singing rhymes, telling stories and reading together are some great pass times. Your preschooler is growing every single day. The more she grows the better you become aware of her needs.

Tips for Parenting a Schoolgoer

The style of parenting changes when kid reaches the school going age. Children also have to face lot of challenges and tasks with which they were completely unaware during preschool years. Parenting a schoolgoer must focus on helping them accomplish their different types of tasks and reach milestones as well.
Parents of school going children keep a close watch and exercise general supervision while children benefit from moment-to-moment self regulation. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that your child has started recognising and is being recognised now. So, you should always respect her self-consciousness and self-pride. Make sure you explain things and your expectations when she is alone with you and listening to you.
  • Give your child a chance and let her try.
  • Solve any problem together.
  • Express your feelings and make your expectations clear for her.
  • Listen to your child.
  • Do not react to sibling rivalry until there is no harm to any of them.

Tips for Parenting Preteens

Parenting becomes really difficult when a child is in pre-teenage. Pre-teens are children between the age of 9 – 12 and this is the time period when lot of changes take place in a child.

Keep your Child Safe

Since your child is growing now, explain things to her and show her how to stay safe from dangers.

Prepare your Child for the Peer Pressure

Your child is now going to face it and you should help your child handle the peer pressure effectively. Pay attention to boosting your child’s self-esteem.

Develop Trust

No matter where you live, but this is the time when children start disconnecting with their parents. You need to re-establish your trust with her and by giving some leeway you can let your relationship with your pre-teen strengthen and grow.

Punish them Effectively

When your child has committed a mistake or there is any kind of behavioural problem, you should find a creative way out instead of grounding your child or taking away any of her privileges.

Teach Good Learning Skills

Since your child is now in pre-teenage you must be aware of what kind of learner she is. Help her develop her skills by focusing on her strengths. You can also attend her needs and remain positive to help build confidence in her.

Encourage Hobbies

Extracurricular activities help develop personality. Explore the interests of your child and help her carry on her hobbies especially when she feels bored.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Let your child understand the importance of eating healthy food and educate her about nutrition and its importance. Try to develop the habit of preparing food at home and encourage your child to eat well.

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene are two most important things that your child should be completely aware and conscious of by now. Make sure your child pays attention to bathing, exercise, using antiperspirant, mouth care, shaving and help her prepare for menstruation and educate her about sex.

Tips for Parenting a Teenager

Since teenagers obviously break away from their parents at this age, many parents find this as emotional separation which is disturbing for any parent. Parenting a teenager will make you face different types of challenges every now and then. Keep in mind few things so that you have a better relationship with your teenage child.
  • Give some space to help her establish her identity.
  • Invite her friends for dinner.
  • Decide rules and regulations in advance.
  • Talk to them about risks and advise them how to stay away from them.
  • Let your kid share her feeling no matter what it is.
  • Support your kid in times of difficulty.
  • Be a role model because children watch their parents very closely and your actions are critical more than your words.
  • Keep a check when your child is going out with a bad crowd.

Kids and Chores

One of the biggest problems that moms face often is how to carry out the normal household chores when they have kids around. Well, here you will have to deal with the problem depending on the age group to which your child belongs. However, you can involve your kid no matter what her age is and help her learn about responsibility. Sharing chores will also give you help around the house.

Discipline and Kids

Disciplining a big kid is different from disciplining a toddler. You can help your child understand what is expected from her as she grows. However there are some ways with the help of which you can discipline your child under all circumstances.

Recognise and Reward Good Behaviour

Usually parents overlook good behaviour and pay attention only on punishments when children make mistakes or do not obey. As a parent you should always keep in mind that positive reinforcement works well and more than negative one.

Make the Rules Clear

When you are disciplining your child, rules must be clear to them. This means that children should be aware of what is expected from them. This will also make them obey you in any circumstances. For example if you get to do something in a short span of time, you can take help from your child without upsetting her.

Stay Calm

It has been observed that usually parents get excited and lose their temper when they have to discipline their children. This conveys a very bad example. So, when you find that your child has done something wrong, you should buy yourself some time before you take any action.

Neutralise Argument

When there is no question of argument, you should steer clear. Do not be fickle minded or let your partner agree to anything that is not acceptable. This will misguide your child and she will not be able to know what is right.

Be Steady about Rules

You may find it difficult to stick to the rules at times. Do not feel guilty because, in reality, kids benefit from limits. Rules help children to understand that their parents are watching and keeping an eye on their activities. You can give some space once kids come around the age of 9 to 12. However, make sure you stay always very careful with safety.

Always Model Good Behaviour

Keep in mind that your kids are watching you. Your personal conduct and behaviour makes a more lasting effect on your child’s mind. So, practice what you preach and expect from your child.

Parenting Advice to Raise Happy Kids

Raising happy kids does not mean that you provide them with pleasurable experiences. The important thing is to help them create and sustain joy on their own. For this you need to help your child build a lifetime of confidence and self esteem.
  • Stay connected with your child and give unconditional love to her.
  • Avoid over-scheduling your child’s free time.
  • Help your child discover her talents and use her own resources.
  • After finding your child’s talent, help her practice so that she excels that skill.
  • Help your child understand the difference between wants and needs.
  • Do not make life too easy for your child.
You have to prepare your child to find her own happiness. If your child wants to try something and you fear she might fail, let her do that. Failing is, in fact, good for your child. She will learn how to cope when things would do not go her way. She will gain self confidence and go for it.
If you make rules early and stick to them, many of the things will come to your child naturally. Keeping in mind the above tips, you should remember and always remain positive and supportive. This becomes all the more important when your child does something wrong or unexpected from her. Do not forget that they are still growing and making mistakes will help them learn and become better individuals when they grow up.
When you are parenting a child, it is important you prepare the child to face any kind of challenges that she might face in life. Be a role model and show your child what you want her to become. Remember, if you want a good kid, you will have to be a good adult.

What are the golden rules of parenting? How to decide what is good and what is bad for a child? On whom should parents rely for getting right parenting advices? Discuss here.

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