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You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 31-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 7-Month-Old)

A 31-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 7-Month-Old)

What kind of developmental milestones are achieved by toddlers on completion of 31 months? Let us have a look at the developments which can be observed in a 31-month-old toddler.
Now when you take a look at your 31 months old, you may find her engaged in solo play or exploring a new task. You will soon find her busy with all his friends and this shall mark the beginning of making friends. Do not worry about the hitches in the way. You may find her refusing to accept the bossy nature of another pal. You may also find her threatening others. However, there is no need to worry much, as these things shall soon pass. Make sure you are not too hard on her, as she has developed extremely sensitive emotions now. The only way you can help her is by replacing her wails by proper words.
Here we shall take a closer look at what you can expect from her this month:

Toilet Training Toddler

Although toilet training can be started at 15 months, some children may take some more time to start. It is natural to feel bit confused about how to start the whole process. You can however look for signs that say if she is ready for the training is she is not yet potty trained. See if she dislikes when her nappy gets wet or if she wants to go to the toilet with you.

Parenting your Toddler

Your toddler shall keep you on toes all through the day. It is normal if you find yourself being the cook, housekeeper or her personal assistant for the day. Your toddler after all loves to live life based on her own idea and perspectives. She knows you and her dad is always there to take care of her. Be prepared, as your child may instruct you the way her plate should be served and the clothes she should be given to wear.
You can engage her in some tasks, but make sure to keep the tasks simple for her. You can ask her to sort the laundry for you or fetch a bowl from the cupboard.
It is important that you frame the words the way she understands. You must thank her for the help you get. When you lead by example, she shall follow you.
You must be attentive towards what she is doing. Even you shall feel frustrated, if you find the person you are talking to is busy flipping through the news paper or listening to music. In case you are engaged in some work, you can let her know that you shall listen to her once you are done with your work. This way she shall learn to wait for the right time. On the contrary, if you are ignoring her all the time, she shall feel frustrated and irritated as well. It is very essential that you acknowledge her feelings.

Fears at Night

You may find your toddler shaking with fear and waking up at the middle of a night. She may fall asleep on her own again. There is not much to worry, as she is just having her night terrors. You may be advised by your doctor not to hold her, as that might interrupt the natural process of her tremor stopping. The best thing is she will not remember the dream in the morning. However, in case you have any concerns, you can always get in touch with a doctor.

Eating Patterns of a Toddler

It is normal if your toddler suddenly develops a dislike for her favourite food. The best thing you can do is, present it in a different way. Rather than asking her to take the spinach curry all the time, you can also stuff it in a parantha and encourage her to take something new.You are after all her mother and know the best ways to tackle her!

How to encourage right growth and development in toddlers? How to know if a toddler is growing at a right pace? How to track toddler’s development? Discuss here.

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