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Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are deeply related to each other. Having right and apt information on health issues, beauty and fitness will help you lead a stress free life. Read on to learn about important aspects of health and fitness.

When it comes to health and fitness, you will find a lot of advices and suggestions no matter whether you seek one or not. Nutritious diet and a proper fitness regime can help you stay fit and maintain your health as well. However, you will find that there are many pitfalls and pulling back elements as soon as you start marching on the road of health.
The road that leads to health and fitness has many rewards, but is also not free from roadblocks. News and information and daily motivating tips will help you remain healthy and fit. The tips and guidelines should be from fitness professionals and experts and should fit in your lifestyle as well. Here things are made safe and simple as well as you will get some motivational push that is needed to go on.

Impact of Physical Activity on Academic Performance of Kids

Recent studies have revealed the fact that lesser the physical activity in kids, poorer is their academic performance. In kids, physical activities tend them to use their energy levels in the right way and make them fit and healthy. Cognitive control leads to control in thought, performance and decision making as well.

Importance of Nutritious Food

You must take care to eat healthy and nutritious food, no matter what age group of people you belong. Balanced meal provides proper nutrition to your body and helps maintain a healthy heart, the muscles work optimally and keep your brain active as well. The nutrients in the food not only provide you with the needed energy, but also make your bones, muscles and tendons stronger.

Tips for Healthy Diet

Make sure you take apt calories through food you eat. Find out the calories your body needs by analyzing your lifestyle and eating habits. Eat food that helps you get enough energy and also helps you balance the intake and outflow of energy. Bring variety to your daily meal and enjoy the food you eat.
  • Try to have at least one balanced meal during the day.
  • Indulge in lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Add fish to your diet at least two times a week.
  • Opt for less saturated fat and sugar.
  • Reduce salt intake by taking all necessary precautions.
  • Drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated all through the day.
  • Never skip your breakfast because it jumpstarts your metabolism for the day.

Significance of BMI

Body mass index or BMI is the ratio between one’s weight and height. It helps you judge your body weight and find out the amount of fat you have. Since carrying excess body fat puts you at risk of many health problems, BMI helps you prevent further weight gain as well as makes weight reduction also desirable. The best way to lose weight and keep it off as well is to bring changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Add some physical activity to your life that you enjoy doing.

Exercise Excuses and Their Solutions

Have a quick look at the exercise excuses and their solutions.

  1. No time
    Whether it is about parents or children, the most common excuse for not exercising is that there is lack of time. Well, if you or your kid really does not have time, you can skip the ads during television shows and use that time to exercise or record the shows and watch them later.
  2. Too tired
    Remember, working out actually helps you feel more energetic. Although it is good to exercise in the morning, you can also make it a routine to workout in afternoon or evening, if that fits well in your lifestyle.
  3. Exercise is Tedious
    There is no exercise that is right for all. If you find exercise boring, choose an activity in which you have interest. You can go for swimming, cycling, running or perhaps you can join a sports league. You can also ask some friends to join in.
  4. Feeling Lazy
    If you just do not want to move, it is important you should figure out the reason behind it. Once you find out the reason, you would definitely get a solution for that.
  5. Lack of Visible Results
    If you are looking for results, you should set small goals and try to achieve them with honesty and sincerity. Having an exercise buddy will also help you continue with the exercise regime.

Why Running is Good for Health and Fitness

Running is one of the most effective forms of exercise that helps you to get fit and stay healthy.
  • It helps prevent a number of diseases.
  • Helps improve quality of emotional and mental life.
  • Helps lose weight faster than other ways.
  • Helps make muscles and bone healthy.

Walking for Maintaining Health and Fitness

Although walking is considered as low impact form of exercise, it helps you stay fit and improves health. It helps you get rid of excess body fat and improves your fitness level by preventing several diseases. The best thing about walking is that it is easy and fit for people of all ages.
In fact, only 30 minutes of brisk walking everyday can help bring remarkable changes and improve your fitness.
  • Walking is good for heart and it reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Walking can cut down your risk of developing several diseases.
  • Daily walk reduces the risk of degenerative brain diseases in old people.
  • Walking reduces stress.
  • Alleviate mild depression.
  • Works as a natural energizer.
  • Boosts immune function.

Moving Around During Day

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, it is advisable to move around whenever you have time. You can take the steps instead of the elevator, walk to the restroom often and this will happen when you drink plenty of water. Avoid asking for tea or coffee and instead walk to the coffee machine and make coffee for yourself whenever you need one.
By simply walking around and stretching you will not only be able to maintain health and fitness, but also get relief from back pain. Instead of sitting for long hours, walk around the office every 30 minutes. You can talk to some of your colleagues and do something that will make you breathe.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Here are what you need to do for developing healthy eating habits for maintaining your health and fitness.

This is the most important meal of the day. You should never skip it. Instead, you should try to increase your protein intake so that you have enough energy to carry on the activities of the day and this will make you feel full for long also.

You should have 5 – 6 meals daily. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 – 3 snack times in between meals.

Watch out Calories and Food Portions
No matter whether you are overweight or not, you should eat the amount of food that is needed by your body. So, make sure you know how many calories your body needs and eat foods that provide you apt calories and help you feel full for long as well. You should also watch out the food portions when you eat.
If you are able to teach your child healthy eating habits at an early age, it will be of great help for her. She will be able to make healthy choices in life and stay fit all through her life as well. Help your child avoid unhealthy food as far as possible. Teach and influence your child to develop good eating habits that is full of nutrition so that she is able to achieve a life that is healthy and would make her stay fit and strong.

How to maintain good health and fitness? What kind of exercises help to maintain health and fitness? Which type of diet should be followed in order to stay healthy and fit? Discuss here.

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