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You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 26-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 2-month-old)

A 26-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 2-month-old)

Your 26 –month-old toddler will be showing a lot of development. Learn about the vital stages of her development right away.

Your toddler has now grown emotionally, socially and physically. While there may be days when you can feel absolutely frustrated, it is very normal. However, your frustration shall soon melt down when you see your little one healthy and joyous. Temper tantrums are the ways your little one actually communicates with you. Her tantrums shall reduce, as she learns to communicate with you effectively.
Praising her for good behaviours is another way you can beat some of her tantrums. Watch her play and participate in some of her games for positive effects on her.
Here we shall take a look at some of her other growth and developments now:

26-Month-Old Toddler’s Growth and Development

Her range of expressions and words are expanding now. She may now be capable of using 4-5 words in a sentence. She can now follow your instructions easily without any trouble. Since this is the time when her speech and language development is at peak, you need to ensure you engage in lots of conversations with her daily. You must be careful about the words you use, as you never know when she learns them and use in front of the outsiders.
If she has been toilet trained already, she must have also developed the habit of washing her hands after using the toilet. She must have an easy access to the wash basin and soap.
Even now she will not love the idea of sharing. She will love to take away other's belongings and also keep away her own things.
She will now be able to point at the object she wants. This may make your trips to the shops and malls difficult, as she may want everything she feels attracted to now.

Interactive Games and Play Sessions

Give her plenty of blocks now. She may be able to stack 8 or more of them now. She will love repeating and stacking them for hours together. She will be highly attracted towards the bright primary colours. Offer her games of different mediums and textures, so that she can differentiate between them easily. She will soon develop attachment towards her favourite toys and may even want to sleep with it. These are small yet vital stages of her development.
She shall soon shift her interest from her favourite toy to his next attraction. Apart from this, you may also find her develop interest in thumb sucking. She may be sucking her thumb when bored, hungry or wants to sleep. She may also develop attachment with a pillow or soft toy. These are signs of her emotional developments and attachment to things.

Eating Patterns of a Toddler

Please do not bother if he is not eating much. Rely on her when she says she is full. Make sure you feed her on lots of proteins and foods that are nutritionally rich. This way you will know whatever she has taken is healthy. Eggs, meat, chicken, bread, cheese, fish, cereals, fruits and veggies are some eating options that must comprise her diet. Do not mash her foods, if you have been doing so. This is high time when she shall take foods in the form you consume them.
Bottle feeding is something that you must stop now. Give her a cup to drink her juice and milk. Encourage her to take water more than any drink.
Try not to worry much when she is playing with her friends outside. Make sure to take her for the scheduled immunizations on time. Basic habits like washing hands, changing clothes after returning from play and keeping her away from those suffering from contagious diseases shall be enough to ensure her wellbeing.

What should be included in the diet of a 26-month-old toddler? What basic habits can be taught to 26-month-old toddlers at this stage? How to encourage speech and language development in toddlers? Discuss here.

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