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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 27-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 3-month-old)

A 27-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 years, 3-month-old)

Your 27-month-old toddler is now big enough to know between right and wrong. Find out the growth and developments you can expect this month.
Your little one shall be more eager to dress herself this month. This is the time when she shall be extremely creative, imaginative and will have fantasies lurking in her mind. It will be difficult to put her in bed now, as she shall be more interested in the play. You may also find her waking up in the middle of the night with vivid dreams.
She will still remain ego centric and will not appear very keen playing with toddlers in the park. Some of her behaviours can be difficult for you to tolerate, however; you need to be more tactful in your approach. Remember, none of the phases shall continue too long and you shall be able to enjoy back your peace of mind.
Your toddler may seem impulsive, making it difficult for her to concentrate in a particular task for long. She shall gain her self control and concentration with time.
Here we shall take a look at some of her other growth and developments you can expect this month:

27-Month-Old Toddler’s Growth and Development

With advancement of her age, she shall be able to stack more blocks now. She can now easily balance the tower. You will see her increasing patience and remaining absorbed in a game longer than before. So, even if you are calling her, you may not get any immediate replies from her now.
She shall be fine tuning her motor skills now. She will be able to pick up small things and place them down as well. Skipping, hopping, jumping and running are some activities that shall keep her busy now.
She will now be able to frame 5 words in a sentence now. She shall also develop her body language.

Interactive Sessions and Games

Your little one will love to explore and play with dirt. You must apply your practical sense while dressing her. It is better to keep away the good clothes while she is going out for play.
It is important that she goes out for play every day. It shall have positive impact on her and she shall be able to vent out her energies. You will find her less cranky when she has had her fun outdoors. You can take her with you, whenever you go out.
If you love gardening, it is a good idea to involve her too. You can ask her to put flowers in a pot or carry small stuffs for you.

Eating Patterns of a Toddler

You may be trying very hard to persuade her to finish her plate. This is the time when she has a clear idea about the "bad" food and the "good" ones. It is very important that no matter how little she eats, she gets the first rate nutrients only. This is the time when her growth is at peak and she needs the food to keep her going.
If she is taking too much of milk, it can have negative impact on her appetite. Milk is said to have low amount of iron and thus you need to provide iron fortified foods to prevent anaemia. If her red blood count appears low, doctor may suggest iron supplements to her.
It is better to switch off the television and computer when she is eating. Sitting together at the dinner table and discussing about the day is rather a good idea.
Apart from this, you can also educate her about table manners now. Familiarising her with basic hygiene standards is also very essential to help her enjoy good health. If you are concerned about any of her developments, you can surely bring it up to her doctor.

What developments are expected in a 27-month-toddler? What should be eating pattern of a 27-month-old toddler? How to encourage language development in toddlers? Discuss here.

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