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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

A 14-Month-Old Toddler's Development

Your 14-month-old toddler will be developing at a faster pace. Have a look at her growth and development this month.

You must be thrilled with every milestone your little one has attained so far. The good news is you are in for plenty of surprises, as she shall be developing rapidly at this stage. In case you are worried about some of her developmental delays in the 14th month, you can speak with your doctor. Generally, toddlers follow a predictable pattern of developments. At this age you can expect significant social, emotional, cognitive developments in your little one.
Here we shall take a closer look at her growth and development this month:

Eating Patterns of a 14-Month-Old

You must have presented plenty of options in her plate now. However, you may have also been disappointed with her refusing almost all of them. However, you should keep on trying with different options and offer her foods with different textures and flavour.
She should be taking at least 2 full meals and 3 nutritious snacks at this age. You must not be surprised if she does not appear much hungry, as growth slows down at this time.
If you want her to drink milk, make sure it is from a cup and not the bottle. She shall also be able to use her fingers while eating solids now.

Pooping Habits

As you introduce the cow's milk and whole lot of new foods, you may find changes in her pooping patterns. The frequency may also change as well. You must consult your doctor if you feel she is constipated or is suffering from diarrhoea.

Sleeping Patterns

Toddlers at this month may sleep for 14 hours every day. She may also want to nap twice in the day. Make sure she is developing a habit of sleeping by herself. If you are still rocking her to sleep, it is high time to change the habit and allow her to self soothe herself while sleeping.

Overall Developments

Your toddler in the 14th month may be able to say around 5 words and she shall be able to follow simple commands as well. You can teach her the different body parts now and allow her to take part in simple daily activities like putting away clothes, keeping away the toys and the sippy cup.
Help her walk alone. Make plenty of age appropriate toys available at her easy access. You may also find her imitating you, performing some of the household works.

Interactive Games and Playtimes

Your toddler shall love interacting with people around her. Make sure you take out time for play, read stories to her or engage in conversations every day.
Restrict the TV time and ensure she spends her time playing than sitting in front of the computer or TV. In fact televisions are not recommended for babies less than 2 years.
The play area in your home or surrounding must be safe. This shall help her explore her little world around.

Developing Good Habits

You must encourage her to develop good habits from the very tender age. Here is some routine care that you can encourage her to learn and follow.
  • She must brush her teeth twice everyday with a low fluoride containing toothpaste.
  • Temper tantrums are very common at this age and this shall become worse when she is bored, tired or hungry. It is important to distract her and reduce the discomforts (if any) that might be bothering her.
  • You must reward her for the good behaviours. Spanking her is certainly not the way to discipline a toddler.
  • Encourage her to seat in the baby car seat while she is travelling with you.
  • Cover her body properly while taking her out in sun and make her wear clothes suitable to the climate.
Last but not the least, make sure you visit the paediatrician for her vaccinations and get them on time.

What developments are expected in 14-month-old toddler? How to identify developmental delays in toddlers? How to develop good habits in toddlers? Discuss here.

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