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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

A 13-Month-Old Toddler's Development

Help your 13-month-old toddler grow up to a smart individual by understanding the developments that she shall be undergoing. Read on to know more.

Needless to say your 13 months old is even more active and alert than before. Expect yourself to remain busy all day long, as she now expects plenty of fun and playtimes with you.
Here we shall take a look at the developments that she shall be undergoing this month:

13-Month-Old Toddler’s Growth and Development

Your 13-month-old toddler is growing rapidly and may be around 10kgs of weight.
She may be able to stand and climb up stairs on her own. She has improved her grip strength with time and can hold her toys or a spoon. She will love stacking and building blocks now. You may also find her capable of rolling a ball without your help. With time she shall be able to flip pages of books, move with the music or fold a napkin.

Interactive Skills in a Toddler

You may find your toddler more sociable at this age. She will love to be around kids and curiously watch their activities. She shall also develop more emotionally and you shall find more emotional depths in her.

Cognitive Skills in a Toddler

Your toddler shall develop her cognitive skills significantly now. You will find her mimicking your behaviour and language. Toddlers at this age observe closely and pay complete attention to what you do. She loves exploring the world around her.
You can understand what she wants when you use your sensory abilities. She may start understanding your simple words and commands. Respond to her gabbles, even if you do not understand what they mean.

Communication Skills in a Toddler

She now uses different sounds and gestures while communicating with you. You can give her simple commands like bring your jacket or your sippy cup. These simple commands shall help her develop familiarity with different words.
Even if you do not understand meaning of the things she is trying to tell you, you can estimate the meanings and continue interacting with her. This is the time when she shall be parroting and mimicking everything you do. You must choose your words carefully and avoid the objectionable languages.

Eating Habits of a Toddler

You must introduce her to new foods. While she may not be very enthusiastic about trying them, you must keep trying. Broadening her food choices shall draw her closer to trying something new.
If she has a long list of foods she dislikes, you can offer them with the ones she likes. You can also show how you enjoy your food. Toddlers love imitating their parents; you never know she may suddenly develop a liking for the foods she disliked completely.
Toddlers enjoy finger foods, so cut them into small pieced and help her enjoy her food well. This way you can also enjoy your peace of mind and watch her feeding herself.

Sleeping Habits of a Toddler

The sleeping habits tend to change with age. She may be sleeping for around 14 hours a week now. She shall need 12 hours of sleep at night and might nap for 2 hours in the afternoon. Do not mind if she is sleeping some little more or less, as here we have shared some general guidelines only.
If she remains very active all through day, help her slow down and relax before going to bed. Putting off the lights and playing soothing music shall help her calm down. Bed time stories are some great ways to help her sleep and bond with you before retiring to bed.
You are her world now and she looks back at you for everything she needs. It is surely wonderful to see your little angle growing every single day. Make sure to keep the environment at home safe, so that she shall explore her little world and grow up to a smart individual.

What developments are expected in a 13-month-old toddler? How to help a toddler sleep? Which cognitive skills are expected to develop in a 13-month-toddler? Discuss here.

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