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You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 33-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 9-Month-Old)

A 33-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 9-Month-Old)

Your 33-month -old toddler is in a transitional phase and will show impulsive behaviours. Read on to know important stages of development.
Well, it may be hard to believe, but it is time she starts going to the preschool now. Once she returns from her school there is so much for her to say. She loves to speak about her friends to you and how much fun she had. You may also find her saying ABCD and counting numbers.
She has just started her academic journey and it is normal for you to feel bit anxious about it. However, please have realistic expectations and let her learn at her own pace. It would be unfair if you start comparing her with her friends from such a tender age.
Here we shall take a look at some of the other growth and developments you can expect this month.

Preschool and Your Toddler

Doctors suggest toddlers, who visit preschools benefit immensely. It helps boosting their language and math skills. So, you would be very happy to see your child having fun while learning!

Social Interaction:

If you want your child to get smarter and socially more interactive, sending her to a preschool shall be a very good idea. She shall be able to know about behaviours and feelings of others along with her own. However, do not worry if she is taking time to be more social.
She is just sensitive towards her feelings and is taking time to be comfortable in the new environment. Her impulsive behaviours also shall be taken care of by the staffs in the school. You may expect her to be more matured, when she is among a group of friends.

Playtime Rules

When your toddler is in a preschool she shall have to wait for her turn and learn to be patient. Expect some personality changes when she is going to school. You may find her imitating the behaviour of her best friend. This shall also help her learn fast. She will start following her teacher's instructions when she sees others following too.
This time is considered a transitional phase. She has started experiencing the negative as well as positive aspects of getting into a new relationship. She will also learn her lessons of how to get along with friends. The classes are not only designed to teach her numbers and alphabets, they shall also open up new scopes for her emotional and social developments.

Communication Skills

You may now expect your child to speak longer sentences and more clearly than before. You will love to see her trying new sentences now.
Be ready for sentences like, "I hate the food", "I want this...” “I want that...” However, do not take these by your heart, as she does not really mean them after all! She is still not ready to control her emotions now.
These sentences are in fact important stages of development and they show how she has learnt to express her feelings. She is slowly venting out her emotions using words rather than thrashing herself like before.

Cognitive Development

At this age she is getting prepared for all the writing and reading. However, do not expect her to understand the link between sounds and graphics used in different pictures. She shall be able to recognise some words and symbols now.
You can stimulate her knowledge by reading out to her, with songs, alphabets and playing with magnetic letters. You may also find her capable of matching different shapes, stacking blocks and pitting things in the right order. She can now manage a spoon as well as a plate.
In case you have any concerns about her developments, you can always have a talk with her teachers and the doctor.

How to boost communication skills in toddler? How does going to a preschool benefit a toddler? Which games are best for toddler development? Discuss here

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