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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics

You are Here : Homes > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Newborn's Growth and Development (0 to 6 months)

Newborn's Growth and Development (0 to 6 months)

Your newborn baby will be undergoing lot of changes in the next few months. Are you aware of your newborn’s milestones? Is your newborn growing at right pace? Here is what to expect in your newborn’s growth and development in the first six months.

Newborn's Development in the 1st Month

The 1st month of your new born will be mainly in discovering the new surroundings. You will be experiencing a challenging phase of motherhood. Your newborn’ more

Newborn's Development (1-Month-Old)

Your newborn’s development in 2nd month will be more of exploration and discoveries. Your little one will be developing more control and will be having own more

Newborn's Development (2-Month-Old)

Your 2 month old baby will be indulging in new activities and reflexes and sleep patterns will be developing. There will be lots of development in your baby. more

Newborn's Development (3-Month-Old)

Your 3-month-old baby is undergoing transitions. This is the time when you have to schedule your visits to the doctor so that all parameters are thoroughly ch more

Newborn's Development (4 Month Old)

Your 4-months-old little one will be undergoing plenty of transitions. You as a mom need to be careful while your baby is exploring her new mobility. There wo more

Newborn's Development (5-Month-Old)

As your 5-month-old baby enters 6th month, she will be completing lots of milestones. There will be change in sleep patterns and you will observe new eating p more

Newborn's Development (6-Month-Old)

Your 6-month-old baby will be more active and try to get more independent. She will be gaining more muscle strengths and this will help her reach new mileston more