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Motor Skills

Motor Skills

Are your child's motor skills well developed? Here are tips on improving hand and eye coordination.

While motor skills are not exactly the same thing as hand and eye coordination, they are pretty closely related. Here are some activities your child can do to increase his coordination and develop his motor skills.

Video Games

Did you think video games and other games of skill were a waste of time? Well, it's time to revise your train of thought. Not only do such games keep the mind sharp, they aid the development of motor skills - especially if they are games involving speed and movement.


Get your child started on jigsaw puzzles. Let her start off on small puzzles of 4-5 pieces. As she gets adjusted to the idea, start her off on puzzles of a higher level. Don't get very complicated puzzles for her, as she may get frustrated if she can't do it, and this could make her develop feelings of inadequacy. Check out these great puzzles which your child is sure to love.


Games, which require construction and which require pegs to be placed and fitted in certain places, are also excellent for developing motor skills.

Getting Creative

Sit down with your daughter and give her a set of beads and some thread. Let her string them together and make a bracelet or a necklace.


If your daughter is slightly older, encourage her to do a little embroidery. Take a napkin, and draw a flower in the centre. Let her embroider the outline. A lot of children don't bother with needlework because of the hassle of finding the thread, then something to stitch on, coming up with a pattern, finding a needle. But if you've kept all the tools ready for her, she'll be ready and raring to go!

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sonia.13 years ago
very informative
Amy.13 years ago
i think before extolling the benefits of video games, the author should do some research on the effects of video media on the developing mind of a child. the effects are mostly negative and perhaps a large contributor to attention deficit hyper-activity disorder. i think that the cons significantly outweigh the pros. there are many better activities that a child can do to increase fine motor development that do not jeopardize proper brain development.
samuel clemens
samuel clemens.13 years ago
video games are an important part of growing for every child, without them, i don' think the world as a whole would be where we are today, am i being sarcastic or not, am i implying something negative about the worlds current state or saying that vdieo games help drive technolgy and civilization forward, the world will never know
Jessica.13 years ago
i think that books are a great way to inhance their motor skills.
michelle.13 years ago
i disagree i think appropriate video games are good for children. you as a parent should control the content as well as the length of time spent playing so the child does do other things not just the games.
d.13 years ago
amy, you need to do the research. you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. video games are very beneficial to the developmant of childrens. they benefit fine motor control, visual processing, spatial skills, team work, problem solving, response times, etc... we should not be sheltering, we should be supporting.
Fleur.13 years ago
everything in moderation is good. video games can be addictive and children can develop fine motor skills using them as well as stimulate their minds. i use to be an instructional aide for children with learning disabilities. we used a combination of books, 1 video games ( the oregon trail), worksheets, and numerous visual aids to facilitate learning. you really just have to find what works for each of your kids.
sangeetha.13 years ago
the best way to get some eye coordination at the age of 1-3 will be a assorted bowl of few things. it could be assorted biscuits n chips, gradually pulses, fruits pieces. they eat they fav stuff. or pick the best ones.
akkineni.13 years ago
paper cutting, painting, collecting her play toys and play also increase motor mechanism.avoid some speedy video games.
kavishri.13 years ago
need more info on the activities and how to motivate kids to do those activities
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