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Safety Tips before You Work Out

Safety Tips before You Work Out

People today have realized the importance of staying fit. Older people have turned to fitness, as it keeps them active and healthy. Teenagers get into fitness to look good, and young adults like to stay fit as it adds to their personality. There are a lot of options when it comes to fitness, as you can choose from a variety of conventional methods like swimming, cycling, aerobics, dancing, etc. But gymming has emerged as a popular alternative to all these options, due to its convenience.

Gyms have sprung up all over India, and they appeal to everyone because of the environment and equipment that they offer. A lot of peoplework out to look like their favourite movie stars. Working out also shows results sooner than conventional methods of toning the body. Gyms have proved to be very effective when it comes to shaping up. Let's see how you can ensure a safe workout each time you head for the gym.

Expectations from regular workouts

It is vital that you understand what to expect from working out regularly. You may have received incorrect information on working out or the time-frame required to get in shape. A lot of mixed information comes to you through friends or the Internet. This can be potentially harmful, as gymming without proper guidance can injure you. You could end up over-exerting yourself. On the other hand, if you do not work out enough, you will not see the desired effects on your physique. For example, if you want to work out to get a positive body image, not seeing gradual changes can affect your morale. Therefore, it is important to be disciplined, dedicated, and realistic whileworking out.
Getting a health check-up is highly recommended before joining a gym. This ensures that working out will not aggravate an illness, if any.

Checking gym equipment

Once you have decided to start working out, you should look around your area for a good gym. A gym can be a dangerous place if you do not understand how the equipment works. Good gyms in India have an introductory session for members where they explain how to operate the equipment. In this session, you can review thesafety arrangements at the gym. Gym equipment with moving parts should have 'emergency stop' buttons. You should check the equipment to make sure that they are well-maintained. Good gyms usually have a weekly maintenance routine for the equipment. Enquire about the first-aid arrangements available atthe gym.

The Importance of Gym Trainers

Make sure you join a gym with adequate trainers or supervisors. More importantly, make sure these trainers are certified professionals. Having a qualified trainer is imperative because this guarantees that youdo not injure yourself. The weights section of a gym should have a trainer present at all times. This ensures that there is always someone watching or 'spotting' while youwork out . Talk to trainers to understand what actions may cause injuries. Read up online about the correct techniques for specific exercises. With adequatesafety arrangements and trainers, the risks of weight training are minimized.

Awareness about Muscle Injuries

Reading up on muscle injuries and how to avoid them is a good idea. Injuries happen only when you set unrealistic goals for yourself. Make sure youdo not do this. The body cannot handle weights or cardio sessions that are beyond its limits. The body takes time to adapt to muscular strain, and therefore 'slow and steady' is the best motto to adopt at a gym. For example, if you are heavy and you run fast, you risk injuring your knees. In this case you must slowly increase your speed as you lose weight. This puts less stress on your knees.
You need to follow a workout method which is customized for you. The best way to see positive results is by following a workout regime systematically.Do not be random with your workouts.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up before each workout is essential. This is to loosen up your body and make it flexible. Warming up is a great way of avoiding injuries. Stretching is an effective way of warming up as it stretches your muscles gently. Cooling down after a workout is as important as warming up. Allot adequate time for warm-ups and cool-downs to ensure an injury-free workout.

Getting the Right Gear

You must ensure you have the right gear before you start working out, to avoid injury. For example, good quality shoes will make sure you do not get hurt when running or jogging. Gloves are important to avoid bruises on hands. Gym supporters are mandatory for men who lift weights. Hand wraps also ensure youdo not injure yourself while lifting weights. You should carry towels so to maintain hygiene at the gym. Gyms also stock gym gear for their members to use.

Research before Using Supplements

Using supplements for muscular development is a much-debated topic. While some are pro-supplements, others feel that the natural way of balancing a diet and working out sincerely is better. It comes down to personal preference, but its better you inform yourself of the pros and cons of both sides, before you settle on a decision. But if you wish to use supplements, make sure you research on it adequately. Supplements are effective only when taken properly, with the right diet and workout regime. There are many banned supplements in the market, which you must educate yourself about. Most of these banned products and drugs do not mention the side-effects on the packaging, but there is always information available about them online.
Working out is a great pastime and has positive effects on your health, both mental and physical. Following the above guidelines will ensure you have a safework out each time you go to the gym.

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Maneesh Sharma
Maneesh Sharma.9 years ago
I love going top can be said that i am addicted to body building but i was unaware of the facts given in this article.
Dharmesh.9 years ago
i never thought of taking any safety tips but after reading the article, i am glad that i got to know this earlier before having any accident
sumant.9 years ago
great article highlighting the safety tips which we often ignore....thanks
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