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Exercising with Kids

Exercising with Kids

Exercising with kids is very necessary to help them imbibe habit of exercising regularly. At the same time it is necessary for parents to make kids understand the importance of exercising regularly. Due to the increasing pollution and faulty lifestyle, the number of health disorders is increasing. Therefore, it is very necessary for parents to help kids practice healthy habit of exercising regularly.

Exercising is very important for the proper growth and development of kids. If kids are active in their early age, they will remain fit for their entire life. Regular exercise makes kids healthy and develops stronger muscles and bones. They also have a stronger immune system that helps them stay away from modern day diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other health problems in the later half of their lives. If you exercise with your kids, you can enjoy dual benefit, spending time with your kids and maintaining your health.

Tips for Parents for Exercising with Kids

Making kids exercise or making it a family workout time depends on you, your schedule and your relationship with your kids. No matter what is the age of your kid, you can fit in an exercise schedule in your daily routine.

With Infants to Playschool Kids

Involve them in some toning exercises for at least fifteen minutes daily. Make them jog, walk, exercise with a video or jump ropes. You can turn on the music and dance together. This will help you burn calories as well as spend time with your kid too. You can even bike ride with a bike trailer or an infant carrier and enjoy the ride together.

With School Going Kids

With a school going kid, you can plan skating or rollerblading together. You can spend the afternoon or early evening with your kid in the playground or park and join the fun. Do not just sit aside and enjoy seeing your kid play. Make weekend bike riding with your whole family. Enjoy time with your kids in the pool as well. If it is raining outside and you are forced to stay in your house, you can plan a competition of running the stairs up and down with your kid and see who does it faster.

With Teenagers

You can workout in a gym together and have fun of sharing time and views together. Have a daily walk either before or after dinner. You can even play tennis, basketball, badminton or any such sports together.

As a parent you can become a role model for your kids and at the same time stay healthy and fit for longer period of time. It can turn out to be a great family time together. When you will exercise with your kid you will feel better and will also have satisfaction of using quality time with your kid.

When the weather is good and favourable, you can go out and enjoy and have fun outside your house. You can also teach various things related to environment and nature to your kids. The main thing is that you should enjoy your time with your kids instead of just sitting idle. Now, you do not have any excuse for not exercising because you can easily find time and exercise with your kid and stay fitter too.

Exercising with your kid will give you an added benefit of having fun with your kid and you can also make your kid workout regularly along with you. This will form a habit and will help him stay healthy throughout his life. Try and include some yogic asana and meditation in the schedule as soon as your kid understands and follows the instructions.

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Mahie.9 years ago
Great article..if kids exercise with their mothers then they can learn a lot and this will be a great bonding time for both.
Madhavi lata
Madhavi lata.9 years ago
Thanks for guiding me towards a fit body. Taking time out seemed impossible for me but your ideas are brilliant.
Namita.9 years ago
great idea. for mothers and especially new mothers, exercising seems difficult bcos they hardly get the time. This article is very helpful.
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