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How to Massage your Head

How to Massage your Head

Massage is one of the ways to get rid of stress. If you are extremely stressed, you can just massage your head for few minutes and you will feel better. If you want to learn how to give massage to your head, read on.

Massage is an old, revered and proven form of healing from headache and mental stress and it has been in practice from hundreds of years. Along with healing, relaxing and revitalizing a human being, it also provides warmth and reassurance to the person suffering from pain. Massage should be done by an expert or in the right method. The style of massage differs from one body part to another. The sequence of massage movements also varies and so it is important to learn about the right way to massage your head when you have a headache.

How to Massage your Head

Self massage is the simplest and most effective way of relieving headache.

  • Sit in a relaxed position on a sofa or reclining chair. Make yourself comfortable.
  • Try to keep the light as dim as possible in the room. This is because bright light can increase your headache.
  • Start massaging from the back of your ears and make use of your fingertips. Move your fingers slowly in a circular motion.
  • Place your hands on both sides of your head and press gently. You can move back and forth there remaining in the same position or sliding down one inch and going up the same amount. Try to move your head instead of sliding your fingers.
  • Repeat the same style and sequence of movement in the back of your neck at the base of your skull.
  • Continue this massaging technique till you slowly move and cover your entire head.
  • The areas that you feel are more tensed and in severe pain, you can apply the acupressure technique. You can grasp the skin of that area in between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze it for 5 – 6 seconds and release it. Release the pressure for 10 seconds without removing your fingers from there. You can do this for few minutes till you feel relaxed.

The head massage is very beneficial in mental and emotional stress and it releases sprain in your head completely. The massage can be with dry hands and you can use oil for the massage also. Massaging with oil will help in nourishing your hair too. It relieves pain, but also relaxes the muscles as well as improves blood circulation in head. People believe that it improves memory power also.

Proper and regular head massage helps in improved health of the hair, prevents premature graying and balding, improves eyesight as well as concentration. The only thing that one should keep in mind is to apply pressure according to individual needs. If any person is suffering from any kind of disease, the pressure should be gentle. It is good to massage the neck and shoulder areas along with the head, as this will bring relief from the stress. People suffering from migraine, vertigo, insomnia, depression or any kind of headache will find relief from head massage.

As the head massage is very beneficial, it is important to do it in the right way. Make sure you either learn the correct method of massaging or get it done by a professional. A good head massage will not only relieve you from any kind of headache and nourish your hair, but also calm down your nervous system. It clears away areas of negativity and helps the person have clear thinking also.

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Sujata.12 years ago
Massage is very beneficial for the growth of hair. Everybody should massage their head at least twice a week to improve the growth of hair. Massaging head also helps to feel stress free and rejuvenates mind and body. Massage also helps to give good sleep at night so I prefer to massage my head before going to sleep. Especially during stressful days I massage my head.
Chetna.12 years ago
I love to get head massage done from spas. They provide a very good service of head massage. It is worth-it to spend some money on massage once in a while to feel better and stress free. I prefer to go for a massage session on weekends so that I can start my week afresh.
Manisha.12 years ago
Head massage is very good. I give quick head massage to myself whenever I feel stressed. I feel very good whenever I give massage to my head. It feels very nice especially when you massage your head using oil. Oil massage is also very beneficial for body. It improves blood circulation and helps to feel you fresh. Massage is a good stress bursting technique.
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