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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Toddler's Growth and Development (1 to 3 years) > A 35-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 11-Month-Old)

A 35-Month-Old Toddler's Development (2 Years, 11-Month-Old)

Your 35-month-old toddler will be showing increasing empathy now. Read about growth and development in your toddler at this stage.
Growth and development of your little one has been fun, exciting and very diverse. Apart from the ongoing motor, physical and cognitive developments, you shall also find her attaining a wide range of developments at this stage.
Here are discussed some of her growth, developments and activities you can expect this month:

Development of the Concept of Time

She shall be able to understand the concept of time now. She shall understand when you say “later” or “now”. These sentences are known to be time specific that shall be meaningful to her slowly.

Spatial Awareness

She shall start demonstrating understanding of spatial awareness now. You may see her removing objects and keeping them away when they hinder her movements. She would not walk over and trip on different objects like before any more.

Growing Empathy

She shall become more empathetic towards others. She shall feel sad for others plight or feel disturbed when someone expresses grief or discomfort.

Social Developments

You will also find her more willing to share her toys with others. By this time, she has mastered fair understanding of the concept of sharing.
You shall also find another big difference in her. She shall shift from her solo plays and start enjoying group activities. She shall need the minimum encouragement to go ahead and play in groups.

Development of Language Skills

Apart from the fact that she is learning more words, she is also developing her grammar and articulations. If you are exposing her to any new language, it shall be difficult for her and she might get confused as well. It shall be tough if she has to keep in mind too many language rules.
You will find her struggling with the tenses and pronouns. However, you need to keep encouraging her to keep on learning.

Playtimes and Interactions

Broadening her interactions and social engagements shall help develop her skills better.
You can encourage her to jump, hop, run, climb or walk on tip toes for fun. These activities shall help her develop better coordination, balance and strength.
You must also help her understand the difference between real life characters and the characters in different stories. Praise her for all the independent efforts she takes up. Encourage her if she is trying to dress on her own, feed herself, go to the potty on her own or try to make her bed.

Dealing with Lies

If your toddler has started telling lies, you need not be very alarmed about it, as this is fairly common among toddlers of this age. However, you need to be careful that she is not telling lies all the time. Reinforcing positive behaviour can be an effective way to deal with her habit of telling lies. Do not punish her for all the lies and rather encourage her to say the truth every time.

Asking Questions

Try to be patient if you are not able to deal with the questions she comes up with every single minute. It is normal for toddlers of this age to have multiple questions in their mind. She after all knows you to be her world and expects you to have answers for all her queries.
You can instead show the different ways she can find answers to her questions. Do not feel irritated or refuse to answer them. This shall have a negative impact on her urge to know the unknown.
For further queries about her developments and scheduled immunizations, you can always get in touch with her doctor. Do follow the vaccination chart and take her for the doses as per the vaccination schedule prescribed by her pediatrician. Immunizations shall protect her from the deadly infections and diseases.

How to reinforce positive behaviour in toddlers? How to teach the concept of sharing to toddlers? How to deal with toddlers who tell lies? Discuss here.

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