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Finding a name for a baby is a unique experience for parents. Here is our Baby Names Finder to make this experience even more joyful and the memorable one. Our Baby Names Finder will not only help you to find a unique name for your baby but also will help to find Cute Baby Photos, Funny Baby Talk, Name Stories, Celebrity Names, Baby Names Polls and Amazing Birth Announcements. It is a storehouse of Indian baby girl names and Indian baby boy names.

By using our Baby Names Finder you can find Hindu baby names, Muslim baby names, Sikh baby names, Catholic baby names, Parsi baby names etc. You can also find baby names based on the communities like Gujarati baby names, Bengali baby names, Punjabi baby names, Marathi baby names, Malayalam baby names, Tamil baby name, South Indian baby names. You can also search baby names which are based on the names of Gods and Goddesses. You can find various names of Lord Ganesh, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Shiv, Goddess Parvati, Allah and Mohammad which are basically used for naming babies.

Our Baby Names Finder will help you to access our huge database of popular Indian baby names. You will be amazed to find new and exciting baby names with wonderful meanings. So, what are you waiting for? Use our Baby Name Finder to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy right away.

Indian Baby Girl Names
Want to find a wonderful Indian baby girl name for your baby
girl? Here is a comprehensive database of Indian Baby Girl
Names with their meanings.
 - All Indian Girl Names

Indian Baby Boy Names

Are you searing for an Indian baby boy name for your little bundle of joy? Here is a comprehensive database of Indian baby boy names just for you. You can also find the meanings of these baby names here.
  - All Indian Boy Names

Indian Twin Names for Babies

Looking for the right pair of names for twins? Here is a storehouse of twin baby names for twin boys, twin girls and twin boy-girl along with their meanings.
  - Boy - Boy Names
  - Girl - Girl Names
  - Boy - Girl Names
  - How to Choose Names for Twin Babies

Easy to Pronounce Indian Baby Names
Foreigners may find difficult to pronounce Indian baby names. So, if you are planning to relocate to any of the foreign countries, you must choose the baby name which can be easily pronounced. Here is comprehensive data of easy to pronounce baby names with their meanings.
Easy to Pronounced Names

Indian Names based on Indian Mythology
Indian mythological baby names are very popular and mostly liked by Indians. Here is a variety of Indian baby names based on mythological characters from Mahabharata, Ramayana and other religious deities.
All Names based on Indian Mythology

Modern Indian Baby Boy & Girl Names
Here is inclusive database of modern Indian baby boy and girl names. You will find modern names for boys and girls right from A to Z along with their meanings. So, choose a modern name for your baby girl or your baby boy from this database right away.

Short & Sweet Indian Baby Boy & Girl Names
Find a wonderful compilation of short and sweet Indian baby boy and girl names with their meanings right here. You will find short and sweet Muslim baby boy and girl names, Hindu baby boy and girl names which are easy to write and spell.
  - Short & Sweet baby boy names
  - Short & Sweet baby girl names

Baby Naming Tips
Here are some articles with useful baby naming tips which can help you to find the right name for your little bundle of joy.
  - Tips on Naming Your Baby
  - Choosing a Baby Name
  - Naming Twin Babies
  - Sun Signs and Your Baby - 1
  - Sun Signs and Your Baby - 2
  - Sun Signs and Your Baby - 3
  - Names Celebrities Give Their Children
  - Finding a baby name
  - How to choose a baby name?
  - Naming baby with a celebrity name
  - Strange celebrity baby names
  - Various ways of choosing baby names
  - Indian baby names and numerology
  - Hindu Baby Naming Ceremony - Naamkaran
  - How to Choose Names for Twin Babies
  - Baby Names with Good Meanings
  - Indian Baby Names and Astrology
  - How to Choose Names for Twin Babies
  - Godh Bharna (Indian Baby Shower)

Rashi Based Names
Are you looking for Rashi Based names for your little wonder? Here is a complete list of Rashi based names for the twelve Rashis.
- Mesh Rashi Names
- Vrushabh Rashi Names
- Mithun Rashi Names
- Kark Rashi Names
- Sinh Rashi Names
- Kanya Rashi Names
- Tula Rashi Names
- Vrushik Rashi Names
- Dhan Rashi Names
- Makar Rashi Names
- Kumbh Rashi Names
- Min Rashi Names

Indian Names based on Religion
Are you looking for a baby name which is specific to your religion? Here is a list of baby girl and baby boy names which are specific to religions.

Hindu Boy Names
Hindu Girl Names
Muslim Boy Names
Muslim Girl Names
Christian Boy Names
Christian Girl Names
Sikh Boy Names
Sikh Girl Names

Complete List of Indian Boy and Indian Girl Names
Here is a complete list of Indian Boy and Indian Girl Names.

Boy Names starting with A
Boy Names starting with B
Boy Names starting with C
Boy Names starting with D
Boy Names starting with E
Boy Names starting with F
Boy Names starting with G
Boy Names starting with H
Boy Names starting with I
Boy Names starting with J
Boy Names starting with K
Boy Names starting with L
Boy Names starting with M
Boy Names starting with N
Boy Names starting with O
Boy Names starting with P
Boy Names starting with Q
Boy Names starting with R
Boy Names starting with S
Boy Names starting with T
Boy Names starting with U
Boy Names starting with V
Boy Names starting with W
Boy Names starting with X
Boy Names starting with Y
Boy Names starting with Z
Girl Names starting with A
Girl Names starting with B
Girl Names starting with C
Girl Names starting with D
Girl Names starting with E
Girl Names starting with F
Girl Names starting with G
Girl Names starting with H
Girl Names starting with I
Girl Names starting with J
Girl Names starting with K
Girl Names starting with L
Girl Names starting with M
Girl Names starting with N
Girl Names starting with O
Girl Names starting with P
Girl Names starting with Q
Girl Names starting with R
Girl Names starting with S
Girl Names starting with T
Girl Names starting with U
Girl Names starting with V
Girl Names starting with W
Girl Names starting with X
Girl Names starting with Y
Girl Names starting with Z

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