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Sun Signs and Your Baby - 3

In the concluding part of this series, read about what personality traits your baby is likely to have if she is born in the winter months.

Have you ever noticed how babies can be so different? Even among siblings, parents notice vast differences in the behaviour of their children when they were babies. Some babies are shy while others are outgoing. Some are fussy while others are easy to please. How a baby reacts to her surroundings often depends on her zodiac sign. Babies belonging to a particular sun sign are known to be more adventurous as compared to other babies. While a baby may not have all the traits associated with her sun sign, she will have at least some characteristics associated with it.

The Sagittarius Baby

The Sagittarius baby is carefree and happy-go-lucky. She is extremely independent and will be more likely to begin walking by the time she is a year old. The Sagittarius baby loves to explore her surroundings. She hates to be confined to a specific area and will struggle to free herself from her perceived prison. This free-spirited baby also loves to travel. She will be relatively hassle-free throughout the journey, be it by road, rail, or air.

The Sagittarius baby's exploratory instincts may sometimes get her into trouble. Parents should keep a firm grip of their toddler's hand or she is likely to wander off and get lost. The Sagittarius baby does not just explore new places. Everything grabs her attention, right from objects to new individuals. The Sagittarius baby loves to make new friends. In a playgroup, she is likely to be the most popular individual.

The Capricorn Baby

The Capricorn baby thrives on being disciplined and organised. She is methodical in her pursuits and takes time to learn new tasks. She is not slow, but simply making sure that she learns every aspect thoroughly. As a result, the Capricorn baby may be mistakenly perceived as being dull.

The Capricorn baby is responsible and will enjoy being given tasks to accomplish. This makes her feel important and she will hunger for approval. The Capricorn baby is comfortable with following a reward-based system. She will expect her good deeds to be rewarded. In a playgroup, she will take more joy in organising the play than actually playing.

The Aquarius Baby

The Aquarius baby might seem lonely at first but this is not so. This baby prefers to be solitary and will often appear to be detached from her surroundings. Even if she is crying, she may not want to be comforted immediately. The Aquarius baby sometimes wants to be left alone so that she can work out her own troubles. She is quick to learn new things and will delight in finding new ways to do what she has been taught. The Aquarius baby is a bit of a rebel. Parents should not be surprised if their baby follows some unconventional methods to get to her destination.

Socialising does not come naturally to the Aquarius baby although she is not a shy person. She has to be taught how to enjoy the company of her peers. Friendships are important to her even if she does not actively acknowledge people as her friends. The Aquarius baby does not demonstrate her feelings. Behind that calm exterior lies a sharp mind, engaged in a number of creative pursuits.

The Pisces Baby

The Pisces baby is timid by nature. Since Pisces is a water sign, emotions play a big role in determining personality traits. The Pisces baby is sensitive to any discord between parents or siblings and will easily pick up any bad vibes in the home. At the same time, she will bottle up her own feelings rather than displaying them. When she is upset, her cries will be soft rather than a full-blown shriek.

The Pisces baby is extra-sensitive by nature. She will often give away her toys simply to make others happy. Parents should take care to see that older siblings or playmates do not take advantage of their child's caring nature. The Pisces baby is also blessed with a dreamer's mind. She can often be seen lost in her thoughts.

There is no set rule that says a baby must behave exactly like her sun sign predicts. However, it has been observed that babies belonging to a particular sun sign do show remarkable similarities in their personality traits.

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Do you believe a baby's sun sign decides her personality? Is your baby's behaviour typical of her sun sign? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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