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Today's Top Beauty Articles:
  5 Minutes to a Creamy Complexion - by Editor
If you don't apply foundation before going out, you're making a mistake. Foundation, if applied well, can make your skin look soft, smooth, flawless and simply spectacular.  Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone.  Do you have a sponge for applying foundation? If not, get one. It ensures an even application.  Mix a little moisturiser in your foundation. Most skins are dehydrated even though we may not realise it. In any case, moisturiser adds a sheen to the founda » read more
  Wear Sunscreen - by Editor
 Here's what is possibly one of the most famous speeches of all time; famous enough to rival those by Martin Luther. The 'speech' was originally written by Mary Schmich in her column for the Chicago Tribune, which she addressed to graduates of the year '97. Within a short time, the column had been picked up and was widely forwarded by email to every corner of the world. The email stated that this was a speech made by novelist Kurt Vonnegut, while addressing the '97 graduating class of MIT. » read more
  Hair Removal Methods - by Editor
Read on for a quick run-through of various hair-removal methods, and select the options that work best for you. Often, a combination of various methods is the best bet. Waxing Waxing is a very widely used method of hair removal here in India. It is very convenient as one needs just do it once a month or so. In addition, there are a number of women who readily come to your home, charge very nominally, and wax your body quickl » read more

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  • mal  LA, USA
    "Its me again ! This time I was able to thread my chin too with near perfection and am soooo glad that I can do it myself now. Takes some patience but if one is as determined as I was, then i » read more"
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