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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 5-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 5-Month-Old)

Help develop the understanding of the wrong and the right in your preschooler by guiding her. Read on to know how to help her in developing her imagination skills.
Your preschooler has started opening up as she continues to move towards her early childhood. As she becomes more independent, she shall spend most of her time watching the adults. Be prepared to answer all the questions she has in her mind for you. Her ability to think individually and personality shall depend on her interaction with the rest of the family.
Here we shall take a look at some of the growth and development milestones which she may attain this month:

Ways You can Support Your Preschoolers Developments

  1. Make sure you continue reading out to her. This shall be one of the best ways you can help her develop love for books.
  2. Allow her to help you with some simple tasks.
  3. Speak complete sentences to help her develop her language skills faster. You must correct the phrases and words as and when necessary.
  4. You must follow a clear path to discipline her and stay firm. Remember you are her role model.

Developmental Milestones Observed in Preschoolers

Children follow their own pace when it comes to growth and development. However, the milestones stated here shall only be taken as general guidelines and you must not be concerned, if the list does not match with the skills and capabilities of your little one. Doctors generally consider a "range" that is a typical development standard for every child. Let us have a closer look below:

Emotional and Social Developments in Preschoolers

  1. He has now understood the concept of sharing. At this age your preschooler shall love sharing her toys with his friends.
  2. You may expect her to follow the simple commands you give out.
  3. She may develop some understanding of the wrong and the right.
  4. You will notice her finding pleasure in make believe games. This is in fact a way of developing her imagination skills.

Physical Development in Preschoolers

  1. She would be capable of standing on a single foot or hop on a foot.
  2. She will love to play with the clay. This is the time when you can introduce her to dough art.
  3. She will now know the correct use of different toys and love pushing, pulling or steering them.
  4. She would try and succeed to some extent in dressing and undressing herself.

Development of Language Skills in Preschoolers

  1. He will love to talk about her school and friends with you.
  2. You can expect her to use 4-5 words in a sentence now.
  3. She will be able to understand simple questions.
  4. You may expect her to speak fairly clear by now. Even those who are unfamiliar listeners shall be able to understand what she speaks.

Sexual Developments in Preschoolers

Yes your preschooler is grown up enough and has developed a strong sense of being herself. She shall love to explore her different body parts. You may even see her enjoying touching her private parts. Since, she is too young to understand the concept of a public and private place; you cannot expect her to act accordingly. However, make sure to not scold her for holding her private parts, as that shall make her all the more curious.
If you find your preschooler playing the doctor game with another one, you must not over react. You must take it as an innocent game and distract your child with her favourite toys. You should consider this as a clue that she is interested in exploring her body.
In case you have any other concerns or botheration, you can always seek help from her doctor or teachers. Talking to the experts will help you understand that most of your concerns are just the result of your too much worry.

How can parents help in development of language in preschoolers faster? How do imagination skills help a preschooler? How to teach the concept of sharing to preschoolers? Discuss here.

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