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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 1-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 1-Month-Old)

Knowing about the developmental milestones of your 3-year-old preschooler helps you in understanding her better. Read on to know about developments at this age.
Your preschooler has developed quite a bit now. You must be thinking of putting her or must have already enrolled her in a preschool to help her sharpen her skills better. She has not only grown in her height and weight, there has been significant development of her gross and fine motor skills as well. However, the skills that your little one is capable of developing shall be dependent on her size and strength.
Here we shall take a closer look at the development milestones she attains this month.
She now is aware of her body and knows the right way to control it. She is slowly getting better on her balance and is aiming for activities that she was not capable of before.

Gross Motor Developments in a Preschooler

When it comes to her gross motor developments, here is what you can expect:
  1. With fair development of her sense of balance, she can now walk, jump or hop with relative ease.
  2. She can jump on her two feet and can also hop or stand on one foot.
  3. She is practicing rolling on her sides now. Do not be surprised if you find her attempting somersaults.
  4. You can throw a ball and ask her to catch one. She might slowly learn to catch a ball this way.
  5. She will love kicking a ball a little distance away.
  6. If she had not been paddling so far and only riding it by dragging her feet, you may find her eagerly using the paddles now.
  7. You can draw a line and ask her to walk over it. She might surprise you by taking few steps over the straight line.
  8. She will love to skip and also take few steps backwards now.

Development of Fine Motor Skills in Preschoolers

She is developing her fine motor skills at a faster pace. Here we shall take a look at what you can expect this month:
  1. With development of her fine motor skills, you can find her trying to imitate you with the knife and butter. She may soon develop the skill of putting butter on the bread with the butter knife. Do not give her sharp knife; give the blunt one which is used for applying butter.
  2. Encourage her if she is trying to pour water or milk from one container to the other. Do not bother much about the mess, as she is after all trying for her first time. You can always clear the mess once she is done.
  3. She may attempt to use the scissors, so make sure to keep it away from her. However, she can practice with the safety scissors.
  4. She will try to grip the pencil or pen and try writing with them. It is good to encourage her to write, as this shall help her concentrate on a task longer. You can offer her white sheets of paper, on which she can scribble whatever she feels like.
  5. She will love building blocks now. She may now stack quite a few blocks and balance them for around 2 seconds.

Other Developments in Preschoolers

With time your preschooler shall start understanding the concept of safety rules. If you tell her, "do not touch", or "do not go near", she shall understand them. You should ensure she holds your hand while crossing the road.
She will also try to dress and undress herself. Give her easy stuffs like a cap, a short pant that she can wear easily.
It is surely amazing to see how your little one is growing up to be an independent individual with passage of every single day. Cherish these wonderful moments and look forward to more fun coming in the days ahead. Good luck mommies!

What physical changes are expected in a preschooler in the 1st month of her 4th year? How to encourage writing skills in a preschooler? How to teach safety rules to a preschooler? Discuss here.

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