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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 8-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (3 Years, 8-Month-Old)

Parents have a major role in child’s development and can help her attain developmental milestones. Find out how you can aid your preschooler’s development.

Preschooler development refers to the stages through which she passes and attains the different milestones. The developmental milestones come with predictable time frames, within which a preschooler is said to attain certain skills and abilities like walking, talking, drawing and so on.
Your preschooler has been following a sequential pattern to attain these milestones. The same process shall continue in the coming years as well. For instance, your child first learnt to crawl, she then tried standing up using supports and then finally started taking few steps. Today your preschooler is an independent individual and needs no help to run around.

What if your Preschooler Does Not Attain the Milestones?

Every child masters the developmental milestones sooner or later. Since everyone is unique, it would be very unfair to compare one with the other. However, this does not mean you can overlook the time blocks within which she is expected to attain a particular milestone. For instance, if your little one is not capable of saying a single word, you should take her to a doctor or may be a speech therapist. This may be an indication for need of medical intervention.
Getting in touch with a child developmental therapist shall always help you find answers to your questions. In special cases, your doctor may suggest you to visit an audiologist, developmental psychologist, therapists or speech pathologists.

Parent’s Role in Child Development

You have a tremendous impact on your preschooler. Although genetic factors play their roles when it comes to growth and development, your influence on her too has immense impact on how she shall develop. Genetic factors can determine if she shall have brown or blue eyes, whether she shall use her left hand or her right hand and so on.
Environment too has its role to play in your child's development. The experiences she has in her community, school and home goes a long way to shape her character and behaviour.
Rather than buying expensive toys for her, you should focus more on the daily activities that supports brain development. Here are some things you should be careful of:

  1. Attention

    You must offer plenty of attention to her. Holding her, hugging her or listening to what she says goes a long way in helping her grow.
  2. Interaction

    You must interact with her by reading, singing, talking, and playing. This will help her understand how special she is. This is a good way you can learn about her skills and interest.
  3. Learn Parenting Skills

    You can learn some of the simple parenting skills that shall help you know the way you should be dealing with her. Sticking to rules is very important. You must also reward her for good behaviours and let her know about the consequences of behaviours that are not expected from her.
  4. Limit TV Time

    It is very important that you limit her video and TV viewing time.
  5. Share Responsibilities

    Parenting a preschooler is not an easy task, even though it is highly rewarding. It is essential you share your responsibilities with your partner or caregiver. Only when you have taken adequate care of yourself, shall you be capable of looking after her.
  6. Professional Help

    Do not hesitate to fix an appointment with her doctor when you feel nervous or sense something is not right. Seeking professional guidance shall help put to rest your concerns and fears.
So, wish you all the luck mommies! Enjoy watching your little one grow and develop. It is surely one of the most wonderful phases of your life that you shall cherish through the rest of your life.

What can parents do encourage preschoolers development? What should parents do if developmental delay is suspected in preschoolers? Which activities help in brain development of preschoolers? Discuss here.

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