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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (4 Years, 5-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (4 Years, 5-Month-Old)

Boost wholesome development of your child with positive encouragements. Read on the parenting tips for taking care of your little champion.
You have been watching your little one grow and develop since the time she was born. You kept a note of her height and weight, maintained a diary to note when she crawled, walked and ran first. Looking back at those days reminds you of so many milestones she has attained so far. Now that she is in her early school life, you can expect plenty of other changes coming up.
This is the time when she shall perfect her thinking abilities, language skills, social development skills, motor skills and emotions. You are actually better prepared when you know what is coming up next. Proper knowledge shall also help you know whether she is on the right track. Here are discussed some of the milestones that you can expect her to attain this month.

Development of Gross Motor Skills

  • You may find her running at ease now. She can now stop when she wants or turn around without tripping or falling.
  • You will find her engaging in somersaults and jumping on a foot.
  • She can control a ball well now. You will find her throwing, catching or bouncing it at ease now.
  • She may still require your assistance to comb her hair, brush her teeth or put on her clothes. She may be able to perform these skills but may not be able to do them perfectly.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

  • You will find her eager to copy squares and crosses.
  • She can now print letters easily.
  • She can now use the scissors to cut through a straight line.
  • She will love using the utensils on table skilfully.

Thinking Ability and Language Development

She has now a stock of 1500 words in her vocabulary. You will find her speaking complex sentences at ease. Apart from understanding your words, she shall also be able to understand the meaning you are trying to convey.
She shall slowly be able to understand the difference between reality and the fantasy.
You can expect her to understand concepts like big-small, light-heavy, and behind-front and so on. She shall also be aware of spaces and numbers.
You can expect her to think more logically than before. She shall start understanding symbols and pictures and match them with real objects. She can understand pattern of different objects such as animals, soft items and round things.
She can now differentiate between the present, future and the past. However, do not expect her to understand concepts like duration of time now.

Parenting Tips for Raising Preschoolers

This is the time when your little one shall love trying new words and activities. Needless to say, you are on your toes throughout the day. Here are some helpful parenting tips that you can keep in mind while taking care of your little champion.
  • She shall crave for your approval now. Make sure to offer her lots of positive encouragements.
  • You can help her develop understanding of time with analogue clocks and calendars.
  • Playing word games can be a wonderful way to improve her vocabulary. This is the time when you can encourage her to leave behind her fascination for the wrong words.
  • Games that involve counting, sorting, comparing or matching shall be appropriate for her now.
  • Make sure she has plenty of space for games with children of her age.
These are some tips shared that shall ensure wholesome development of your child. Apart from this, also ensure she takes a healthy diet, get plenty of rest and visits doctor for the scheduled immunizations. Continue watching her grow and develop with the passage of every single day. You will love to cherish these memories in the days to come.

How to help preschooler develop social ability? How positive encouragement does benefit a child? How to encourage language development in preschoolers? Discuss here.

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