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Child's Growth and Development Month by Month Topics..

You are here : home > Child's Growth and Development Month by Month > Preschooler's Growth and Development 3 to 5 year > Preschooler's Growth and Development (4 Years, 9-Month-Old)

Preschooler's Growth and Development (4 Years, 9-Month-Old)

Memory boosting games and make belief games should be encouraged at this age as they help in intellectual development. Find out ways to boost mental and physical developments of your 4 years, 9-month-old preschooler.
This is the time when your child is undergoing rapid developments. She is developing on her cognitive skills and thinking ability. She may use symbolic thoughts now and retain better focus on a topic for longer time spans. She shall start displaying her own ways of solving a problem, reasoning and categorizing.

Preschooler’s Memory Development

Along with the physical development, your little one is rapidly developing her memory as well. She can now recall a past experience or store incidences in her memory. She was not capable of doing this few months before. The more she talks, the better improves her memory. You can engage her in simple memory games and have fun while watching her grow.
Her ability to imagine or engagement in make belief games shall also help boost her memory. Memory boosting games shall help her develop sequencing skills better. These are some of the skills that shall help her in her preschool.

Use of Symbol

This phase is said to be the beginning of symbol development in children. For instance, if you want her to identify a dog, you can show her the pictures of dogs at home. You must also encourage her to draw, colour or copy an image. Use of different symbols shall help in development of motor skills that are essential for a preschooler.

Thinking Patterns of Preschoolers

Imaginative plays at this age helps in cognitive developments. Your preschooler now shall be engaged in more imaginative games and advance intellectually with time. Intellectual development shall make her all the more socially competent. Children with imaginary friends are said to be more sociable and develop advanced mental representations with their friends.
Cognitive developments improve with problem solving abilities and social interactions. Offering her with age appropriate challenges through games shall ensure better mental and physical developments.
You may find her engaged in talking to herself, as she moves towards the independence of doing everything on her own. Self talk or the private speech is mostly common in children aged from 4-5. This is what gets translated into inner thoughts. According to experts the language that children develop this way are said to help them in controlling impulse, planning, retaining attention and memorizing.

Physical Developments in Preschoolers

Improved physical developments shall help her hold a pen or pencil with ease. You can see her drawing and scribbling on walls, papers and on the floor now. She shall be interested in drawing figures like feet, hands, face, eyes, mouth and the hair. She may also copy some emoticons of happy or sad faces.
She shall now be jumping or hopping around at ease. You may not find her tripping and falling all the time while running like before.
Turn on the music and see her dance to the tunes. With improved eye hand coordination, she shall also be able to kick, bounce and throw a ball now.
These are some of the physical and psychological developments that you can expect from her this month. Remember that these are just general guidelines that most of the children follow. If your child is lacking in some areas, you need not worry and rather wait for some more time.
Encouraging her to explore the world around and sending her to school shall help her develop the vital life skills fast. There are effective learning programs that are specifically designed to help children grow and develop fast.
You will surely love to see your little one grow and develop to an individual with passage of every single month. Do get in touch with her teachers or doctor for additional information on growth. Wish you all the luck mommies!

What games help in boosting memory of preschoolers? How do imaginary friends help in preschooler’s development? What developmental milestones are expected in a 4 years and 9-month-old preschooler? Discuss here.

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